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Found 6 results

  1. @BarryBL, I was just spectating a qualifying session in an unranked lobby, when I saw that every car I spectated on it´s hotlap was ghosting. I know this happens when somebody has left the session during a race but I highly doubt everybody left this session before the quali session. The cars were ghosting onboard as well as offboard. Platform: Xbox One Version: 1.18 Game mode: Multiplayer - Unranked How many players?: 18 Players + 2 Spectators Lead up to issue: I joined a session while they were in the lobby, every seat was full so I had to spectate the GP. Accesories: Xbox One Controller Down below, I´ve attached a clip where you can see me scrolling down the leaderboards and almost everybody ghosting. 02_01.2020_13-21-55-vllrza14.mp4
  2. Deep Dive – Patch 1.21 Hi everyone, We're back with another patch notes for 1.21, covering some of the Community reported issues after the fallout from 1.20. As this is a smaller patch than 1.20, consider this a 'mild snorkel' than a deep dive, but, after such good feedback on 1.20, we've highlighted some of our major changes and covered them in a bit more detail below. GAMEPLAY- Repair Wing Damage Settings Previously, under very light damage, a wing change would not happen even if the player instructed the change to happen. The reason for this being that the car performance after losing such a small amount of wing was minimal, and therefore would decide that changing the wing was not worth the time lost in the pitstop. This has now been updated so that the user can update the MFD to change the ‘Repair Wing Damage’ setting, and the game will follow the player instruction regardless of level of physical damage incurred. Community Forum Post: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/45382-ps4-120-wing-damaged-not-fixed-in-pitstop-2-times-with-videos/?tab=comments#comment-489702 LEAGUES - Addressed an issue where users would get stuck at qualifying 1 if full qualifying and saving between sessions are enabled From user feedback, we noticed that players could not advance through the qualifying sessions if full qualifying and saving between sessions are enabled. This has now been amended and the player can play through the league experience. You will not need to start a new league for the improvements to take effect. Community Forum Post: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/45305-various-session-save-progress-stuck-on-q1/ SPECTATOR- Addressed an issue where users could see drivers on incorrect tyres after a pit stop In some cases, spectators will see at least one car on the wrong compound after everyone has completed their pitstop. Above: Camera showing Soft tyres when Mediums were fitted in-game This has now been updated to show the correct tyres fitted to the car in spectator modes. Community Forum Post: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/45118-f1-2019-xbox-one-displaying-wrong-tyres-on-other-cars/ MULTIPLAYER - The spectated car will no longer appear ghosted in one-shot qualifying In some instances, spectating a one-shot qualifying session in Multiplayer would cause cars spectated to be a ghost. The cars were ghosting onboard as well as on external cameras. This has now been amended so you can spectate a player without the car ghosting. Reported on forum post: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/44938-f1-2019-cars-ghosting-in-quali-spectating-unranked TIME TRAIL- F2 car leaderboards will now show which era car has been used (2018 or 2019) To help players differentiate between era of F2 cars, we have now added an icon into the menus. Your current times, regardless of year of car, will still be valid. Thanks for the feedback and the reports all Barry
  3. Description of the problem: cant get from q1 to q2 Platform: Ps4 Game version: 1.20 Game mode: league online Players: 4 Lead up to problem: we are creating a new league and enabled session safe Can you replicate the issue? Tell us how here: everytime we create a new league with session save enabled we can run q1 and at the end when we see our times we cant press "next" on the left side stands "waiting for player and race director" and we had one league owner, one admin and 2 members and no one could press anything.. Tried several new leagues
  4. F1® 2019 PATCH NOTES – v1.21 Patch 1.21 is now out on all platforms. Below, you’ll find notes for this patch, and further down you can read the notes. General When ‘Repair Wing Damage’ is set to ‘Yes’ on the MFD, the pit crew will now change the front wing regardless of how much physical damage it has taken Leagues Addressed an issue where users would get stuck between qualifying sessions if full qualifying and saving between sessions was enabled. Spectator Addressed an issue where users could see drivers on incorrect tyres after a pit stop The spectated car will no longer appear ghosted in one-shot qualifying Time Trial F2 car leaderboards will now show which era car has been used (2018 or 2019) For our Deep Dive on this patch, please see here. Please use the below for the General Discussion on the new patch.
  5. @BarryBL, whilst doing a league race last Friday I noticed that the two cars in front of me (they were on Hard tyres, myself on Mediums), that it showed Soft tyres on their cars on my screen, even though on the top left it said Hard tyres. Unfortunately, I don´t have a good clip of where you can see the wrong tyres during the race, as it was a league race and I was too busy racing. What I have tho is a clip, where you can see it says Hard tyres on the top left. Other than I also have a screenshot from the highlight reel where you can see the Haas on Soft tyres (also included the "Change tyre" setting to prove I left it on none :D) and yes, this is from after the pit stop. Note: This happened after the first round of pit stops for all three of us. All of us started the race on the Soft tyre, I changed onto the Mediums, the two leaders onto the Hard tyre. Description of the problem: The wrong tyres were being displayed on the car in front of me (during race as well as in Replay mode) Platform: Xbox One Game version: 1.18 Game mode: Multiplayer - Unranked Players: 14 players + 0 AI Lead up: All 3 of us started on Softs, the two guys in front of me changed onto the Hard tyres during the first pit stop. Error code: None Accessoires: Xbox One Controller Screenshot and clip included below: 15_01.2020_21-30-57-1htlniiy.mp4
  6. @BarryBL hello If the wing is slightly damaged, it will not be repaired at the pit. Slight damage is a state in which the damage level is less than yellow-green. This problem occurred with previous patches, but also with the latest patch (1.20). I am uploading a video of the issue details. Check the link on youtube. https://youtu.be/S5MEOSrP0oA Platform: PC Version: 1.20 Mode: Career Damage level: FULL I have posted this issue on the forum in the past, but have you seen it?