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Found 29 results

  1. ChironTheseus

    F1 2018 R&D Morale Drop

    Season 5 with McLaren, 2nd race morale dropped to minus 4 in aero, actually didn't know that could happen as I've always been a balanced as possible to keep all departments happy, but 3rd race, China in qualifying my chassis department was +4% morale, once qualifying was done there were no Q&A so I went to check R&D to see what is needed most to boost morale wise. But the chassis department dropped to -4%, that's 8% in between 1 session! Anyone else had this?
  2. The 'Promiscuous' hitmaker Nelly Furtado took to the Codemasters forum to request more random online failures in the F1 2018 Codemasters series. "I have really enjoyed the online gameplay from the F1 2018 Codemasters series this year, and I hope to enjoy the same for the upcoming series. I would like to put in a request for more frequent and varied random online failures. At present the cars can be driven as a 'man-eater' with no risk. There needs to be more DRS and ERS failures, with the variety of random punctures to make things a bit more unpredictable - it all adds to the 'hoo-haa' of online league racing. At the moment I feel like I've got the Spirit Indestructible"
  3. ChironTheseus

    Discrepancies F1 2018 PS4

    Hi Codies and fans, I would like to discuss issues I've had with R&D and performance in F1 2018 on PS4 (in case they are different in other formats) and a few other areas that I'd like to know if planning much change in F1 2019. Since the latest update (1.16) I started a new career mode. Started as Williams and maxed all their R&D fully, then on to Renault, and fully maxed their R&D and now on to McLaren. As I already noticed issues I have played on 90% difficulty so podiums haven't been much of a hardship and therefore points rich to get the job done faster. The first issue is how fast the AI max their own R&D and how you can't create an equal racing environment, after maxing Williams it only took to the 3rd season for them to be a regular mid range team even though the team were still showing as first in all areas of R&D even if by a small margin. Season 4 they are now 5th overall and consistently out of points (not sure how much is on the drivers being under-performed stat wise though, but I assume as they fell so fast even as the fastest car in season 3 I imagine they are heavily unbalanced negatively). With Renault in season 4 there was a durability regulation change but I had accumulated enough points to secure all durability points to maximum. So moving to McLaren it would all be safe.. Alas first 2 races in season 5 Hulk retired from 1st and 2nd respectively. Worth mentioning I also had bad reliability through all 2 seasons I was with Renault regardless of durability being 100% and keeping all parts in races in the best possible order. But that isn't the only thing with durability either, in most of my races if I was racing the top 1st to 3rd AI they had a very high chance of retiring making an easy position gain and often an easy win, I did not have to fight much (I'm aware damage level contributes to retirements and no retirements seem to occur when damage is off but who wants to race that way? My damage option was on Full throughout these seasons). This really needs to change and durability made more accurate, and based on that departments upgrades should be a stronger indication of a cars success to make it through a race. Currently it seems durability only affects the players parts but nothing on the AIs fail rates or parts issues. The Questions and Answers part very rarely brings up chassis in all my seasons (ability to answer questions to praise that department to increase morale and further lower fail/cost %), and unless I'm wrong, even though staying with the same team through another season, it changes the R&D department morale to Normal again, I am sure pre-patching this wasn't the case. So you could win the Drivers and Constructors Championships, winning on a high with max morale with the team but loose all that the next season back to 0% all departments. This seems unfair and doesn't make sense that they would loose all that morale over the break between seasons. I'd like to see that change, maybe a small decrease only but Ideally as it was end of previous season if staying with the same team. It would be nice to customise answers too so if there is an occasion nothing comes up for a department I can chose to say something personally about a department to praise them. A few times in Q&A I have come across the choosing showmanship or sportsmanship answer but they have only given answers relating to one side, i.e, both answers you can choose are only showmanship. This has only been happening since the later updates. Relating back to the Williams issue with drivers, I'd like to see a more balanced driver rating in career mode, sure if you have someone like Alonso dominating Vandorne you could show it in the game as just that, but as with most teammates things can sway both ways, Hamilton has always proven to be a master in the long game and totally dominated Bottas in 2018 but Bottas is doing well this opening in 2019 so far so balancing the drivers would show as being more fair in the game too and prevent a top R&D team still somehow performing terribly in qualifying and race day. Leclerc is proving to be a confident force in 2019 too but is madly over powered in F1 2018 the game as another example. By the way as an addition to that F1 2018 for me Hamilton is very poor in races regardless of the cars performance stats mostly the rest seem fairly balanced as far as I can tell. So Hamilton under-powered, Leclerc over-powered and both Williams drivers seem unfairly poor. Finally team Value, Reputation is an easy one, Value however is a nightmare! Its far too hard to add value to a team. In all 3 teams I have been with the bar has hardly moved, some of this is down to a very lacking Q&A in showmanship for Williams and sportsmanship for Renault and McLaren which seems to be the only thing that barely noticeably increases this bar. Performance on track, poles, clean wins, achieving team goals seem to do nothing to this, and for how fast R&D moves it makes this rather redundant as you need high value in the beginning for help with R&D speed and upgrades you can do at once in a weekend. Once you have finished R&D you only need Race Bonus for regulation changes and Pit Stop Efficiency, the other 2 departments become entirely redundant so Value becomes unimportant. So we need either faster value increases, slower R&D (less points for AI teams to spend, maybe even some upgrades only players can unlock so teams you prefer and have worked hard on can remain more competitive if they fall in R&D from regulation changes or other teams catching up, rather than the current death drop back to the bottom permanently) or more consistently relatable Q&A to help increases. Sorry for the long message but as it is these things make career a bit un-special for the players who like to race many seasons. Changes/rebalancing in these areas would be a great thing for career mode in F! 2019 if not already being implemented while you continue to prepare it for release.
  4. BlindeVinkje

    NL/BE racing league BCR [PC]

    Zoek jij een leuke Nederlands / Belgische racing league join dan BCR. Hou jij ook van racen en kan je niet wachten om een stap verder te nemen een een competitieve racing league, wil jij ook de adrenaline voelen als je iemand voorbij gaat of wiel tegen wiel vecht voor die 1steplaats wacht dan niet langer ! en join onze racing league ! en wie weet zie ik jou ook op de racetrack ! de races worden gehouden op maandag 20:00 ! hebben vol grid maar reservers zijn altijd welkom ! Discord: https://discord.gg/mJRHe9t waarom je BCR moet kiezen als race league ! 1. we hebben een leuke community van jong tot oud, we praten over de f1 races en leuke updates die in de game komen, maar ook over off topic zo als Asseto Corsa of Projec Cars. 2. iedereen is welkom van jong tot oud ! 3. we hebben 4 FIAs die serieus kijken naar reports die gebeuren in de race 4. we hebben tot nu toe met elke race meer dan 17 drivers geraced dus zijn zeer actief ! 5. proberen onze league zo schoon mogelijk te houden zo als taalgebruik en het race zelf natuurlijk ! 6. we hebben een schema waar we netjes de punten telling bij houden maar ook de tijden van kwalificatie en de snelste tijd in de race en op welken band dat is gedaan nummers 1. krijg een prijs aan het einde van het seizoen infomatie Session Options: Qualifying: Short Qualifying Race afstand: 50% Quick Weather: Dynamic Start Time: Official 15 custom race kalender ! ( kijk foto onder ) Race Settings: Car Performance: Equal Parc Fermé Rules: On Collisions: On Vehicle Damage: Reduced Safety Car and Virtual Safety Car: On Rules and Flags: On Corner Cutting Stringency: Strict Formation Lap: On Race Starts: Manual ERS Mode: Manual/Automatic Assists: Allen setting mogen gebruikt worden behalve pit assist ! (Anti-Lock Brakes): Ja (Traction Control): Ja (Racing Line): Ja (Automatic Gearbox): Ja (Pit Lane Assistant): nee (Pit Stop Release Assistant): Nee Translation of the post above Are you searching for a nice Dutch/Belgian racing league, then join BCR. Do you love racing and you can’t stop waiting to start racing in a competitive racing league, do you also want to feel the adrenaline when someone passes you and you’re fighting wheel to wheel? Stop waiting and join our racing league and maybe we will see you race on the race track. Drivers who finish 1th will receive price at the end of the season. Session Options: · Qualifying: Short · Race distance: 50% · Weather: Dynamic · Start time: Official 1. China Shanghai Internation Circuit 21 december 19:00 2. Canada Circuit Gilles Villeneuve 28 december 19:00 3. Frankrijk Circuit Paul Ricard 4 januari 19:00 4. Oostenrijk Red Bull Ring 11 januari 19:00 5. Groot-Brittanië Silverstone 18 januari 19:00 6. België Circuit Spa-Francorchamps 25 januari 19:00 7. Gran Premio de España 1 februari 19:00 8. Italië Autodromo Nazionale Monza 8 februari 19:00 9. Verenigde Staten Circuit of the Americas 15 februari 19:00 10. Brazilië Autódromo José Carlos Pace 22 februari 19:00 Race settings: · Car performance: Equal · Parc Ferné Rules: On · Collisions: On · Vehicle Damage: Reduced · Safety Car: On · Rules and flags: On · Corner cutting Stringency: Strict · Formation Lap: On · Race Starts: Manual Assists: All assists are allowed apart from pit assists. · Anti-Lock Brakes: On · Traction Control: Full · Racing Line: Full · Automatic Gearbox: Automatic · Pit lane assists: Off · Pit stop release assists: Off
  5. SilverGriffin

    [PC] OCR Season 1 Recruitment!!!

    Our first season has begun but you can still join us! https://discord.gg/auuRDEF https://discord.gg/auuRDEF https://discord.gg/auuRDEF
  6. Hallo an alle deutschsprachigen F1 2018 Spieler, wir, die Airborne Racing League, suchen nach weiteren Fahrern für unsere F1 2018 Liga. Wir sind eine lockerer Haufen Erwachsener Männer - ein Einstieg ist, genau deshalb, aber auch leider erst mit 21 Jahren möglich. Das Klima ist sehr angenehm, u.a. auch weil wir darauf achten, dass unsere Fahrer immer fair und freundlich miteinander umgehen. Lasst euch positiv überraschen. 🙂 Unsere Einstellungen: kurzes Qualifying + 50% Rennen Streckenbegrenzung strikt Verbotene Fahrhilfen: Bremshilfe, Boxenstopp-Assistent Neue Saison Anfang April: Anfang April starteten wir zusammen in unsere dritte Saison. 19 aktive Fahrer treten gemeinsam an und messen sich über 12 Wochen miteinander bis der dritte Champion fest steht. Spannung war bei uns in der letzten Season vorprogrammiert -> 10 verschiedene Gewinner in 21 Rennen. Meldet euch bereits jetzt zu Season 3 an. Zunächst solltet ihr dazu den Kontakt zu uns, über Steam, oder einem Kommentar unter diesem Beitrag suchen. Um alles weitere kümmern wir uns dann. Jetzt Kontakt aufnehmen Einfach über Steam: [AiR] iosis :> oder unter diesem Beitrag als Nachricht. Infos, Statistiken, Hall of Fame, Fahrerprofile & Tabelle https://www.airborne-gaming.de/deutsche-f1-2018-liga.html JEDEN DIENSTAG UM 20:20 Uhr LIVE auf Twitch
  7. About Trinity Competitive Racing Trinity Competitive Racing (TCR) has been a racing league since 2016 and is exclusive to the PS4. We race on the current Codemasters F1 games and we value good, hard and respectful racing on and off the track. We are a North American oriented league and have some of the best drivers from this region. If you are from North America and you have interest in joining a racing league we encourage you to start here. No matter if you are a beginner or have league experience, use assists or none, quick or slow we have a class for you! Unlock your potential and race with the best of the best from the North American region About Our Classes Want To Join? Apply to race on our website and schedule a test session to see which class suits you! https://trinitycompetitiveracing.com/contact Broadcasted Races Here! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCofTIpa1AA4Sp_fHU7yG-ug
  8. Mikatoto18

    French Forum Fuel-F1

    http://www.fuel-f1.com/index.php Déroulement de la saison : Il y a actuellement 2 catégories sur le forum. Une catégorie F1 et une F2. Le championnat est composée de 21 courses et les courses se déroule en alternance toute les semaine le dimanche à 16:00 pm CEST et se joue sur PS4 règles des groupes : F1 : Sans aucune aide AIDES AUX FREINAGE : Banni ABS : Banni CONTRÔLE DE TRACTION : Banni TRAJECTOIRE DYNAMIQUE : Banni BOITE DE VITESSE : Manuel (sans embrayage) AIDES STAND : Banni ERS : Manuel F2 : Aides autorisé AIDES AUX FREINAGE : Banni ABS : Autorisé CONTRÔLE DE TRACTION : Autorisé TRAJECTOIRE DYNAMIQUE : Autorisé BOITE DE VITESSE : Autorisé LIMITEUR DE VITESSE STANDS : Manuel AIDES STAND : Banni ERS : Manuel Calendrier F1 Calendrier F2 Paramètres des lobby de course : - Qualifications: Courtes (18 min) - Distance de course: 100% - Grille de départ: Réaliste (en fonction des qualifications) - Météo: Dynamique (Sauf pour Bahreïn et Abu-Dhabi qui seront en "Temps clair".) - Heure de départ de la séance: Officiel - Performance des monoplaces: Égales - Règle du parc fermé: Activé - Collisions: Activées - Dégâts du véhicule: Simulation - Voiture de sécurité: Activé - Application de la règle des virages coupées: Sévères - Tour de mise en grille: Activé - Départ en course: Manuel S'inscrire ? Pour s'inscrire il suffit de vous connecter sur le forum (Lien plus haut sur la page) de faire une petite présentation ici :http://www.fuel-f1.com/f5-PRESENTATION.htm puis on vous indiquera ensuite la marche a suivre. Pour la saison en cours il y a encore un peu de place pour le groupe F1 si vous le souhaitez. Ensuite la nouvelle saison (5) démarrera surement fin Aout à la fin des vacances sur F1 2019 mais ce n'est pas encore officiel. Diffusion : Nous diffusons en général toute les courses sur notre Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1120ZuNG7wk50DZfFIU2-g .
  9. Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong section, I couldn't find a dedicated F1 2018 forum? I'm having trouble with steering in F1 2018. I'm using a Logitech g920, and any sort of input from the steering wheel causes it to full lock in that direction. I've tried reinstalling the game, verifying game cache, completely deleting my save files to start the game from scratch, updating the drivers, and still there's the same problem. I have played the game before and haven't had any problems, but a couple of weeks ago I played it with a controller, and I think I changed the settings so any input would full lock to that direction, but I guess I can't remember how I did it. I've also checked in the settings in game in the calibration settings and that doesn't do anything as well. Any ideas on what I've done here, or how I can fix it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  10. A few days ago a competitor by the name of Sien posted a video claiming that he experienced higher tyre temperatures and thus greater tyre wear and slower lap times when running at a lower frame rate. This got me thinking….. Having dabbled in game development myself a few years back, the concept has merit. I don’t know how Codemasters engine works for this particular game, but many game engines do in fact link events such as refreshing the physics, environment, input, etc based on frame cycles. However I wasn’t keen to jump to conclusions as any time a human is driving there are quite a few variables at play, regardless of how fast and consistent the driver is. I set out to find a way to test this more accurately and discovered I could capture the game’s UDP telemetry in Benchmark mode, meaning we can compare tyre temperatures at different frame rates with far less other variables than with a human driver. This video shows my testing and the results.
  11. TSRL (Top Speed Racing League) have officially announced that Season 8's sign ups are now open. The league will be ran with a shortened calendar on the F1 2018 game provided by Codemasters. Sign up Link: https://goo.gl/forms/cJlmUNiZhzigqftw2 League setup: Short Qualifying followed by a 50% race at a selected track. These races take place at 8;00pm UK Time - Upon sign up you can choose which day you wish to race on from those days listed. Prize Pool: Just like last season TSRL are introducing a Prize Pool to the top 3 in the championship at the end of the season, Last season saw a £20, £10 and £5 go to both tiers top 3 finishing drivers and again, it will be the same for Season 8! League assists: The league has no assist restrictions as it believes that more drivers need to be involved with the league racing community. The leagues slogan states that all new and experienced drivers are welcome within TSRL. Our Partners & Social Media: TSRL's are official Partners with 'Thrive eSports' who are an up and coming eSports Team upon nearly ever racing game across Xbox, PS4 and PC. TSRL has a range of social media, from Twitter (@TSRL_XB1) to twitch (twitch.tv/tsrl_xb1) to youtube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9NEzYlryChlHlh3KLcxIZQ) Our website: At the current moment TSRL are in process of creating a new website ready for Season 8, our current website as it stands is: https://topspeedrl.weebly.com/ - Rules can also be found on this website. Any questions? If you have any questions let me know, you can do either of the following: - Reply to this thread with your question - Message me on twitter, my twitter Handle is @tR_Clays - Message me on Xbox, my xbox gamertag is JackClays Thank you for taking time to read this thread 🙂
  12. Vitaly Petrov

    F1 2018 That kind of nonsense?

    My tyres are 20% worn and I'm called to a pit stop. That kind of nonsense? When overtaking AI I must certainly hit him to overtake. That kind of nonsense? When AI overtakes me with DRS - it goes to ram attack and brings me to the wall. That kind of nonsense? The working surface of the tyres has a texture of tattered felt. That kind of nonsense? On some routes I call on the curb and get a fine. That kind of nonsense?
  13. Delte Account

    Session no longer exists

    So, I run a league and obviously we do custom races and for the last 4 races we have done out of nowhere i keep getting a "session no longer exits" message either before or just after the formation lap... its getting really annoying because it then means we have to restart the session and just unnecessary.. and with the bugs that happen if i do rejoin... its just a mess. The internet i get on my PS4 is around 30 Mbps down and my upload is around 5-15 Mbps... and this has never happned to me before.
  14. Hello everyone. Bwoah Racing League will soon be starting our 3rd season. Races will be on Fridays 21:30 CET. ETA 2/3 weeks. We are looking for active, motivated and fair drivers for the next season. We don't care about skills, we just want to create a friendly community of nice drivers, where people can have close battles and still keeping it clean. Currently we have a lot of seats. It could be nice to have a commentator, but that is not our priority. Banned assist: Braking assist ABS  TC = medium Racing line = corners only Pit entry/exit  Please join our discord server if you are interested or futher information. See you on the track! https://discord.gg/s7yrWum
  15. Hello everyone. Bwoah Racing League will soon be starting our 3rd season. Races will be on Fridays 21:30 CET. ETA 2/3 weeks. We are looking for active, motivated and fair drivers for the next season. We don't care about skills, we just want to create a friendly community of nice drivers, where people can have close battles and still keeping it clean. Currently we have a lot of seats. It could be nice to have a commentator, but that is not our priority. Banned assist: Braking assist ABS TC = medium Racing line = corners only Pit entry/exit Please join our discord server if you are interested or futher information. See you on the track! https://discord.gg/s7yrWum
  16. Hi, I've grabbed F1 2018 on Steam as I'm able to play it for free this weekend and get 75% off it until Monday 18th. So I can load into the menu just fine, but once I load to a track in any game mode it crashes to the desktop. I'm running the latest version on Steam (Version 1.16) and my specs are as follows; Intel i5-2500k @ 3.3 GHz Zotac GTX 970 Windows 10 64-bit This is also not my first Codies F1 game on this PC. I bought F1 2015 last year from the Humble Bundle offer and that game is running perfectly fine on my PC. So I'm not sure how 2015 works but 2018 does not?
  17. Vitaly Petrov

    F1 2018 Car Damaged Nonsense

    A slight damage to the front wing element results in a complete loss of downforce! What is this nonsense ?
  18. Guten Tag F1-Fans, Wir von der Aero Racing Community suchen noch weitere Fahrer und Fahrerinnen, egal ob Anfänger oder Veteran. Wir bieten eine faire Umgebung für spannende Zweikämpfe und greifen Neulingen gerne unter die Arme. Wir treffen uns wöchentlich am Sonntag um 19:50 im Discord und starten das Rennen um 20:00. Gefahren wird jeweils ein 50% Rennen mit einfachem Quali. Wir nutzen dynamisches Wetter, gleiche Boliden-Leistung, volle Reifentemperatursimulation, das komplette Schadensmodell und reguläre Streckenbegrenzungen. Unter den Fahrhilfen werden Traktionskontrolle, ABS, Bremsassistent und die Boxengassenassistenten ausgestellt, der Rest kann frei eingestellt werden. Besteht Interesse oder habt ihr noch fragen zu den Regeln? Dann besucht uns doch einfach auf unserem Discord-Server: https://discord.gg/FnuqAFa Auch Kommentatoren sind natürlich gerne willkommen. F1-Aero Racing Community Trailer Aktuelle freie Cockpits: 2x Haas 1x Renault 2x Williams 2x McLaren Aktuelles Roster: 13 Stammfahrer mit Cockpit 8 Ersatzfahrer (welche nicht an jedem Renntermin teilnehmen können und daher als Ersatz gelistet sind!)
  19. Basil Brush

    Cheats in F1 2018

    A number of rogue players are using speed cheats in F1 2018. It is getting to the point where it is almost impossible to play the game on Multi Player mode without being effected. Most players are a wake up to the cheats and they often get kicked off, but they just rejoin again. Why can't they be kicked off and NOT be able to rejoin again? Playing the game is not fun anymore due to these clowns. It's frustrating when they can start at the rear of the field (of any size) and be way out in front by the first corner. I'd love to see CODEMASTERS come up with something to prevent this situation continuing in F1 Games but if not, I may have to just give it up forever and never purchase another release.
  20. ComansoRowlett

    OWC F1 league

    Hey guys! So I am from a league called "OWC". We are a friendly bunch and we welcome all, and are currently looking for drivers for our F1 2018 league (PC)! We have just have come off our first season and it was a great success, we have learned a lot, and plan to start season 2 in roughly a week or 2. We do not intend to run a full calendar, we plan to do a season consisting of only 13 races and with that plan to eliminate most particular circuits which are bad with track limits, however a compromise will be we'll run strict for any "bad" circuits that make it through as we do intend to run regular for the majority of races (since we all know strict isn't exactly perfect in dealing penalties). If you are interested sign ups are here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1IvniNZ_ghBRkdrU-Fm35o3qaS-LqiK4S2iBIkSOZvLQ/, and our discord is here: https://discord.gg/Qfb5ZX . Our plan is to get you guys's opinion on what you'd like to do for the season, hence why we have the options there and the majority will likely be chosen (50% races are pretty much guaranteed at this point however due to popularity). Thanks everyone and hope to see you there! -Comanso
  21. [F1 2018] The lack of safety car in online championships is unbelievable, a massacre happens on track up to 4 cars and yet no safety car. In the settings the safety car is "on" but I have never seen it on track. If someone can help me in anyway like telling me what settings should I put other than safety car: on. For example what should I put for damage etc..
  22. Lopensky

    Formula Europe 2019

    The Formula Europe Champions League is a Formula 1 competition open to PS4 leagues, communities and teams from all around the world. The tournament is played on F1 2018 for PS4, and no assists are allowed. To take part in the competition, interested teams have to sign in using the registration thread from now until March 17 at 23.59 CET. The tournament races (which will start not later than 21.05 CET) will take place roughly from May to June, depending on the number of participants and the resulting competition format. The tournament format will be defined after the expiry of the registration deadline, in order to adapt it to the number of participants. For any further information you can read the 2017 regulations HERE Keep in mind that: - The championship format may change basing on how many subscribed teams we’ll have. - Some rules may be adapted, added or removed so they can properly work with the new videogame. (F1 2018) Subscriptions are opened HERE !
  23. YannickMonteiro

    AI pace in race is much faster

    I find the ai pace to be much faster in race than in qualifying. I know I do struggle with tyres. I usually always have to do one more pitstop than my teammate. I’m in williams, by the way, and I play with pad. In most tracks I manage to qualify in good position. For example, 7 place in spain and 5 in france, but I struggle quite badly in the races, even taking into account tyre wear. No matter where I start I always finish at the back of the grid, behind Stroll most of the time, even though my fastest race lap always end up being faster than his. I started at level 50, but had to lower it to 46, and I’ll probably have to lower it more just to make up for the extra pitstop and to be competitive. I’ve tried everything to make my tyres last longer, but it feels impossible with a pad. I wonder how some pad users manage to do it. I’m by no means new to f1. Been playing it since 2011 and was always very good but f1 2018 is kicking my butt!
  24. RockyFromRBR

    Still Experiencing D3D error

    I've got an RTX 2070, an I5 8600K, and 16GBs of 3000mhz Ram. I tried to run the game on very low settings, still crashing. Switched to DirectX 12 Beta, still crashing. I cant even record my league races, or whats more important, finish them... It is getting really annoying, and nothing seems to help. I just reinstalled all of my drivers, still crashing. I'm desperate.
  25. Hello Today I was playing f1 2018 and got promotion from second driver to first driver and I wondering if that affect r&d point earned or pit stop