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Steering Wheel






Found 6 results

  1. I bought a cheap chinese wheel similar to this: http://www.e-pxn.com/view-article-cid-2-id-26.html (yes, I know terrible buy :P, it's a gift for a kid, I'm just trying it out) It's an 180º degree wheel using x-input On the game it's recognized as Xbox 360 controller which I'm not sure if it could be a problem or not. Anyway, the problem I get is that at the center it requires a lot of turning (maybe 10º) to finally register as turning sligthly and I would like to make that more sensitive. What i'm getting is that there is a deadzone on the game but the setting for that is 0 and I can't set any negative values for it. All calibration values on game settings are set to 0 On other games like Euro Truck Simulator the wheel behaves correctly and also on windows game controllers I can see the values changing when I turn the wheel so slightly so the input from wheel to PC is correct. It seems it's just the game not interpreting that as movement. Is there any other configuration I can try to adjust this? it's very annoying to play like this :\ Any way to remove that deadzone?
  2. UPDATE REMINDER YOU MUST JOIN OUR DISCORD TO RACE WITH US !! https://discord.gg/V2rw2dW PS4 F1 Racing League Hub - Season 5 F1 (Medium TC) F1 Racing League Hub - Season 5 F2 (With TC) F1 Racing League Hub - Season 5 F3 (All assists allowed) F1 Racing League Hub -Season 5 F4 (All assists allowed) PC F1 Racing League Hub -Season 1 F1 (All assists allowed) Hi, welcome to RLH. This league is for all people who can race clean and is a passionate F1 fan. What we have to offer: Clean racing, A website with: - Season information - Steward section - Media section - Driver statistics - Live stream - Video gallery - Forum -Live stream with commentators The website is being actively developed, more features and changes will come! PS4 Season 5 F1 We race at 7 PM UK time on Tuesday every week. 50% race distance and short qualifying. We allow all assists (medium TC) except braking, pit assists and ERS. Season 5 F2 We race at 7 PM UK time on Wednesday every week. 50% race distance and short qualifying. We allow all assists except braking and pit assists. Season 5 F3 We race at 7 PM UK time on Tuesday every week. 50% race distance and short qualifying. We allow all assists except pit assists. Season 5 F4 We race at 7 PM UK time on Wednesday every week. 50% race distance and short qualifying. We allow all assists except pit assists. PC Season 1 F1 We race at 7 PM UK time on Wednesday every week. 50% race distance and short qualifying. We allow all assists except pit assists. (PS4/PC and European ONLY) Have a look at our website https://racingleaguehub.com/ To register you have to make an account on the website and join the discord. Then apply to the league you want, if accepted you can pick a seat + drivers number. We hope to see you at the track in F1 League Hub! Join our discord server: https://discord.gg/V2rw2dW Still have doubts? Have a look on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRChYj5UH0YoOAMThkkPL2A Twitter: https://twitter.com/RacingLeagueHub Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/racingleaguehub/
  3. Hello, I have a PS Plus service and want to join online races. When I go to the Multiplayer area and join a room/race I always get the message that I am a spectator and can watch the race. But I want to race. What do I have to do, to join races and have fun.
  4. Noob101dk

    Find AI level

    Hi all.. Anyone know how to best find your difficulty? Or redirect me to a current thread. Would be so helpful
  5. TheeBeerBaron

    Looking for a new league

    What’s going on everyone? I have been league racing F1 2018 and 2017 on xbox one in the TRC league and have recently made the move to PC gaming. So now I am looking for a new league to join. I race no assist and am a clean/respectful driver. I’m not the fastest driver but I am competitive. I am looking for a league to join on either Saturday or Sunday nights. I would prefer a no assist league, but since my last league allowed abs and medium tcs I would be willing to join a league like that as well. Feel free to pm me or post here if you are looking for a driver for your league or if you need some lap times or videos Cheers 🍺
  6. ÜBER UNS GPGAMES ist eine der ältesten Communities in der weiten Welt des virtuellen Motorsports und ihre Liga ist derzeit in ihrer vierzehnten Saison! Neben dieser gibt es viele interaktive Threads, bei denen du andere Mitglieder besser kennen lernen, Karriereerfolge teilen und trainieren kannst. Zusätzlich gibt es auch Events wie Spaß-Rennen, Trainingseinheiten, Mini-Saisons, Classic-Rennen, etc. Registriere dich jetzt bei gpgames.eu und werde ein Teil der Community! UNSERE LIGA Unsere Liga wird auf verschiedenen Strecken des offiziellen Formel 1 Kalenders, in zufälliger Reihenfolge (vor der Saison bestimmt), in Form von Grand Prix's, ausgetragen. Wie in der F1 werden Fahrer und Team mit den meisten Punkten zum Fahrer-Meister bzw. Team-Meister der Saison gekrönt. Das Punktesystem wird ebenso übernommen. Ein Grand Prix, welcher an Sonntagen um 19:00 Uhr (UTC +1) veranstaltet wird, besteht aus einer kurzen Qualifikationseinheit (18 min) und dem Rennen mit einer Renndistanz von 50%. Du bist interessiert? Registriere dich auf gpgames.eu und folge dem Link unten um zum Anmelde-Thread zu gelangen! Die wichtigsten Informationen: Grand Prix - Einstellungen: Tag & Zeitpunkt: So. 19:00 Uhr (UTC+1) Qualifikation: Kurz (18 min) Renndistanz: 50% Bolidenleistung: Gleich Wetter: Dynamisch Startzeit: Offiziell Schaden: Komplett Strafsystem: Streng Safety Car: An Erlaubte Fahrhilfen: ABS: An Getriebe: Automatik Ideallinie: Vollständig Traktionskontrolle: Mittel NÜTZLICHE LINKS WEBSEITE LIGA-ANMELDUNG STEAM DISCORD SERVER