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Found 17 results

  1. I'm playing with F1 2019 on Ps now via PC, at the starting screen I get this error message and I can't use online services. I had the same issue playing on Ps now via PS4. I'm having this issue since Wednesday (29 January).
  2. This is the first time i have bough an f1 game and I was really exited but when I started playing the screen went black and white when I was of the track, including in the garage. Because of this I can't do a race without the screen going all funny. Can some one please help me so I can play the game
  3. Hi All, a novice player looking for some advice on how to set up a clutch paddle. I have installed a analogue clutch paddle on my wheel. It is driven through a Leo Bodner joystick interface. The PC (W10) "sees" the clutch and I am able to calibrate etc. When assigning controls in F1 2019 set up I can assign the paddle to the clutch, so the software "sees" the paddle. But when I try to use the clutch in a race start, it seems to be ignored. The starts are the same whether I use the clutch paddle or not. Is there a setting or an "aid" in the software that I have to set up that I have missed? I have set the gears to manual with clutch. Regards,
  4. Hello, just downloaded game from steam a couple days ago, I cannot get through a race before the screen freezes and goes back to the windows home screen. I tried tried turning off the shading (n nvidia geforrce Rex 2080). I have a i7-9700k processor 16 go memory so there are shouldn’t be any issues, I uninstalled through stream and then reinstalled and still have same problem. any help is appreciated! mark
  5. Since yesterday I launched the game in Dx12 instead of Dx11, just to see the difference, and I discovered I have better FPS values. Today I booted up my PC and tried launching the game in Dx12 and it just closed right after the "Communicating with online services" message. I switched back to Dx11 and the same happens. I restarted my PC, did a complete shutdown, tried running Dx11, tried Dx12, the game crashes after the loading screens. Before yesterday I was playing Dx11 and I had no problems at all. When crashing, I get the EGO Dumper usually, but sometimes I don't. Its so strange that from one day to the next my game broke. I hope you can help me out. Thanks in advance! SPECS: Windows 10 x64 V10.0.17134 Build 17134 Gigabyte Z370M DS3H Intec Core i5 8400 2.80GHz 16GB RAM F1 2019 v1.20 I am willing to share any reports, diagnostic files, just let me know how can I access them and where should I share them to you.
  6. Set it up yesterday, all was more than fine. I did turn it off last night and this morning whatever I do, practice lap or career. the car exits the pits and crashes... simply no response. Of course I searched and searched for an answer but no go! A solution maybe if you would be so kind? Between the last minute yesterday while working I have not changed any settings. Thanks in advance... Loved it yesterday! Not so much today of course. X Box One X, F1 2019, Ferrari wheel.
  7. @Faya @RedDevilKT We need keyboard support on the Xbox version of F1 2019 so we can bind extra controls when playing with a wheel. Other Xbox games allow this. In fact the PS4 version of the game allows you to do this but you have not included it in the Xbox version Can this support be added in the next patch
  8. Hi! I just bought the F1 2019 game yesterday, and came to a realization that I was not able to save any progress. Once I enter the game, the game just says that it cannot save itself, and to either retry or turn off the auto save. I would like to receive some assistance to this, as, otherwise, I find this game unplayable, because I want to play career mode and other things that require my preferences to be saved. Thank you for reading.
  9. Hello guys, for some time while playing online at F1 2019 it disconnects me from the session and gives me CP7 error: the session no longer exists. I have read some solutions on the net but I have not solved the problem. In the logs of the router I find these messages: How can I solve it?
  10. Before I changed PC I was in season 3, precisley at the hungarian gp, now after I changed PC and reinstalled the game, I am in season 2 at the singapore gp. This has never happened to me when I formatted the pc in the years before with f1 2018, the career progress after i reinstalled the game was as I left it. This is unacceptable
  11. Has anyone else had this issue? I'm trying to play multiplayer (and dealing with all the other issues that cone with that) but tonight's new issue is that, when a new session starts, I'm forced into spectator mode, watching myself. This happens in 5 lap races, and occurs in qualifying and races. Anyone else dealt with this and know a fix?
  12. Can I use my thrustmaster 458 spider Ferrari stearing wheel on f1 2019
  13. I got f1 2019 the other day and started to play it and all was well till this morning. If i saw the wheel back and forth a couple of times it clips like mad then when it comes back it's crazy heavy. I have never dealt with clipping till this morning...Csw 2.5 on pc..i tried turning everything to 0 in-game and ffb to 30 but i still get it...any ideas? The game was fine till this morning. Other sims still work and drivers are up to date..
  14. Hey, I bought F1 2018 game 1 hear ago and I installed it on a laptop with AMD Radeon R5 M255 and it naturally couldn't run it 🙂. Recently I bought an Hp Spectre X360 15 laptop with nVidia Geforce GTX 1650 with Max-Q design GPU, so I reinstalled F1 2018 on it. I've played with it perfectly 4 times in 4k and Full HD at low and medium preset, but since yesterday the game has stuttering problem, it runs slowly so it's unplayable. Is the game bad? What's the problem? What can I do to fix it? The specs of My HP Spectre are: Intel I7-9750 CPU nVidia Geforce GTX 1650 with Max-Q design GPU 16 GB RAM Windows 10 Home 512 GB SSD
  15. The audio of the whole game is normal, but the engineer says nothing. How I solve it.
  16. My G29 doesn't have any FFB or wheel weight when driving. It works in the menu and when I go off track, but there is no wheel centering on track. I've checked solutions and no, I DO NOT HAVE PCARS2 installed. FFB works in other games, but not in F1 2018. It's a game killer for me. I use Logitech G HUB and latest firmware. Do you have any experience with this issue?
  17. Hi, suddenly from Yesterday the game doesn't play any sound while I'm connecting with my headset...Mic works perfect as I can talk to Jeff….but no audio at all. Pretty weird beacause I've tried so many games (RDR2, METRO, PES 2020 etc) and headsets works flawless, also in Windows 10...so I've no clued why this is happend...