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Found 10 results

  1. ALR F1 2019 PS4 SPECTATORS / COMMENTATORS WANTED. If anyone would be willing to spectate or commentate our races that would be really sick, we have 20 drivers, no assists league and we just seed someone to make it just that little more professional. If you are interested in doing that join the discord and we will talk more! Thank you! 🙂 Discord: https://discord.gg/DY8g5Se
  2. iScoTTiiAm

    [PC] G-Force Racing League (GRL)

    Welcome to G-Force Racing League! G-Force Racing League (GRL) is structured in such a way that consists of two different tier groups (Tier 1 and 2) which means no matter your skill level, you are welcome to join us! We don't have many requirements but you must be willing to race in a clean manner. League Information Assists are similar between both tiers however, traction control (TC) will be restrited to OFF for tier 1 (tier 2 Medium TC is allowed). ABS, Auto Gears and Racing line are allowed in both tiers. Race Time: Thursday 20:00 CEST Race Settings: Short Qualifying and 50% Race. League Start Date: 4th July 2019 If you feel this league is suitable for you then please hop on to our discord and fill out the application form. https://discord.gg/EeDeHgF
  3. Dropiii

    TRA F1 2019 Championship League

    TRA F1 Championship Have you ever wanted to be part of something new in F1 games? Join us in the TRA F1 Championship league and fulfil the void in your heart and be full again Game: F1 2019 Cars: Equal F1 2019 cars Race Day: Wednesday Starting time: 6pm BST Qualifying: Short (18mins) Race Distance: 50% Assist Restrictions Anti-Lock Brakes: On Traction Control: Medium Gearbox: Automatic Pit Assist: On Pit Release Assist: On Dynamic Racing Line: Corners Only Ers Mode: Automatic Use this link to join the League Discord https://discord.gg/zrttk5M Admins of TRA hope you'll enjoy
  4. bothydweller


    New Game, New UPL 🏁 Under a Week to go till the New F1 2019 Game will be on our Screens Make sure you sign up for our New Season that will be Starting in just over a months time 🏆 Custom Teams✅ F2 Cars✅ Classic Tier✅ Sign up here - surveymonkey.com/r/8HWGSRK #UPLF1S6
  5. f1leagueal2019

    F1 2019 League PS4

    Hello, and welcome to F1LeagueAL, we just finished our first ever season as a league and we are extremely excited to starting sending out invites to join our league for next years game, F1 2019. To join our league all you have to do is join our Discord, so you can stay up to date will all of the news for F1LeagueAL, chat with other league racers, find a teammate etc! Discord Link: https://discord.gg/K8ZYm3S Some quick things to know before joining are: that this is a semi pro league there is a wide spread of skill level in this league. People from around the globe are allowed to join, and start time for each race are Sunday 1:00pm UTC / 13:00 UTC. Also this is a PS4 only League... There should be an attached file so you can see how the standings played out in our first year! links to that app are all in the discord, as well as a very friendly community! But join quick, spots are running out! If you want to see some action here's a playlist on YouTube, for some of our recent races! YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLk4PTd0jRuBVYL4iIutbP9eLthPgwBzdO Join Here: https://discord.gg/K8ZYm3S If you are wonder why there is such a gap between the top 6 drivers, its due to around 5 people joining half way thorough season one.
  6. Delte Account

    Session no longer exists

    So, I run a league and obviously we do custom races and for the last 4 races we have done out of nowhere i keep getting a "session no longer exits" message either before or just after the formation lap... its getting really annoying because it then means we have to restart the session and just unnecessary.. and with the bugs that happen if i do rejoin... its just a mess. The internet i get on my PS4 is around 30 Mbps down and my upload is around 5-15 Mbps... and this has never happned to me before.
  7. MJHetzel

    SARL F1 League PC Drivers Needed

    Hi all race fans Looking for South African based F1 fans to join our SARL F1 PC league. Races are hosted every Monday night at 22:00 South African time, all South African F1 PC race fans are welcome. Join our Discord Server and help us build the F1 community in South Africa. https://discord.gg/Rm65DkX Hope to see you on the discord server soon.
  8. Are you a driver who wants to race fairly, cleanly at a competetive level but whenever you get into an open lobby, into a league or a custom championship with random people, you keep on crashing with people or you outpace / get outpaced? I am here to inform you that URA is running on Saturdays at 7pm UK time (1pm central time) is searching for clean, competetive and fair drivers. Instead of me explaining everything about the league, you can just chech out our document that includes mostly what is in the league. If you are interested or have questions, please contact me on xbox (PhoenixL3g3nd) and i will be trying to answer as soon as i can. Also, the league uses Discord to talk, so if you are interested, get discord on your phone or pc, message me on xbox and i will invite you from there to our custom server. We are also searching for streamers who can stream in 1080p quality, and can save the stream once done so that we can rewatch it and upload it to out youtube channel. We expect a streamer to make all the races, try to have interviews with different drivers and stay in an unbiased manner whilst commentating our races. We will see you on the track, driver!
  9. So we've had to basically rejig the TNF1 formations of tiers to fill numbers which means we're back to square one for recruiting for our TNF5 category. Times for the TNF5 will be 10am GMT+12 which is New Zealand standard, so convert that to however you see yourself timezone wise and that is your race time. Once we gain 10 drivers we will begin the TNF5 category at whatever race we are at that weekend. https://discord.gg/MWVjkTp Hope to see ya soon Current drivers and their team: