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Found 11 results

  1. Here's a brilliant short clip of how the real life Red Backlight (Rainlight) blinking rate is in wet weather conditions. During corners the blinking rate slows down and on straights and or at faster speeds the blinking rate increases dramatically. In F1 2019 the game however this is not represented correctly, as ingame the blinking rate is at a slower rate throughout the whole lap and stays that way in all situations. Especially in heavy rain conditions we need a more realistic blinking rate for the Red Backlight (Rainlight) at the rear of the cars to improve spacial awareness and visibility to the opponents cars in front. Please fix this. @RedDevilKT @Hoo @BarryBL
  2. As the title says, we need a more dense rain spray effect. Ingame the rain spray density is still too forgiving, as even Lando Norris stated in one of his livestreams that he can see too much compared to what the drivers see in real life during wet weather conditions. Also, from my own experiences of Karting, even at slow speeds of 60kmh - 100kmh in a small Kart visibility gets very hard to see through during wet weather conditions, meanwhile it is known that huge and massive F1 cars going over 360kmh create much more vortex and denser rain spray than tiny Karts especially due to the crazy chassis and aero components. Please increase the ingame rain spray density by at least another 30% - 50% to what the current value is to get closer to a more real life visual experience and help us get more immersion from the game.
  3. As the title says, we need more info on the steering wheel screen, especially for people who drive in cockpit mode. At the moment vital info is missing, such as fuel mix, breakballast, delta to car in front or back etc. Here is a picture of the App "SimHub" that shows what the bare minimum could be like: Also, having access to full access to customization would be really cool, eg.: color, size, location, type of info etc.
  4. @BarryBL Live Season updates, that gradually and timely reflect and represent real life data for teams and drivers as well as HUD overlays etc., is one of the biggest features missing in Codemasters "official F1 franchise". Meaning: -If for example Mercedes start to be the 4th best team in Australia 2020 and become the 2nd best team in Hungary 2020 that should be reflected in the game accordingly. -If for example Ricciardo is outperforming his teammate Ocon and even his Renault car to place it where it should not be, consistent P5 - P8 places, then that should be reflected and represented in the game accordingly. -If teams have new sponsor placements on their car, for example McLaren decide to put the logitech logo on the Halo in the middle of the season even though it was on the sidepod before etc., then that should be reflected and represented in the game accordingly. -If the top teams are doing 1:15 flat around Spain and are able to make most of their time in the corners with insane amount of downforce levels and therefore crazy cornering speeds and in the game even the top E-Sports guys are not able to do the same laptimes or even hit accurate cornering speeds compared to real life (1 second off the pace, Turn 9 of Spain not taken flatout in the game etc.), then your car handling and downforce models are quite off, that should be changed so the real life car performance will be accurately reflected and represented in the game accordingly (at least one "car / team / driver performance update" every 2 - 4 GP's should suffice). -If the season is over, analyze all tracks, teams, drivers and car performances, compile all data and create a final update patch that will give us the Abu Dhabi spec of every part of the whole season to reflect and represent the sport in the game realistically. -If certain kerbs, DRS Zones or even Blackboxes are positioned or placed differently to your expectations, then that should be changed in the game as soon as possible to accurately reflect and represent the track models to their real life counterparts. -If the official HUD gets small updates in real life, it should be accurately represented in the game accordingly (you gave us the official Fonts in F1 2019, now please give us the full fledged official HUD at last!). [[[For career mode these performance updates do not have be applied (a on/off switch for updates in career mode is enough), but for GP mode, time trial mode, online mode, league mode, championship mode etc., it is vital to have accurate car/team/driver performance data, else the game fails to accurately represent real life]]] All of this should be common sense and a standard feature in a "officially licenced product", it should be paramount to take extra effort into accurately representing the sport and to take measures in development to fix it all during the lifetime of the game. Shame, we still do no have any of this, in 2020. Codemasters, now is your time to show us that you care about your community / customers and that the "official F1 licence" means anything to you other than generating cash. Don't fail us. #MakeF1GamesGreatAgain
  5. TheEmpireWasRight

    No Assists vs. Assists [F1 2019]

    Even if, according to JD aka. "Tiarl Limiss", assists are a bit slower on one lap pace for most average players, the results were still way too close. CM should take a look at Assetto Corsa, Project Cars series or Forza series etc., those games handle assists the right way, in those games you have to go for no assists to actually be competitive. Whereas in CM's F1 series assists always were way too close or even faster laptimewise to no assists which basically destroys any incentive to actually learn and drive no assists racing (with the exception of F1 2013). Imo, the difference between no assists and assists should be that asissts are at least 4 seconds slower, if full assists are being used. Here's a example of how that could be achieved: Full ABS, should make one start braking at least (20 - 40 meters) earlier than no assists. Medium ABS, which currently doesn't exist for whatever reason, should make one start braking at least (15 - 30 meters) earlier than no assists. Low ABS, which currently doesn't exist for whatever reason, should make one start braking at least (10 - 20 meters) earlier than no assists. Full TC, should make acceleration at least (30 - 60 kmh) slower out of corners. Medium TC, should make acceleration at least (20 - 40 kmh) slower out of corners. Low TC, which currently doesn't exist for whatever reason, should make acceleration at least (10 - 20kmh) slower. Auto Gears, should always shift up at 11500 rpm. If all this, or a similar approach to no assists vs. assists balancing, is considered and done, the game will be more "E-Sports" friendly. Also if some bonus extra XP or ingame cash for not running assists was granted to no assists driving, it would give even more incentive to the players to finally make the switch and eventually forces us all to be better drivers.
  6. EDIT: I’ve honed in on the main issue, so i’ve updated this post with more accurate description of the problem. I'm playing the game on PC (Steam) with a PS4 controller, initially I was running it through DS4Windows (emulates an Xbox controller for compatibility reasons) but later via the built in Steam controller configuration, the issue persists no matter which way you do it. What's happening is the suspension vibration/feedback is reversed; the controller constantly vibrates when on a smooth surface, and the vibration fades/stops on rougher surfaces or when hitting bumps or going over jumps. Basically working backwards. It's especially noticeable on smooth tarmac stages, the controller just never stops vibrating. Going into the menu and turning off suspension vibration stops the issue, but then you basically have no road feel. Tire slip, crashes, and engine vibration are all working correctly, it's just suspension feedback that’s backwards. I really don't think this is an issue on my end as I have no problems in DiRT Rally 1 or DiRT 4, or any other PC racing game for that matter. So I can only assume this is a bug that’s gone unnoticed for quite a while. Hoping this can be fixed in a future update!
  7. During night time, on Bahrain, Monaco, Singapore and Abu Dhabi, the mirrors do not show any illumination of the track, making the area visible through the mirrors look dark. Thus the mirrors become useless during the night and are a nighmare for any cockpit user. Pls fix this ASAP.
  8. A couple of months ago, there was a very frequently visited and popular "There is something majorly wrong with the gearing and engine sound" thread on this Forum, where is it at now? It seems to have disappeared and the issue of the "out of sync engine sound" never has been fixed for F1 2019 as of yet. Meanwhile, the audio guys of Codemasters went into hiding too. I find it appalling that this is the way the engine sound issue was handled: radio silence, thread apparently deleted, no other thread about this issue emerged, no fix, no clarification, just a lot of unanswered questions. In F1 2019 the engine sound of the F1 cars seems to barely rev up compared to real life. It seems as if the audio recording used for F1 2019 the game were done on slow outlaps with low rpms and hence the engine sound is seemingly creating the impression as if the sound itself is low revving even at 11500+ rpm, which is a shame, as the overall tone and turbo whistle sound effect are the most realistic package that @issueskid and the audio team ever worked with for the F1 franchise respectively. Hope this will be looked at again and that Codemasters will fix the engine sound eventually to make F1 2019 better sounding than ever.
  9. Jokes aside, the cars have too much understeer, even after the 1.05 patch got released the cars are still too slow compared to real life performances. 2019 cars are way faster than 2018, but unfortunately this is not the case in the game. Imo, the ingame cars of F1 2019 have... ...too much drag. We need to crank the aero up pretty high, which is a necessity to get close to the real life highspeed cornering speeds, but in contrary the cars do not get to topspeed as fast as irl which makes all the time gained in the corners getting lost on the straights. To specify, take France as an example, right before the start finish line Hamilton reached 8th gear at a speed of around 300kmh, whilst taking the long right hander corner of Turn 11 i believe at Sector 3 at around 205 kmh, if i try to get close to that ridiculous cornering speed by adjusting wings to a higher configuration (i use 11 / 9 wing at France to get close to the crazy real life cornering speeds) i only reach 8th gear and 300kmh on the start finish straight at the green Rolex clock which is located at the end of the pitlane. Unrealistic. ...too much understeer. At tracks that are supposed to have medium to low aero settings, the cars tend to have too much understeer to turn in and are also too prone to midcorner understeer in low speeds as well, whereas irl the cars are driving on rails during these type of corners. This unfortunately forces us to either use unrealistic suspension and roll bar settings or maximizing aero to get some better grip. Unrealistic. ...not enough highspeed grip. This is connected to all above. How can we fix this? Basically the cars themselves need to get at least another 1 - 1,5 seconds faster to what they are capable of doing right now, by... ...increasing high and medium cornering speed grip, for medium and higher aero settings and therefore reducing understeer. ...reducing drag for higher aero settings and thus making acceleration become faster. ...making the current aero grip levels of 11 / 11 wings available for 6 / 6 wings or 7 / 7 wings instead, so that the cornering speeds we currently are able to take at 11 / 11 wings should become valid at medium wing setups, increasing overall grip and cornering speeds. Also, please for Gods sake, fix the car setups already. At the moment people use completely unrealistic setups, using low aero configurations most of the time to maximize topspeed and acceleration as going for high aero makes little sense right now due to the insane amount of drag, these people also use some pretty shady suspension / anti roll bar settings that in reality would destroy the tyres pretty fast. Meanwhile in real life, topspeeds are slow, drag is minimal, acceleration is ultra fast, and cornering speeds are crazy high. Car setups could be fixed by... ...making too soft suspensions increase understeer, whereas a stiffer setup should do the opposite. ...making too stiff anti roll bars increase understeer, whereas a softer setup should do the opposite. ...making positive camber increase understeer, whereas a negative configuration should do the opposite. ...making Toe in increase understeer and help stability on the straights at the expense of cornering, whereas as Toe out configuration should do the opposite. ...making medium to higher aero settings more viable to use instead of going for low setups. All in all Codemasters have lots to do to fix this game, the cars performances and car setups are important and need to be fixed ASAP, currently the game is nowhere near to a perfect "official" representation of the sports. Seriously, do something. Hope it will get fixed before the end of this season.
  10. "Another issue i found, a cosmetic issue which is connected to the cars setup. Certain cars do not create any sparks, unless i use 1/1 ride height.  For example at Spain, if i use Mercedes and put the ride height at 3/5 the car will create a firework of sparks making the track into a pyromaniac festival, but with the same ride height setting Ferrari does not create any sparks at all.  Williams and Ferrari are two teams that create either no or a very limited amount of sparks, unless a very low ride height such as 1/1 is chosen. Do all the teams have different default ride heights, if so, why? Isn't the 2019 FIA regulation demanding the cars to be at a certain standard minimum and maximum ride height, shouldn't therefore all the teams have the same ride height and thus create the same amount of sparks when set to 3/5?  What exactly was the reasoning behind this discrepancy?"
  11. Welcome again to our new forums. We hope you are enjoying using them so far. If you have any feedback, suggestions or problems with the forums, then please let us know in this thread. Thanks! :)