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Found 4 results


    Limitless Curb Racing

    Hello everyone! I have created a league based for F1 2019! There are still alot of spots open to join, if anyone would like to join, come check out the Discord! https://discord.gg/xzM4ZMW Hope to see you in the discord! ~ JORN
  2. cwc will be returning for seasonthree in july 2019 - on the F12019 PS4 platform. F1 //Tuesdays 8pm GMT F2 //Tuesdays 7pm GMT F3 //Mondays 8pm GMT All races brought to you live. No silly signups to websites or forums. Simply rock up. And race. Discord is our main HUB for discussions and infomation. Egos can be left behind. #respectatalltimes As much as F1 is a competitive sport, emotions can be high, we dont tolerate dimwittedness and disrespect both on and off the track. Drivers must realise one way or another that in order to make leagues a better place for the community - drivers must cooperate and deal with the highs and the lows the right way. cwc is built on a platform of respect. end of. Race hard - but fair. If it goes wrong - weather you are in the right or wrong - we deal with it - and move on. Penalties are harsh - but racecraft is a greater quality than speed. turnup.race.record.bethebestversionofyourselfonandofftrack.repeat. #respect #F12019 SIGN UP HERE! https://www.cwcracing.com/f1registration
  3. Deneejer31

    Hellow Fellow drivers

    Hi guys, I‘m Tizian, 24 and I’m from Luxembourg. I’m currently racing in a league called „Online Racing Club“, the biggest German F1 PS4 league. I‘m really looking forward for the new game!! The trailer got me very exctited and I‘m very interested in how everything is going to be in the new game!
  4. Proulx2001

    F1 2019 - Helmets

    Hey Codies, I think I speak for the whole player base when I say we really want an improvement in helmets for F1 2019. Personally, I feel the designs are actually okay and offer great variety, but can we please have the implication of sponsors of our team onto the helmet? It shocks me how our own driver number doesn't even appear on our helmets? I find it hard to believe that it will be hard add these to the helmets? Can you please comment on this matter and just let us know what to expect for F1 2019 in terms of helmets? It would be much appreciated