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Steering Wheel






Found 1 result

  1. I bought a cheap chinese wheel similar to this: http://www.e-pxn.com/view-article-cid-2-id-26.html (yes, I know terrible buy :P, it's a gift for a kid, I'm just trying it out) It's an 180º degree wheel using x-input On the game it's recognized as Xbox 360 controller which I'm not sure if it could be a problem or not. Anyway, the problem I get is that at the center it requires a lot of turning (maybe 10º) to finally register as turning sligthly and I would like to make that more sensitive. What i'm getting is that there is a deadzone on the game but the setting for that is 0 and I can't set any negative values for it. All calibration values on game settings are set to 0 On other games like Euro Truck Simulator the wheel behaves correctly and also on windows game controllers I can see the values changing when I turn the wheel so slightly so the input from wheel to PC is correct. It seems it's just the game not interpreting that as movement. Is there any other configuration I can try to adjust this? it's very annoying to play like this :\ Any way to remove that deadzone?