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Found 5 results

  1. Hey all, Thanks for the survey feedback. A big part of the feedback we received was to communicate what we are doing and more often. So, please see below for the latest high-priority developments for F1 2019 and what the Development Team is currently working on. Keyboard Binding Support (XBOX)- Thread- We have a proposed solution in final stages of testing. This is due to be released in the next patch coming in January 2020. Safety Car. We have some tweaks which are planned to improve the deployment behaviour which are currently in test and hope to release in a future patch. League Improvements. Thanks everyone for the feedback on the new 2019 leagues feature. We are continuing to make improvements to this and are hoping to have some updates released in a future patch (Hopefully the January 2020 patch upcoming). Wheel vs Pad Abilities- Thread- We are currently investigating statistics within leaderboards across all platforms to track data and any circumstances where one peripheral has an advantage over another. Our current findings are that, over the course of a race season, the difference is minimal. If you have any extreme scenarios (track, game mode, huge difference in timings etc) that you would like for us to gather data for, please add it to the appropriate thread. Logitech G29 Rotary Dial Mapping Issue. We have a proposed solution in test at the moment. Pending confirmation of these test results, we are hoping to release this in the next upcoming patch. Please continue to use the correct and appropriate forum threads to discuss, give constructive feedback and provide evidence where possible. It is always being monitored and appreciated. Once we can accurately re-produce an issue, we can start putting in place the fixes (where possible) to issues and improve the overall game experience For some topics, especially for some that create the most discussion with everyone, an update can take some time as more people from Codemasters will usually be involved. Once I do have a note-worthy update on things, I will keep everyone updated with anything else that is high on our agenda or any progress on the above.
  2. Hi everyone, Patch 1.20 is now available on all platforms. Please see summary of patch below to see what has been updated. GENERAL - Safety car deployment frequency has been adjusted so that it is more likely to come out within race sessions GENERAL - Addressed an issue where the Logitech G29 rotary dial could not be assigned in a clockwise direction GENERAL – Further Stability Issues LEAGUES - Users can now save between sessions in private leagues LEAGUES - Users can now add reserves in private leagues XBOX – Keyboard Support has been added CAREER - Addressed an issue where progress would not be saved in Practice 1 in Australia of a new career CAREER - Addressed an issue where a selected team-mate would change if the user exited the game before completing Practice 1 in Australia of a new career CAREER - Addressed an issue where DNFs would incorrectly show with the fastest lap indicator in the season results tab CAREER - Addressed an issue where Butler and Weber would appear after skipping the F2 Feeder Series if the user quit in Practice 1 of Australia CAREER - User will now be warned before purchasing upgrades towards the end of a season if the department has experienced a regulation change MULTIPLAYER - Addressed an issue where the camera selection would not save if selected in a multiplayer session SPECTATOR - User can now enable the track map for the session they are spectating EVENTS - Users can now manually navigate through the weekly event prizes With the release of Patch 1.20, there are several new community requested features and improvements to the game. After reading your feedback on communication, I've highlighted and explained our most significant changes in our first ‘deep-dive’ patch notes. These notes will cover the new ‘Reserves’ and ‘Save Session Progress’ features in Leagues, parameters to the Xbox Keyboard Support well as further details on the changes to Safety Car deployment behaviour. League Improvements and Functionality: League Improvements have been split into two main features; Reserves Improvements and the addition of Save Session Progress. Walk-throughs are here: Save Session Progress: 1. Create (or edit) your league as normal, ensuring that your ‘Progression Format’ is set to ‘On Demand’ 2. After adding your tracks, you are met with the ‘Format’ screen. Scroll right to the ‘Weekend Structure and AI Difficulty’ tab and at the bottom, ensure ‘Save Session Progress’ is enabled. The rest of the settings are unaffected, so you can run Private AND public leagues with this new feature. 3. Create league and invite friends to the league. 4. Play through your first session and complete as normal. 5. Upon attempting to progress to your next session, a minimum player confirmation message will appear. For the session to continue, this message will need approval from at least 1 player with the minimum role of ‘member’ and one player with the minimum role of ‘admin’ to continue. 6. Should there not be enough levels of approval, the league will return to the ‘League Summary’ screen and be paused until players of the minimum levels of ‘Role’ are in the session to advance the league. NOTE: Remember, attempting to progress to your next session, approval will be needed from at least 1 player with the minimum role of ‘member’ and one player with the minimum role of ‘admin’ to continue. Also, Reserves and Non-Member Spectators cannot influence the advance of the league session. Reserves: This new feature ensures leagues can now function more to the players desires and make sure that there are requirements to proceed without affecting the league for others. Reserves: Reserves have been added into to ensure smoother running of the leagues format. How to add reserves is below: 1. Create (or edit) your league as normal, ensuring that your ‘Progression Format’ is set to ‘On Demand’ 2. After adding your tracks, you are met with the ‘Format’ screen. The league will need to be set to ‘Private’, and then change ‘Player Reserves’ to enabled. You have the option of choosing the ‘Reserve Scoring’ to suit league preferences. Please note that this feature is disabled by default, so it needs to be manually added to the league. 3. Invite users to the lobby. 4. When a non-member is invited to the lobby, they now join without a role as an ‘unassigned’ participant in the session. A player with the role of either ‘Admin’ or ‘Owner’ must assign the new player as a reserve for them to be able to participate in the session. However, with this being a new feature, this is criteria to make sure this works correctly for you. These are: · This feature cannot be added into current leagues; you will have to create a new league for this feature to be enabled. · If a reserve scores points in leagues, they will be credited with the points in the race standings and results screens. However, in terms of the championship, the reserves points are assigned to the member they have replaced for that event. · If the original league member joins the game before the event starts, they will take the place back from the reserve. However, if the original league member joins after the event has started, the reserve will complete the event on their behalf. Safety Car Updates: · Safety Car deployment has been updated, with the objective of making it more likely to deploy when it would be expected to. As a result of these changes deployments should be more frequent than they were previously. · We have made improvements to the system that detects obstructions on track, allowing us to more reliably recognise large incidents and deploy the Safety Car accordingly. · We’ve also increased the chance of a deployment for both VSC and SC following a car suffering terminal damage. · 25%, 50% and 100% race distances have identical deployment rules, except maximum number of deployments which are 2, 5 and 6 respectively. This is designed so that you would still get most of the race session being at racing speed, rather than spending a large proportion under Safety Car conditions. · The maximum number of Safety Car deployments has been decided based on real-life Formula 1 records, with the most Safety Cars ever in a race being 6 at the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix Other Notes: · Keyboard Support for Xbox has now been added. To enable this, simply add a keyboard to your Xbox setup and configure your preferred mapping for commands in the controls screen. · With some wheels, that have far more complicated setups and more buttons to map, we cannot assign these extra inputs accordingly. The reason for this is lack of first party support for these extra buttons. I hope this gives you a clearer way to enjoy the additions to leagues and improves the general performance of the Safety Car. If there are issues, please feel free to contribute to an existing/ add a new topic in 'Technical Assistance' using the correct format (Questions answered and clear title) whenever possible. A good example of the correct bug reporting format is here. This ensures we get all the information we need to replicate and investigate your issue. Many thanks, Barry
  3. Platform: Steam / PC (Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, v1703) { EDIT: according to "CCDriver1" below, bug also exists on PS4 Pro } Game Version: 1.3 { EDIT: issue still exists on: v1.4, v1.5, v1.7, 1.10 } Game Mode: Any mode where you have access to fuel mix settings { UPDATE: not specific to fuel mix, issue is with red dial } Controller: Logitech G29 Steering Wheel Logitech LGS Version: 8.91.48 { EDIT: as advised below, I have updated to latest v8.96.81, and this problem still exists } Display Refresh Rate: Tried 60/120/144Hz (tried this in case issue related to erratic FFB bug @ >100Hz in F1 2010-2014) Other Reference: http://steamcommunity.com/app/515220/discussions/0/1471969431591192665/ Briefly: The MFD shortcuts for Fuel Mix +/- often skip straight past '2' (Standard), when mapped to the Logitech G29's red rotary dial, with the in-game driver's hand animation triggering twice in succession. (NOTE: at least one other user has reported the issue, with unconfirmed hardware, on the above reference link) (EDIT: from further testing, this issue is also exhibited if the G29's red rotary dial is mapped to eg. brake bias, with the setting sometimes changing twice in quick succession) How to Reproduce: Map the MFD 'Fuel Mix' shortcuts to the red rotary dial on the Logitech G29, such that turning clockwise=increase, anti-clockwise=decrease. Now when you turn the dial to change the fuel mixture, it switches from '1'(Lean) to '2'(Standard), but then immediately jumps to '3'(Rich) without stopping. The same happens when switching down from '3' to '2', it mostly jumps straight to '1' afterwards. Occasionally it is possible to get it to stop on '2', but most of the time it seems to skip straight past it, with the in-game driver's hand animation playing twice in quick succession, even though the rotary dial on the G29 is only moved one 'notch'. Note that I can successfully tweak the fuel mix via the MFD in the usual way with the MFD navigation buttons up/down/left/right, and it never skips past '2' when I do that. Further Details / Tests... I am fairly confident that the wheel is not malfunctioning, by eg. sending multiple button presses when it is turned one 'notch'. I have tested my Logitech G29 with other games, and by using the Logitech LGS software to map the rotary dial to key presses & watching the output in a text editor. The wheel is only outputting one button press, or one keyboard stroke for each 'notch' turned on the red dial. It is never performing a double button press / key stroke, unless you actually move it multiple notches. I have tried mapping the rotary dial to press eg. Numpad +/- on the keyboard using Logitech LGS, and then configuring F1 2017 Fuel Mix MFD Shortcuts to those keys on the keyboard. As above, I can see in eg. Windows Notepad that those keys are only being pressed once each time the dial is turned one notch. However, when in the game, turning the dial still results in the fuel mix skipping over '2' most times it is used. Strangely, when pressing those keys directly on the keyboard, the problem does not arise. I have tried the same mappings using other software, JoyToKey, and even tried using it's options to ensure that any key 'repeat' is not triggered too quickly / at all. I get the same results as above. I have tried mapping the fuel mix shortcuts to other buttons on the wheel, eg. the + / - semi-circular buttons, and it works fine that way, never skipping past '2'. So there does seem to be something different about the way that the rotary dial is being polled by the game. EDIT: Also, I have just tested mapping the same rotary dial to control eg. brake bias, and it seems to exhibit the same issue there, sometimes changing the setting twice in quick succession, when moved only one notch. So it seems like this is more an issue in the way the dial is responding to being polled in general, rather than an issue with the fuel mix setting specifically. Please let me know if you require any further information. Thanks!!! --- EDIT: SEE MY POSTS FURTHER DOWN THE THREAD FOR MORE DETAILS OF OTHER TESTING I HAVE DONE TO TRY TO NARROW DOWN THE SPECIFIC CAUSE. Summary of Further Testing Since Original Post... (none of these have fixed the issue yet!) I created fresh new F1 2017 controller config, via "Duplicate" default G29 profile, and added Fuel Mix +/- mappings for the red dial, to eliminate any possible custom controls mappings I had. After updating LGS, I re-tested with the game/sim rFactor to double-check the dial in there, and it is working as expected, only registering once for each "notch" moved on the dial. I tried closing "JoyToKey" which I normally leave running on my system, just in case it was interfering. Didn't make any difference. I unplugged all additional controllers/devices besides the G29 and my keyboard/mouse, in case there was any possible interference. No change, issue persisted. I tried mapping the Logitech G29's red rotary dial to the MFD left/right controls (and unmapped it from the Fuel Mix +/- shortcuts). I then brought up the MFD and higlighted the Fuel Mix setting using the normal controls, and used the red dial to switch the fuel mix up/down. Unfortunately, the fuel mix was still jumping from 1 to 3 as before, just briefly passing through 2. And again, I could sometimes get it to settle on 2, but not very often. So it looks like the issue is not specific to the Fuel Mix, or even the MFD shortcuts, but occurs when the red rotary dial on the G29 is mapped to any control in the game. I tried more advanced keyboard mappings in the Logitech LGS software, with the game controls for Fuel Mix +/- mapped to a couple of keys. I tried various LGS settings for delays & repeats, and tried the various "Keystroke", "Multi Key" & "Text Block" features in LGS. None of them seemed to resolve the double-pressing issue with the game. I tested with Display Refresh Rate: 60/120/144Hz... but unfortunately, the issue remains, regardless of the refresh rate. NOTE: I figured I should try this as there was a long-standing bug which affected all of F1 2010/2011/2012/2013/2014, where if your displau refresh rate was set to more than 100Hz, and you are using the Logitech G29 (not sure if also affected other wheels?), then the force feedback would behave erratically, sometimes jerking wildly to one side. Lowering the refresh rate to 100Hz or less solved the issue with those older titles. Obviously, this issue isn't related to FFB, but it was worth testing it, in case there was a similar glitch with the driver/API handling the rotary dial at higher refresh rates. Tried with Windows 10 "Game Mode" enabled & disabled (had to briefly switch F1 2017 to Windowed mode to get the Game Bar to show, for some reason!)
  4. Because of the fact that we have already start this Friday a new championship with F2s, I will post every time that a SC should go out and dont do it, or do it (just in case). The conditions will be always the same: * Multiplayer sesion * SC enable * Colision on * Damage simulation * 1l qualifying * 100% race 1 * 100% race 2 @Baku Min 42.30. Balta_80 is in the castle zone blocking the track almost 1 minute. Balta Camera: Min 50:53
  5. In the 1st corner of the AUS GP, HAM tries to overtake me and spins to the gravel, causing a slight traffic problem. Yellows come out, and then SC comes out. However, HAM was able to continue the race and I waited 3 turns for the SC to go into the pits for absolutely no reason. Then, in the same GP, at lap 12 (or 13) VER tries to overtake me again in the same corner, and he spins, facing the other way blocking Stroll who was right behind him. Stroll, for some reason stops instead of overtaking him and then the rest of the pack that where a couple of seconds away, come full speed, even though there where yellow flags. 3 or 4 of them withstood terminal damage and 3 or 4 went to the pits to change front wings from all these collisions. Yet, there was no SC deployed for some reason.