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Found 19 results

  1. TomRB12

    Weber is too OP?!?!

    I started my career mode in a torro rosso and everything was fine and dandy, As the season progressed I noticed Lukas Weber improving and improving, fair enough with the midfield teams but I’m now sitting here at USA and he’s only 3 tenths slower than a Ferrari. I feel the upgrade system and Webers general performance moves up way too quickly. I can complete all practice programs during a weekend and still lag behind on upgrades. They need to slow them down and put a limiter on Webers performance to his car.
  2. UPDATE REMINDER YOU MUST JOIN OUR DISCORD TO RACE WITH US !! https://discord.gg/V2rw2dW Have a look at our website https://racingleaguehub.com/ PS4 F1 Racing League Hub - Season 5 F1 (Medium TC) Start: 23 July F1 Racing League Hub - Season 5 F2 (With TC) Start: 24 July F1 Racing League Hub - Season 5 F3 (All assists allowed) Start: 23 July F1 Racing League Hub -Season 5 F4 (All assists allowed) Start 24 July PC F1 Racing League Hub -Season 1 F1 (All assists allowed) Start: 24 July Hi, welcome to RLH. This league is for all people who can race clean and is a passionate F1 fan. What we have to offer: Clean racing, A website with: - Season information - Steward section - Media section - Driver statistics - Live stream - Video gallery - Forum -Live stream with commentators The website is being actively developed, more features and changes will come! PS4 Season 5 F1 We race at 7 PM UK time on Tuesday every week. 50% race distance and short qualifying. We allow all assists (medium TC) except braking, pit assists and ERS. Season 5 F2 We race at 7 PM UK time on Wednesday every week. 50% race distance and short qualifying. We allow all assists except braking and pit assists. Season 5 F3 We race at 7 PM UK time on Tuesday every week. 50% race distance and short qualifying. We allow all assists except pit assists. Season 5 F4 We race at 7 PM UK time on Wednesday every week. 50% race distance and short qualifying. We allow all assists except pit assists. PC Season 1 F1 We race at 7 PM UK time on Wednesday every week. 50% race distance and short qualifying. We allow all assists except pit assists. (PS4/PC and European ONLY) Have a look at our website https://racingleaguehub.com/ To register you have to make an account on the website and join the discord. Then apply to the league you want, if accepted you can pick a seat + drivers number. We hope to see you at the track in F1 League Hub! Join our discord server: https://discord.gg/V2rw2dW Still have doubts? Have a look on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRChYj5UH0YoOAMThkkPL2A Twitter: https://twitter.com/RacingLeagueHub Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/racingleaguehub/
  3. FMP_Gianlucac88


    Hello everyone, @Faya I would like to know the criterion for assigning boxes in online lobbies. It is unacceptable to find, without undestranding in advance, another (different from yours) car in the pits, causing a serious waste of time and credibility for the grand prix. Is there a criterion or method of assigning boxes to players? Thanks! Video for the episode: bug pit.mp4
  4. kubansky

    Precision Racing League [PC] [NA]

    Hello everyone! We're preparing for our 16th season of the F1 Championship! We're looking for friendly and clean drivers that can respect the rules and other drivers. Our league will run 50% races, with no assists allowed. The races will be hosted every week on Wednesday at 9:00pm EDT. If you have any questions and would like to join our league, please join our discord: https://discord.gg/vvxgdK9
  5. Kunchenko

    XBOX X Game crash

    Hi, I'm playing F1 2019, the game never crashes till today. I was on 8th race (France) of my Career, I successfully finished practice and qualifying sessions, but when I finished the race, after podium (video) game crash. When I restart the game, I realize that my race result/progress wasn't saved and I should start the race again. It's very disappointing and discourages to play your game. I hope you will find the problem and fix them in future updates. Thank you
  6. Here at sfr we are now recruiting drivers for the 2019 game. We will have 3 divisions for various skill levelled drivers, races will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights at 7.30pm uk time. All races are live streamed with commentary, this will be our 5th season of racing. We are open to new drivers of the game all the way to very skilled drivers. Please message our facebook page or me directly psn- sfr_leenel88 if interested. Thanks guys
  7. Hi All, Just wondering if I am the only one. I am using a T300RS on PS4 and it works flawlessly with GT Sport and Assetto Corsa. However when I started playing F1 2019 I have found that the downshift paddle is sometimes not as responsive as it should be, usually when I need to press it rapidly. I was getting myself ready for career mode and driving solo at Catalunya with a F2 car, and at the first corner where you have to go from 6th to 3rd, I have always found the car to be in 4th after pressing the downshift paddle 3 times, and I can only guarantee 3 gear downshifts with 4 presses. I suspect this has something to do with the response delay on gear change, where I try to further downshift before the previous downshift is finished. It was late last night so I refrained myself from testing this issue more comprehensively, which I will do tonight with other cars on F1 2019 as well as confirming with other games (which I only last played a couple of days ago) Cheers Jason
  8. Hey guys! I'm a little confused and annoyed since I'm not getting that shiny new Race Highlights feature after any of the sessions, not in FPs, not in Q1-3 and not even after the race itself. I'm playing through the career mode and just completed the Bahrain GP (In my career I do the 100% races). However I have never ever been shown the option to have the Race Highlights play. The given options after the end of the session are: - Advance - View Replay - Standings - Race Director - Restart Session View Highlights however is missing completely. Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong? Are there some circumstances that will deactivate the Highlights for sessions? I'm desperate for help. Thanks for the help in advance Kreye p.s. I'm on Xbox One X
  9. This year I’ve seen the upgrades I’ve bought mostly fail. Compared to last game the this bug is effective in my career mode I can’t even improve my ded slow Williams
  10. seasonthree. three tiers. streamlined setup. turn up. race. repeat. social channels over discord available. respected drivers. any ability welcome If youre looking for a league no the PS4 platform - look no further. whether you are experienced or new - youll find a place in CWC. 3 tiered system - with respected drivers across the board. to be successful in CWC - all we ask is that you respect each other on and off track. cwc is a quickly evolving league that we would love you to be a part of. race days F3 // Mondays 8pm gmt F2 // Tuesdays 7pm gmt F1 // Tuesdays 8pm gmt contact booje89 on psn for more details. CLICK HERE FOR SEASONTHREE REGISTRATION!
  11. Noob101dk

    Find AI level

    Hi all.. Anyone know how to best find your difficulty? Or redirect me to a current thread. Would be so helpful
  12. Some career news and gameplay from Team VVV on youtube
  13. Codemasters tweeted the new global TV advert for F1 2019 about an hour ago. If you skip to the 0.10/0.11 seconds mark you can see one of the F2 cars appear to make contact with another from behind kicking up a mass amount of carbon fibre/body work fragmentation into the air. Looks like we could be seeing some spectacular crashes this year
  14. RianVinícius

    F1 2019

    With just a few days left before the game's launch, I just wanted to be shown the full race classification, which is a lot missing in the game. Another factor that I think few thought was the position change of the teams in the pits. Example, the Ferrari finishes the first season in fourth, in the other season its pit-lane would be the fourth. What do you guys think?
  15. F12019esp

    F1 2019 ESP

    F1 2019 ESP Uncentro de competición donde lucharás por el campeonato del mundo contra los mejores jugadores de F1 2019. Tanto de volante como de mando. ¿Cómo me inscribo? Inscribirse en F1 2019 ESP es muy sencillo. Síguenos en la comunidad de PS4 y opcionalmente danos tu número de WhatsApp o tu usuario de Discord para una comunicación más rápida. Funcionamiento Cuándo estén inscritas 20 personas el campeonato empezará. *1 GP semanal siguiendo el orden del mundial de F1, con clasificación completa siempre y cuando se alcanzan los 20 participantes y carrera al 100%* Variable según la votación de los participantes de la competición Reglamento F1 2019 ESP es una competición limpia donde se sancionará reglamento en mano y con comisarios que analizarán las acciones. El reglamento será creado a partir de las sugerencias de participantes y administradores del torneo. Cada carrera habrá que grabarla para presentar una incidencia. El campeonato está lleno, que puedo hacer? A partir de que el campeonato se llene se irán haciendo varias cosas: -Si hay 5 pilotos sin asiento o menos, serán pilotos reserva los cuales participarán si hay un participante oficial que no puede asistir. -Si hay de 6 a 20 pilotos sin asiento, se creará una nueva competición y los reserva pasarán a participar en esta. Comercial En F1 2019 ESP queremos premiar al ganador del mundial con el objetivo de fomentar la competición. Patrocinadores: Buscamos patrocinadores para dar un premio a los 3 mejores del campeonato Comentaristas: Uno o dos comentaristas que retransmitan en YouTube y Twitch por nuestro canal oficial Streaming: Todo lo que se llegue a recaudar será totalmente para el ganador del mundial de pilotos Apuntes Al acabar la primera temporada de F1 2019 ESP, se emparejará a los pilotos según si juegan con volante o mando Antes de empezar se hará una votación para decidir normas y equipos Se pasará una tabla clasificatoria 3 días después de la carrera junto con las sanciones (si las hay) Se harán entrevistas para subirlas a nuestro Instagram NOS VEMOS EN F1 2019
  16. Australian Racing League

    Australian Racing League F1 2019 Sign Up - Season 2

    Australian Racing League F1 2019 Sign Up (PS4) Sign up for the Australian Racing League Season 2 is officially open!!! We are sim racing community that prides ourselves on offering the best sim racing experience possible, with professionally organized leagues and events, a vibrant and friendly community and above all, a fun place to share your competitive passion for sim racing and motorsport. All league will be livestreamed with commentary on our YouTube Channel. LEAGUES The F1 2019 series will include the following full calendar league options on all platforms. Choose the leagues that you are compatible to be in. F1 Leagues - Leagues with drivers that have the competitiveness to race with the quickest drivers. F2 Leagues - Leagues using the F2 cars to rise at the top of the chain. LEAGUE SETUP Full F1 Race Calendar Equal performance cars. Short qualifying. 50% race. Full Damage Strict Corner Cutting (F1) Regular Corner Cutting (F2) RACE DAYS AND TIMES We race on Fridays 9pm Sydney Time (F1) F2 hasn't been decided WHEN DOES IT START? We anticipate that season 2 will start 3 weeks after f1 2019 comes out HOW TO SIGN UP Sign up is easy and takes less than 5 minutes of your time. During sign up you will need to provide us with your details and availability. Once you complete the sign up process you will be invited to the ARL Discord. We will do testing with you guys to determine the cleanliness and competitiveness. We look forward to you joining our f1 league and racing with you in F1 2019! Link to sign up: https://forms.gle/hTWeqnYEwur656YL6 FOLLOW US Signed up yet? Once you have, follow and subscribe to our social channels including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with the series. All links are in our sign up information QUESTIONS? If you have questions pls message me or dm on PSN CRZfooty or ScarSouls

    Limitless Curb Racing

    Hello everyone! I have created a league based for F1 2019! There are still alot of spots open to join, if anyone would like to join, come check out the Discord! https://discord.gg/xzM4ZMW Hope to see you in the discord! ~ JORN
  18. Deneejer31

    Hellow Fellow drivers

    Hi guys, I‘m Tizian, 24 and I’m from Luxembourg. I’m currently racing in a league called „Online Racing Club“, the biggest German F1 PS4 league. I‘m really looking forward for the new game!! The trailer got me very exctited and I‘m very interested in how everything is going to be in the new game!
  19. Proulx2001

    F1 2019 - Helmets

    Hey Codies, I think I speak for the whole player base when I say we really want an improvement in helmets for F1 2019. Personally, I feel the designs are actually okay and offer great variety, but can we please have the implication of sponsors of our team onto the helmet? It shocks me how our own driver number doesn't even appear on our helmets? I find it hard to believe that it will be hard add these to the helmets? Can you please comment on this matter and just let us know what to expect for F1 2019 in terms of helmets? It would be much appreciated