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Found 12 results

  1. Ok, so there has been a lot chatting around this subject for a long time, and it's time to make statistics work so everyone can know what we're dealing with here. Season 3 is almost guaranteed, provided there's enough content hinted to fill that season. However, there's absolutely nothing about an hipothetical Season 4, and that's where we come in. Would you buy a Season 4+ and what content would you like see from that season on? Post your suggestions and ideas, as there is A LOT left to add in this game. Here are a few ideas: - Super Special Stages for each rally, like in DiRT3 and previous titles. These are similar to RX circuits and provide a Head 2 Head experience (see here: https://youtu.be/ufNz_YQJ9fg ) - Two more long stages for each rally, to improve variety. That would make a total of 4 long stages per rally. - New rallies, besides the missing DR1 ones. E.g: Portugal, Corsica, San Remo, Kenya, etc - Early 2000s 2000cc car class fulfilled (Peugeot 206 WRC 2001, Citroen Xsara T4 WRC 2001, Ford Focus WRC 2001, Subaru Impreza WRC 2001, Subaru Impreza WRC 1997-2000, etc) - Tarmac physics 2.0. - Tyre features expanded, tweaked wear rates to make Medium and Hard compounds relevant. - Better weather system, with the ability of providing different conditions during a stage like sometimes it happened in D4 (has to be the synced for everyone in multiplayer). - Improved spectator mode / photo mode. - eSports every year, throughout an entire season like in real life. Can't think of anything else right now, so fill this topic with your suggestions. Number 1, 2 and 3 is already a lot of work 😉
  2. Fabia Rally and C4 Rally has got 1-1 "real" livery only. 😞 I could make 10 liveries for each, but i can't do that because they are already locked (crypted) So my question is: could you unlock all the DLC cars? 😄 Or at least could you share a .pssg files instead of locked .nefs for modders like Me? It would be a win-win connection! 😉
  3. Can this be released asap please? It seems unnecessary to hold it back when it's already out on other platforms, and when some of us (me included), have already been playing it for some time. I'm absolutely loving this game in VR, but more content/variety is never a bad thing. Also, what are the plans season pass wise for the Oculus version?
  4. BlacklistGT1

    DLC Issue

    Hello, I have the deluxe edition of Dirt Rally 2.0 with all of the season 1 and 2 content, unfortunately I bought the European version, so I had to create a third account on my PS4 for that region to download the dlc. I have been able to use all of the season 1 and 2 dlc on my main US account however. The issue I'm having is that yesterday I bought the Season 3 and 4 Pass on my main account, but it's not showing up in "My Add-On's" section when I open the game in my library. It says I have it purchased but it's not appearing in my main PSN account, but when I switch over to my European account, I can access the "My Add-On's" there and it shows everything for Season 1 and 2. When I tried downloading the two cars, nothing is happening. I tried restarting the game, deactivating and reactivating my main account as my primary account, and now I'm reinstalling the game, but I still can't access the "My Add-Ons in my main US account to access the S3 and S4 pass content. Can you please help assist with this issue? Thank You,
  5. Pjl9292

    DLC won’t download

    I have purchased Season 1 track 3, season 2 vehicle 9, season 1 track 1 and season 2 vehicle 10. They say installed in my add ons but won’t download. I can’t access the store from in game. I can’t see the dlc in game. I can’t download from in the add ons menu or the store. Nothing has worked
  6. Please try to get ERC licenses. There is so many cool Rally's on calendar . For rally fans it's important that they can starts on realistic rallyes . No need to get ERC license . Lots of Richard Burns fans from Poland , Czech waiting for someone to create rally Barum stages .
  7. RallyLover19

    Add more Renaults

    Only two Reanult rally cars exist in Dirt Rally 2.0. The Alpine A110 and R5 Turbo, nothing else... Why? Tehere are many great Renault rally cars, few examples are: Renault Clio R3T Renault Megane Coupe Renault Clio Maxi II Renault Clio Maxi Renault Twingo R1 / R2
  8. I purchased Dirt 4 and its dlc "Team Booster Pack" and "Hyundai R5 Rally Car" from ps store. However, i can't find or access both dlc's. I contacted playstation support about it and was advised to backup/delete the game, restore licences and re-download but unfortunately, it hasn't helped and still don't have the rally car or booster pack i paid for. Please can someone advise me on what to do. Thank you.
  9. RallyLover19

    Season One, Stage Two

    Let's talk about "Season One, Stage Two" - remastered Sweden + BMW M1 Procar Rally + Opel Manta 400
  10. Here are the top 40 rally cars from 1970-1981 Group 4 era. Cars are listed by their medal count in international rally championships (International Championship for Manufacturers, World Rally Championship and European Rally Championship). Brackets filled with numbers after the car model shows you how many gold, silver and bronze medals each model has won. Eg. 25 gold, 10 silver and 7 bronze medals won by car would look like (25, 10, 7). Some similar car models might fall under the same name just to simplify the list. Cars that are already found in the game are not included in the poll though some might have a similar name. Even though Skoda 200RS didn't succeed under FIA organized rallies I would love to see it in the game because it was a monster. Anyway try not to vote every option. Vote for the ones you would really like to see the most in future season(s) of Dirt Rally 2. If you have some other suggestions in mind from this era you can add it in the comment section.
  11. I cannot surely be the only one that is frustrated that stages such as Monaco, Sweden & Germany are now DLC for the game. The Deluxe edition also suggests that there are another 3 stages coming which I can only assume are the remaining 3 stages from the original game, which would be Greece, Wales & Finland. I supported and backed Dirt Rally 1.0 (Much like the majority of this community) entrusting the developers/publisher to deliver a superior Rally title of which they did and expected GREAT things with the next game (Back then if they ever made it) I didn't expect them to slap me in the face with content which is now behind a paywall. I understand people really love this game I too enjoy it but I can't help but feel really disappointed and upset that they are trying to pass off what was Core stages as new DLC. IMO these stages should have been in the game from release.
  12. Hello, I haven't seen a poll for older rally cars here so I took the freedom to list the most successful World Rally Championship cars from 1970 to 1996 that are not included in the game yet. List contains podium finishers of Group 4, Group B and Group A. Vote for the rally cars you would most like to see in future DLC of Dirt Rally 2. Cars are listed by their group from most podium finishes in international rallies to the least. I also tried to take into account the car generation and exact model as well as possible. Some similar models might fall under the same name just to simplify the list. Opel Manta 400 was confirmed to be on the first season of DR 2.0 so I dropped it from the Group B section.