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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, I've been struggling with managing ERS and fuel at the same time. The D-pad on a G29 is very annoying as it sometimes gets an up or down input when you press to the sides. I found out you could map ERS and fuel to other buttons but unfortunately it adds an annoying delay which still makes me look at the MFD because it doesn't register all the button presses I did... Is anyone else having this problem?
  2. Hi there, I have no sounds in the game. I updated the drivers, I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, I checked the local files with steam, I tried to change the audio hertz in the mix audio etc, obviously I tried the options in game. Nothing helps, I really have no solution ... Solutions ?
  3. JackWalrus

    F1 2018 Crash to Desktop

    F1 2018 crashes to desktop frequently. Sometimes every half hour, sometimes it will play for a few hours. The game will freeze for about 1 second before crashing to desktop. There are no symptoms prior to this. I have tried various combinations of graphics and sound settings. I have tried verifying the game files. I have updated drivers. I have tried moving the game to the c drive. I have reinstalled windows 10 pro. Nothing has solved it. I would be happy to try any other suggestions. The crash dump attached contains a file info.txt including the lines: "ReportCode": "THCE-XKHS-SPGX-DBMG", "Exception": "C0000005 EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION at 000000004419FE61", Exception access violation apparently referring to memory access. I have run memtest86 for hours, completed several passes and found no problems. I have logged various parameters while playing and I cant find any indication of a problem. The GPU RAM does not fill up, GPU load is not abnormal before the crash, neither is CPU load. Temperatures and voltages are normal. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Jack crash_dump#76561198025566093.zip DxDiag.txt hardware_settings_config.xml hardware_settings_info.xml
  4. Everytime I try to connect to a session, ranked or unranked, I get a message saying "Error - Failed to join the session" There is literally no one else online except me and my friend, If I start an unranked lobby he can't join, if he starts it then I can't join. Same with Ranked, both get the notification that the session is available but once one of us gets in to the lobby the other gets the error message.
  5. angor25

    engine change

    Hello I want to change the engine sound only for one classic car with renault engine (renault 2006), and I don't know how replace only for this car.
  6. Little question. In my career mode are the regulations next season anounced. In the R&D tree are now orange parts. Is it wise to buy this or not ?
  7. Hi, I am using xbox launcher in pc and I cannot find the multiplayer option in the game F1 2018. I can just play offline modes and there are not options to play with friends or online.
  8. Hi all, Having not played for a few months, I tried to crank up F1 2018 again yesterday. It loads fine, menus working and all, and once the game switches to gameplay mode, it just crashes to desktop. No error messages, no BSOD or the like. Just Desktop. Anyone?
  9. so for some odd reason im getting no voices from my team radio or the announcers during the opening cutscenes at the opening of a gran prix
  10. Hello Everyone! So my problem is that F1 2018 crashes when it's loading, regardless of the gamemode. The game's previous version ran fine on my computer. The game doesn't give me a crash report, it just closes. I have looked up different websites, forums and watched videos to find a solution, but none of them worked. Things I have already tried: -reinstalling the game, 3 times -verify integrity of game files, at least 4 times -changing the graphics and audio settings -updating my GPU driver My config: GeForce GTX 950 Intel Core i7-6700 3.40GHz 8 Gb RAM Win 10
  11. So this Monday i got f1 2018 and started a career mode. I started at force india, and of course as a new player I started at a really low ai driver difficulty(i guess it had put me at 20 or sum). And I started noticing that Perez was underperforming. I read somewhere that it is a common thing when driver difficulty is (too)low, that's why i stated the difficulty i played with at each race (well kind of, cuz i mostly do 5 jumps on difficulty and this as not 100% accurate but its sorta what happened to the diff.) Also i heard that this happens in some career mode saves(so if i start over i probably wont have this issue), but i don't wanna start over. When i simmed the race and when i left the team Perez started doing good(i had done aerodynamic upgrades a lot and we had the strongest motor, and the performance of the car was just a pixel or 2 away from red bull), and when i joined mercedes, bottas started underperforming. If anyone knows something about this and could help fixing this it would be appreciated.
  12. Hello my game is constantly crashing without warning in both Single player and multiplayer ive tried lowering the graphical settings and capping the frame rate ive uninstalled and re installed the game ive done everything suggested in the other posts and nothing is working! Any help would be appreciated.
  13. I have been playing career mode driving for STR, I got a new contract after a few races to become no.1 driver then after a win and a podium from two interchangable weather races i got another contract negotiation after Hungaroring. At this one I tried my luck with Mercedes as they are falling down the pecking order. They agreed to sign me as their no.2 with very basic terms and I went off to do an invitational event. I ended up starting but quiting as had to go out, the next time I pick the game up the invitational loads up but afterwards no sign of the move to Mercedes. I take it this is a bug and/or it bugged out due to quitting during the invitational straight after signing the contract?
  14. The 'Promiscuous' hitmaker Nelly Furtado took to the Codemasters forum to request more random online failures in the F1 2018 Codemasters series. "I have really enjoyed the online gameplay from the F1 2018 Codemasters series this year, and I hope to enjoy the same for the upcoming series. I would like to put in a request for more frequent and varied random online failures. At present the cars can be driven as a 'man-eater' with no risk. There needs to be more DRS and ERS failures, with the variety of random punctures to make things a bit more unpredictable - it all adds to the 'hoo-haa' of online league racing. At the moment I feel like I've got the Spirit Indestructible"