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Found 3 results

  1. Good day, Forums are not really my thing but let’s make an exception, because I care. Many people seem to agree that the current system of managing ERS and Fuel is madness. I think even before ERS was introduced, the Fuel system was a bit flawed already. You had to change that from corner to corner too, but now with ERS it’s 3x as bad. but one should never complain without giving a solution. So I did some research on how drivers manage ERS and Fuel IRL and thought about how to best transfer that into the game. So here’s my solution: Fuel: Still 3 modes but mapped so that lean switches to neutral in the beginning of the straights, neutral the same but a bit of rich in the beginning of the straights and neutral for a bit longer on the straights and rich the same again but with longer rich mix down the straights. This way you won’t have to micromanage it to be quicker. ERS: Mapped in a similar way to above neutral fuel mix. But you have an Harvest button that turns on the MGU-K generator, so you’d use it while lift&coasting. Also you have an Overtake button that engages max ERS boost and rich fuel mix. Qualifying: Harvest and Overtake buttons are disabled, fuel modes are replaced by qualy-modes. Harvest mode, Hotlap mode and Hotlap+ mode. Hotlap+ being the “party mode” that you’d only use in Q3 or when absolutely necessary cause it wears the ICE down a lot. Sorry for the long read. Let me know if you like this, maybe Codemasters can use it, who knows...
  2. TPGxZ3NOX

    Rear lights not working on Ps4 [ZX]

    Anyone think the ERS light should be made to flash properly like in real life. At the moment it seems slow and not accurate. it should flash rapid when an AI or human opponent switches the ERS deployment to (none 0) and/or when they have no deployment left for that lap and/or when they run below 10% on the overall battery charge. To be most accurate, when they turn down the ERS to lower than the mode they were just on. It will allow for knowing when they are slowing down harvesting energy. Can people let me know what they think
  3. I managed to get a perfect ERS Management practice program result. Check out the video on YouTube. https://youtu.be/H029dHPo3Wo