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Steering Wheel






Found 21 results

  1. kyrillos152

    F1 2019 GAMEPLAY

    Finally a look at the new game. @Faya will you update the real steering wheels when you add the final car models into the game ? Or does anyone know if they will do it?
  2. Hello and welcome to the fourth instalment of my season mods, the 2019 Season Mod. We are the #1 Most downloaded mod on F1 2018! DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/krisdixs-2019-season-mod.25099/ SEE THIS MOD IN ACTION!!!! What is in this Mod: - 2019 Driver line up (Leclerc (FER) Gasly (RBR) Kubica (WIL) - All 10 Team Livery's On Original Chassis - 17/20 new helmets - 2019 Teams wear - 2019 Teams Pit crew - Fully upgraded Career Hub - Australian Grand Prix Car Performance - New UI (Driver Select, Car Select, Career Selection Etc) - New Main Menu How to install: So for this mod I have suffered no crashing compared to 2018's which was plagued with loads. Remember Vanilla installation to assure no unnecessary issue form and backup your game. NO MORE QUALIFYING BUG!!!!!! Languages Include: Brazilian English French German Italian Japanese Polish Russian Spanish What is next: -Update to 2019 Real Performance -Include track sponsors and pit lane Support And Fixes: If you encounter any issues with your game please make sure that you use a clean install. If that does not work then please direct message me about your issue, or post in the support tab. Do not leave a 1* review because of an issue we can work through together Screenshots: Thanks to these other modders for their textures: Dimitar Vitanov conectION Jburon72 Kondacek Saffzo Tikz Neasty Talisman Any feedback will be welcomed!!!
  3. Dutcak Racing League is looking for drivers to compete in our F1, F2, F3 and F4 categories. We also plan on expanding to Gran Turismo Sport. We are also looking for people to stream and commentate our races LIVE on our YouTube channel and maybe Twitch. If you wish to be a steward, well you can do that too. If you are interested, contact me on Discord ( FilipDutcak#5941 ) You can also join the league Discord server: https://discord.gg/ZnUKDfy Thank you for reading and hope to race with you soon. Filip Dutcak, Dutcak Racing League
  4. Who are we? RCR is a friendly racing league for any average player, if you're new to league racing then this is the league for you! We're looking for constancy in both your attendance and racing, if you think you can make most Sundays then consider joining us. When? All races happen: Sunday 5 pm BST/GMT (unless told otherwise) Rules Assists- Pit assists-off and Manual starts (ALL other assists are up to you) Qualifying - Short- 18 minutes Race - 50% Weather - Dynamic Formation Lap - Off Safety Car - On Teams and Cars - Full Time drivers needed Calendar - F1 2018 Season Damage - Full Corner Cutting - Strict Be friendly on track and in the chat (no Maldonado's please) Be fair when racing and overtaking I want to have some good races Have fun 🙂 RCR Champions Season 1- Kingie (F1 2017) Season 2- Kingie (F1 2017) Season 3- Ruthful (F1 2018) Season 4-TBC (F1 2018) Season 5-TBC (F1 2019) How to apply Join the RCR discord: https://discord.gg/jc9wXDf Add me steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198065705216/
  5. CrispyDex

    Rear Wing Damage

    Hello Codemasters F1 community ! I was recently playing F1 2018 when I hit a wall backwards very badly, but I could go on without damage. So I was wondering why there's no mechanical nor visible rear wing damage in the game except for the DRS failiures. I remember that you could lose your rear wing in the 2010 game, but not in any newer installments of the series. Are there any problems with the teams concerning rear wing damage? Are there any other issues with it? Or are we going to see rear wing damage in the upcoming game? In my opinion it's a very important aspect to be able to damage or lose your rear wing. fffffff.html
  6. Hello, Does anyone have any information regarding the beta test for Formula One 2019 TM. I have signed up for previous beta test and have not been accepted. Any help regarding this will be fantastic. Thanks StoffelZeWaffle
  7. Hello! Will you add helmet avatars of all F1 drivers as add-on on PlayStation Store? That would be amazing to use in our personal PSN profiles! I'm waiting to something like that before some years ago! Hope you guys can read this thread and response, please. Thank you so much 🙂
  8. AndruhaRace

    F1 2019 Beta

    Как я могу записаться на бета тест?
  9. GFONicMania7GR

    F1 2019

    F1 2019
  10. Hi everyone, We are looking for more drivers that live in Australia and New Zealand to take part in our F1 league on the new upcoming 2019 game. We race every Sunday night, and you MUST be in Aus/NZ to be able to race. We will be expanding to two tiers of racing for the upcoming season to cater for more people and different levels of driving, so plenty of room for you! Discord link: https://discord.gg/PxhPFgE See you on the track :)
  11. Hi everyone, If your like me your probably not the best with funds 😄 But to celebrate 10years of CodeMasters F1 series and to also show my support I'll be trying to get the Legendary Edition of F1 2019, I can't wait for it from what I've seen in the teasers 😉 F1 2019 will be the start of something Phenomenal! Let me also know if your hyped and can't wait. This is mainly a thank you to CodeMasters, so... Thank you CodeMasters and keep up the great work. 😄 🙂
  12. The game play footage released today really does look good but there are a couple of things that do kind of worry me. I have been primarily playing Assetto Corsa lately and driving the RSS Formula Hybrid cars and something that really annoyed me when going to F1 2018 is that there does not seem to be any indicator for DRS. When you've got all your HUD turned off, there does not seem to be a way to know whether you have enabled DRS or not so it would be a good addition, I think, for F1 2019 to feature some kind of a DRS indicator on the wheel. Beyond that I think the HUD looks good and is very usable. Another think I don't really understand is how seemingly no-one even mentioned the coloured dots on the mini-map to indicate what team (or driver) is where on track. This gives the player more information about the race and makes it more immersive (imo). And something else I mentioned before on F1 Fanvoice: I have been playing the game for a while now and it surely isn’t bad. But for codies to call this game a simulator… that just isn’t true. For my the most fun with an F1 car is to drive them in Assetto Corsa. Yes, it is a good game. But it’s just that, had it been marketed as an improvement to last year’s game it would have been really good but at this point I wouldn’t recommend it. Why don’t they just create a new game every “era” ie. in 2010 then 2014 then 2017 and 2020 now and then just release a DLC every year with the new cars and features. That way some actual improvements can be made to the game in between releases and it might actually be worth the 60 euro they are asking. Well, except for them losing out on some revenue on the short term. I do expect this to make the games more popular and liked on the longer term.
  13. Overfl0w

    F1 2019 Images

    F1 2019 is being shown in an event, this are the images that are leaking to Twitter. Will be updating with more images if I see them. Theater mode + Super License and Leagues: New office (Sponsors in Helmets??): Multiplayer Customization: New meeting room?: Cockpit Cam (HUD update, improved graphics and ¿more info in steering wheel screen?): F1 Legends Edition includes: - Senna and Prost - Their cars - 8 invitational events in the career - 2 themed multiplayer liveries Main menu? (thx to @AORGrzesiu for commenting it): Open Career?: Different HUD color depending on the car: F1 2019 Gameplay Onboard in this channel: (F1 and F2) https://www.youtube.com/user/f1fanatic2
  14. i know we just had the event in Hamburg but will there be some gameplay in the next few days
  15. Well everyone knows that at the beginning of the career mode we can choose our teammate, but I think it would be interesting to release that choice also for the rest of the race in the game of 2019, for example I would like to run alongside Bottas in Mercedes, Leclerc in Ferrari and Gasly in Red Bull, and would you choose who to race next to you from Season 2 if that choice were released?
  16. TheSevillista87

    F1 2019 Cover Concept

    Hi guys. After the "big announcement" of F1 2019 (including the covers), I decided to make some concepts about how the cover would have done. Following the style and colors used this year by Codemasters, I made some changes to the concept. I added the Hamilton and Vettel cars, reflecting the rivalry of both this year as we saw in the past. These cars are kept in the rest of covers of different countries, although it could do in a V2 the cover of each country with different cars, depending on the country and its local driver. I hope you like these concepts, the whole project is in my Behance profile. I would appreciate a constructive opinion to try to improve in future projects. Here some covers that I made: (These concepts are made by me without the intention of obtaining income with it, I only do them by hobbie).
  18. Hello guys, As the title suggests I'm looking for a league on F1 2018, or when it releases, F1 2019. I consider myself slow, why I want to join a league where i can work on my pace. One reason why i am so slow might be that i use assists like ABS, medium traction control and auto gears. My goal is that i am able to drive without Assists one day, which is why I want to join a league where there isn't that much of pressure, but there is still a competitive character. I currently live in Europe and would prefer a racing time that's not too late in the evening, but just tell me your starting time and i will think about it. Thanks for reading and im looking forward to any kind of response. I race on PC, although I own a PS4 but I don't want to race there. Best regards, Kryptox
  19. Well we still do not know if it will have classic cars in f1 2019, but I wanted to suggest new classic cars, such as the Tyrrell P34, Benetton B194 and B195, Williams FW11, Brabham BT52, Mclaren MP4 / 5, keep the cars of the games 2017 and 2018 and finally add some of the 50s and 60s, especially the Alfa Romeo and the Mercedes W196, on the tracks could add the old layout of Interlagos and Hockenheim, Adelaide, Nurburgring and the tracks that were in F1 2013, these are my suggestions, do you have any more?
  20. PhoenixL3g3nd

    URA Season 3 F1 2019 | XBOX ONE

    We have 5 rounds left of Season 2, and the long anticipated Season 3 is now being planned. We wish to grow into a multitier league so people with different pace will have it easier to race. Races are Saturdays at 7pm uk time, however if we do become a multitiered league, different tiers might be at different times. More info on that will come later. We want fair, clean, and dedicated drivers, since we are all about the importance of having a good attendance rate whilst still being clean and fair on the track. We have so far had amazing turn outs, averaging about 19 drivers every race. It might not be 20 drivers, but its not 4 either. We use Discord to talk with each other, so if you want to join our growing community, make sure to get discord first, then register and account (its completely free, here is the link: https://discordapp.com/) and then add me (PhoenixL3g3nd#0686) then message me about anything; wether you want more information, or you are ready to join, i will answer as soon as possible. We are also searching for commentators, so if you feel like you are up for the task, contact me. However, the role of Commentator has a few requirements of its own in our league. 1. you need to make most and prefferably all of the races, 1 or 2 absent races is accepted though. 2. You need to be able to stream at an acceptable quality, hd and above is good. Last but definitely not least, 3. You need to be able to save the stream. However you join, i will see you on the track, champ! Edit: Recently, F1 2019 was announced. The league has decided to delay Season 3 for that game since ther eis only about 3 months left and we are not fully done with season 2. We will have things like tier 2 racing with f2 cars, team leaders get to choose team name and livery for both tier 1 and 2 for their team, and of course, we will have a full calendar without any short tracks, and all 21 tracks will be included, but in a custom order. Join now, for the most anticipated season is getting closer and closer!
  21. (* marks ideas for the first season,! marks what NEEDS to be in the next game imo(whats realistic to implement this year)) Better character customization - just like in Fifa !- Helmet editor Young Driver Test with RB,Ferrari and Merc (maybe you would be a "junior" than and could get better contracts at e.g. Merc powerd teams?) - Short inturduction interview like in f1 2010 ~ "....may you introduce yourself?" ~ "What will be your Racing Number?" - program like 2012 - Contract suggestion based on performance (just a suggestion bc. some of you want to start with a top team) - difficulty suggestion (like in 2014) Better Contract system - Payment system with money (negotiation) ~buy new designs for your helmet/gloves ~pay fines (for Speeding in the pitlane) ~you get paid after every race (maybe + signature bonus) - RP payment negotiation !- Contracts in advance ~sign a deal for next season in the last quarter !Technical / mechanical issues for players !Pre Season Testing - *Intruduciton of the Padock ~Motorhome: Laptop from 2018, Exit where you can head to Garage("next session")and press area,trophy vitrine(where you can look at your stats, edit your driver (helmet,hair style, etc.). You select by looking around. ~Press area: Press conference(Top 3 after every race), Interview Pen (after some sessions), (like 2010) - maybe 4 days with 3 hours each (you can change in the settings) - (More) Testprograms ~Cornerspeed (for Aero) ~Raceprogram/reliability (do a Stint with each compound,10-15 Laps each(dempending on the compound)) ~components wear, 3 Laps, timing of gear change, Use of Curbs, correct ERS-deployment, controll engine temps ~2018 programs - Gain RP to develop your car (new parts arrive after the second day, than at the first race) Melbourne - Interview to start of the season ~"...What can we aspect from you and your car this year?" Free Practice improvement - practice race starts - variety in the programs (maybe even based on new part which need to be tested) ~track acclimatization, Racesimulation, Qualisi: every weekend ~Components wear, cornerspeed, ERS-management,Tyre-wear, fuel-management: alternate every weekend Race improvement - Interview before race !- cool down Lap ~Teamradio:-more emotinonal > Result ("Here is the full race result: Vettel wins, Hamilton second, Leclerc third, after that it is: Verstappen, Hülkenberg, etc.") > "With that result we´re 9th in the driver championship, the team is now in 5th place" ~KI takes over at the pit entry Run out of fuel - Consequences ~Fines, Panalty !Red flag !Increase media aspect - News like in 2012 based on what happened on the track and what you said in interviews - "flirt" with other teams at the last quarter of a season ~Teams get more/less attracted !more cutscenes What do you guys think about it?