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Found 7 results

  1. Guys anyone using a fanatec CSW 2.5 on my Xbox One before / after the season one update - mine was fine before and I was enjoying the game, not I have no feel at all, no return to centre, no ffb, no vibration or sensation of any sort. It rotates and controls the car but it's unplayable. Codemasters! Are you looking at this? I want to play the DLC I've paid for and can't; really frustrating!! HELP!!!
  2. iraderi

    fanatec flag leds

    Hello, I'm having issues trying to turn on flag leds on the game. As far as I know these should turn on when yellow flag or pits but they don't. My drivers are up to date, Fanatec LEDS is enabled on telemetry settings and they work when running leds test. My wheel base is csl elite v1.1 + f1 2019 LE steering wheel, driver 336. I only could run leds with a 3rd party software. Any help?
  3. I have the game since the release and received already a few updates of the game and running latest v1.06 on PC. But the Fanatec Advanced Paddle Module the top buttons are still not working. When you try to bind them the game does something but it will not recognize the button and not save the binding. It looks like the game did bind something but it still states "Waiting for input", but doesn't allow any other input. Will there be any release where this will be fixed? I have different other games where the buttons work without problems since the release of the Paddle Module. In the meantime is there a work around so I can Bind DRS to it for example?
  4. None of the new functions work! There is no sense to use it over the old f1 wheels Will this be patched?
  5. So, yesterday I got the game on both PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, but after playing both the graphics look jaggy and textures poor compared to the One X, so decided to stick to the Xbox version. Only thing is the shift lights and screen doesn't work on the wheel when using the Xbox. But, the force feedback feels different on both consoles when using a Fanatic CSL Elite. On the PS4 the FFB settings work out of the box in default. But on Xbox the force is a lot stronger, almost too heavy and you have to make a lot of adjustments on the wheel itself and the game settings. I am using the McLaren GT3 rim, but when I go to the edit page in settings for the wheel I usually assign buttons for ERS, brake bias and fuel mix, but when you try to assign some buttons it will show it being the accelerator or gear shift for example and then be duplicated and therefore unusable. No matter what button on the wheel I press it doesn't show LSB or RSB or either trigger... It means I can't assign the MFD shortcuts I want. Anyone else had this issue?
  6. Have a quick question regarding Dirt Rally 2.0 and mapping the Shifter SQ and paddles. Specs: Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel Base Fanatec BMW GT2 Rim Fanatec Handbrake & ShifterSQ Problem I am having is that when i want to use my paddles on the rim they are mapped as (5) and (6) and then when I want to use my Sequential Shifter i have to keep going back into the Input and editing the profile and re-mapping them and then they become (29) and Button 30 for the shifterSQ and then same thing when i want to go back to the Paddles - I have to re-map them all over again and they change back to (5) and (6). My question is do I need to keep doing this or am i missing a setting or something as far as it being able to recognize both of them without having to re-map all the time? Anyone else having this issue or can someone tell me if there is something i am doing wrong? Thanks Blu
  7. Hi I'm racing F1 2018 on PS4 with a Fanatec CLS Elite F1 set (Clubsport Steering Wheel Elite F1 wheel). I have been playing with auto ERS but manual fuel consumption. Although I would like to start playing with manual ERS. Because I find it hard to use the right joystick, I would prefer to use the buttons. The buttons I use (see below) Top 2 left button: to change the fuel consumption Top 2 right buttons: to change the ERS HOWEVER, changing ERS need to happen very fast. Mostly, it doesn't change 5 times the ERS when I press 5 times the ERS button. I hear 5 clicks but it only registers e.g. 3 clicks. Any help? The joystick can do it faster but I find it more difficult to use.