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Found 9 results

  1. Today there was such a problem: there is no connection to network services. Restarting the game, PC, Internet connection on the PC - does not help!
  2. Invictus Racing Leagues (PS4/Xbox/PC Leagues) F1 2020 Season 11 JOIN NOW!!! Invictus Racing Leagues are preparing for it's 11th Season of Formula 1. At IRL, we thrive on creating a welcoming community that holds integrity in the highest regard. We are looking for individuals who are passionate about Formula 1 and enjoy respectful online racing. We are always looking for new members to join our Formula 1 Leagues. It is our ambition to provide a friendly, competitive and respectful environment. LEAGUE STRUCTURE IRL F1 League (PS4) - Monday 8pm UK IRL F2 League (PS4) - Tuesday 8pm UK IRL F3/F4 Leagues (PS4) - Wednesday 8pm UK IRL F1 Performance League (PS4) - Thursday 8pm UK IRL F1 League (XBox) - Sunday 9.30pm UK IRL F1 League (PC) - TBC HOW TO JOIN If you are interested in joining any of our Formula 1 Leagues, then click on the link below which will take you to our sign-up section where you will be asked to complete an "Apply to Race" form. Once you have completed the form one of our Admin members will contact via PM on the website. Or contact us via Discord or PSN if you have any questions/queries: Website: https://invictusracingleague.com Discord: https://discord.gg/Dn9fGFU PSN: F1WWFC_07 (Malc)
  3. One thing I think should be added to the F1 series is an option for a guided setup like they have in MotoGP19. This is where you basically say, My car is oversteering in corners then the mechanic will automatically adjust the relevant settings for you. The problem with F1 2019 is that not everyone knows or has the time to go through each setting. I Think this will allow people to become better drivers and not waste time trying to be a mechanic or engineer! https://consoleandpcgaming.com
  4. Ramaccia96

    Race start trouble F1 2019

    Hi, i'm new on this forum and i'm very happy to join you :) I have a big problem on F1 2019 during race strarts, i play with a T150 Thrustmaster at 88 difficult, with many aid turned on and full traction control. When i start a race i lose everytime 2/3 position on the starting grid... i have tried to start at max rpm at 12000 rpm at 11000 rmp nut nothing change. With manual start (with clutch) i notice a small improve but i can't gain position at the start... in all the past games (F1 2018, 2017,2016) i never had this problem. i hope you can help me, i am very much in trouble. Thank you for every answer
  5. After testing for league racing all week in unranked multiplayer, why does 1 day cars feel fast and lively and next day the car feels like the handbrake is on, this has to be a server issues, in a American League my car was so slow it was plain for everyone to see, it's always streamed live via YouTube, something is wrong fundamentally wrong with this game, 1 , I had absolutely no grip on any type of tyre , this was on the ps4 using a t300, even my time per lap was 3 seconds off , yet the previous night it was fine, this game was fine on dayone release but I am at the point of calling it a day with f12019 in leagues.
  6. Du bist auf der Suche nach einer Formel 1 Liga mit Anfängern aber auch fortgeschrittenen Fahrern? Du willst Sonntagabend entspannt Formel 1 spielen ohne 500mal die Strecke trainieren zu müssen? Dann bist du bei uns genau richtig! Die IRC ist eine Liga welche sich spielübergreifend bereits in der 5. Saison befindet. Wir legen natürlich Wert auf faires Fahren, wissen aber auch das jeder Fahrer mal Fehler macht. Der Spaß steht für uns im Vordergrund! Die Rennen starten jeden Sonntag um 17 Uhr und enden gegen 20 Uhr. Zwischendrin gibt es natürlich eine halbe stunde Pause. Wir fahren 2x 50 % Rennen und jeweils ein kurzes Qualifying. Bei den Fahrhilfen schreiben wir nichts vor. In unserem Discord kannst du jederzeit den WM-Stand sowie die aktuellen Quali- und Rennergebnisse nachschauen. Außerdem haben wir einen YouTube Kanal, auf dem Highlights(https://youtu.be/4kUpUkFJElk) zur Formel 1 Liga hochgeladen werden. Hier kannst du dir einen ersten Eindruck von uns machen. Wenn du Interesse hast, trete einfach unserem Discordserver bei! https://discord.gg/626Zf5X dort gibt aus auch alle weiteren Informationen und Regeln zur Liga. Hier erhältst du auch weitere Information zur Liga! Wir freuen uns auf dich!
  7. Hey Guys, I am Ramprasath from India. Today i bought the game on steam and started playing the f2 feeder series and after a few events i closed the game. when i launched the game a while later i found that the game had never saved any of my progress and it starts from the beginning. During the first launch the game popped up the error " Remote Storage error, please check your steam settings". Can anyone provide me a solution for this as i can't save my game progress further into the game. i lost all the finished races progress.
  8. Hello, I started playing F1 2019 just a few days ago on PC via STEAM, I didn't get any problems in the career mode, then I headed to multiplayer, where I was able to join a lobby, start a session but just sometime after starting a race I am kicked from the session. This is the message I receive: "Failed to verify the integrity of the game files. You have been kicked from the session." I don't use any outside mods or STEAM WORKSHOP mods, I obviously don't cheat, already tried searching for this problem, and I only found a page from STEAM forums, but there is no solution to the problem. I already tried to verify files through steam and running steam as administrator. This is really annoying me on the last few days since I can't play the multiplayer, what can I do to solve it? My specs: Windows 7 Ultimate - 64bits Intel Core i7-950 Nvidia GEFORCE GTX 960 - Driver 441.41 from 11/26/2019 16,0 GB RAM Memory DirectX 11 (Since I'm on windows 7) F1 2019 VERSION 1.18.1
  9. Hello there. I tried to play multiplay but the game shows RETRY CONNECTION. When I press X in it says COMMUNICATING WITH ONLINE SERVICES and then end up at NO NETWORK CONNECTION Please make sure you are signed in and your network is OK. Error Code SP163 is there anyway that I can fix this? Or it's the problem on your side? please help.