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Found 8 results

  1. danort17

    F1 Esports 0 Points

    Hey guys! Just played the Esports Event and get a score of 0 everywhere at the end, with nothing being registered. I have a fresh installation of the game, so it can't have anything to do with cheating or modding. I just fear to loose my reward (the helmet this time?) for participation... @Faya
  2. Hey guys I've been qualifying in the first Esports qualifying event for the past week and abit, but since about the 1st of August or so I haven't been able to start the event. Playing on PC from New Zealand. I can still see the leaderboards, my ranking (currently 321st on PC), and use all other online features. But it says I need to register for the event but I have been registered the past week while qualifying so dont know why I suddenly am not. When I re-register it gives me the error code "500: internal server error". Any help? Am keen to keep qualifying in tomorrow event and the rest of them.
  3. jonasbreggi

    LATAM RACES eSports Series

    Hi everybody, My name is Jonas, creator of LATAM RACES, a Latinoamerican (and others) league of F1, GT Sport and Project Cars 2. Follow us in social media. https://www.instagram.com/latam_races/ https://www.youtube.com/c/latamraces Thank you all!
  4. until
    ELITE CHAMPIONSHIP is a tournament without assists for the players. Configuration: -Classification: Short -Distance: 50% -Weather: Dynamic -Colisions: Activated -Damage: Simulation -Severity in curves: Strict -Ghosts: Activated -Rules: Complete -Braking Assistance: Disabled -ABS: Disable -Traction Control: Disable -Traced: Disable -Gear Box: Manual -ERS: Manual -Assistance to Boxes Entry: Disable -Support of Boxes Exit: Disable -Parc Fermé: Activated -Race Start: Manual -Formation lap: Activated -Car Performance: Matched -Entrance to the Room: Only by Invitation
  5. until
    SILVER CHAMPIONSHIP is a tournament with all assists available for the players. Configuration: -Classification: Short -Distance: 50% -Weather: Dynamic -Colisions: Activated -Damage: Complete -Severity in curves: Strict -Ghosts: Activated -Rules: Complete -Braking Assistance: Activated -ABS: On -Traction Control: Full -Traced: Activated -Gear Box: Automatic or Manual -ERS: Manual -Assistance to Boxes Entry: deactivated -Support of Boxes Exit: deactivated -Parc Fermé: Activated -Race Start: Manual -Formation lap: Activated -Car Performance: Matched -Entrance to the Room: Only by Invitation
  6. until
    GOLD CHAMPIONSHIP is a tournament with some assists for the players. Configuration GOLD CHAMPIONSHIP -Classification: Short -Distance: 50% -Weather: Dynamic -Colisions: Activated -Damage: Complete -Severity in curves: Strict -Ghosts: Activated -Rules: Complete -Braking Assistance: Disabled -ABS: On -Traction Control: Medium -Traced: Activated -Gear Box: Manual with recommended gear -ERS: Manual -Assistance to Boxes Entry: Deactivated -Support of Boxes Exit: Deactivated -Parc Fermé: Activated -Race Start: Manual -Formation lap: Activated -Car Performance: Matched -Entrance to the Room: Only by Invitation
  7. Hi everyone just wanted to introduce myself. I've been playing Codemaster games for years and have been working in eSports for quite some time. I currently race in AOR & PRL and have been loving every second of it. My goal and ambitions have been for SIM Racing at the 11th eSports World Championship in Seoul, South Korea, and I love this game and love the F1 eSports series that has started out of it! Hope to see you all racing! -Lance
  8. Hello! Thanks for clicking on our post and reading about our upcoming sign ups for Inside Line Racing League Inside Line Racing or ILR for short is a competitive Online Esports Racing League - We run leagues on F1 2018 on PS4 & Xbox | Project Cars 2 WEC Events | ILRGT on GT Sport & Dirt 2.0 WRC Our core aim is to provide high quality racing with the best drivers in the world on PS4 and Xbox competing in our league but also entry level opportunities to any driver starting out league racing or wanting to get into eSports. Our broadcast quality, HD output for every event that we cover with some of the best commentators out there. Our successes have led to a number of high profile clients apart of well-known eSports teams grow within our community as well being accepted as a popular, official league from the Codemasters Formula 1 game itself – regularly mentioned and retweeted on their social media accounts. Website/forum - https://www.ilrleague.com/forum Twitter - https://twitter.com/ILRleague Youtube - https://youtube.com/c/InsideLineRacingLeague We offer drivers a fantastic assist / no assist tiers to compete against the best. We accept drivers of all abilities and encourage first time league racers to take the plunge with us! We also have great drivers such as TRL Martin. TRL Limitless (JD) and other 2017/2018 Esport drivers compete in our league. If you want to find out a little bit more about us then we have a FAQ page here - https://www.ilrleague.com/about-us/ PS4 Race Days - Thursdays ILR3/4 - 8pm ILR5/6- 6.30pm ( ILR7 if enough interest). Fridays - Xbox 7.30pm Sundays - ILR1- 5.00pm, ILR2- 7pm / extra restricted assist tier at 7pm with ILR2 if demand is there and ILR Americas - 10pm ( all times UK BST) ASSISTS RESTRICTION IN PLACE TIER 1 - LINE ONLY - SUNDAYS 5PM TIER 2 - LINE AND ABS ONLY - SUNDAYS 7PM (ADDITIONAL 3RD TIER COULD BE RUN AT 7PM IF DEMAND IS THERE) Xbox Race Days - Race Days - Fridays - Xbox all tiers 7.30pm ASSISTS RESTRICTION IN PLACE TIER 1 - NO LINE TIER 2 - LINE ONLY TIER 3/4 - ASSISTS ALLOWED Calendar - 11 race calendar starting Thursday 18th April / Sunday 21st April with mid season break for Canadian Grand prix (6th/8th June) due to a clash with ILR1/2 on the Sunday. The final round takes place first week of July. We will have Race of Champions week after Silverstone ( 21st July) and Sprint champs too. Below is a break down of days and times of each tier. If you are interested then please sign up! If you want to find out more about the league then contact us on our forum or even easier on twitter - https://twitter.com/ILRleague PS4 SIGN UP LINK - https://www.ilrleague.com/forum/index.php?threads/ilrf1-season-5-driver-sign-up-open.478/ XBOX SIGN UP LINK - https://www.ilrleague.com/forum/index.php?threads/ilrf1-season-5-driver-sign-up-open.479/ Thanks for reading and hopefully hear from you soon 🙂 ILR Admins