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Found 14 results

  1. Hiya guys and girls at codemasters , i trust everyone is having a pleasant day , heres an offer you at codemasters can't refuse, I will work for free to fix the ffb and bugs which plague our wonderful game I mean sim F1 2019, i am currently using the ps4 for f1 2019 so that's my area of expertise , I am positive like a car battery we can change this negative view again like a car battery towards codemasters and how the tide has swept f12019 almost into a sunken wreck into the ocean , i just need your support codemasters in helping me helping you to make f1 2019 shine again , codemasters you have let yourself down very badly but I am sure we can avoid the headmasters office to redeem the once great sim F1 2019, please note that although I am only one person we have an army of sim racers wanting and willing to help in pulling f1 2019 back onto to the beach , we can rebuild or Atleast rollback to patch 1.03 ( just to be on safe side ) , if I can fix and find a solution on a lowly ps4 using t300 , theres hope for us all. thankyou guys and girls I've just wasted 5 minutes of your time . Like you wasted 3 months of mine, now do your job and fix ffb problems . Please
  2. ShelbyUSA

    Thrustmaster TX

    Anybody having a horrible experience with the TX Wheel and the F1 2019? i am CONSIDERABLY slower this release. The feel/input of the wheel feels numb. My braking into turn and feel with mid to exit and throttle is not translating. I can’t get it. It’s frustrating and costing me league races and esports quals. anybody feel the same? Fix? @Faya
  3. Scottie909

    G29 FFB Issue

    Hi all, Got a strange issue where my brand new G29 gives me NO force feedback in F1 2019 whatsoever. The wheel is picked up by the game, and works (I can steer etc), but there is no FFB at all. Like nothing. I have reinstalled the game and the Logitech Gaming Software multiple times with no luck. I also tried GHub, but that didnt work either. I'm also not effected by the Project Cars 2 issue either as I have checked that too. Weirdly, the wheel works perfectly with FFB in Assetto Corsa. Any help or ideas would be appreciated.
  4. Hi guys, I apologize for making a post generally similar to the one I did somewhat recently. But among all of the things I'm sure you're working on atm, us wheel users (those of us with g920's at least) still don't have settings such as Wheel & Tire Friction that PC players have had for....years now, that I was prayin would make it into DR2. I mean, I love love love the Dirt Rally games. Unfortunately there's no other way to play a rally sim, without having to sacrifice graphics, usability, and/or the ease of use and breadth of content. So I'm a bit stuck, and that brings me back to the ffb. I know from PC that lowering the Wheel Friction can improve the info you receive, lower the amount you have to fight the effects in frustration, and let you increase, ie, Self Aligning Torque so you can finally fight the wheel, and the stage, and car like Odin intended : D Oh, and lowering Tyre Friction would maybe make it possible for me to straighten out the wheel after gently correcting a huge lurid slide without somehow inexplicably causing that minimal amount of steerin wheel nudging to either fling me off into the weeds as if i had instead bounced the wheel off the lockstops in the opposite direction, pirate-style....or have to rip my wheel clean off the old table it's attached to. Which I've seen withstand not only my pitbull (moose) Jack launching himself onto it, but 2 grown human beings falling into it (I was definitely wasn't one of em ;] ). Yet lil old Dirt Rally 2 is too much for it, haha. I'm in a bind, is my point. This game is fantastic, but regardless of stages n cars added (thank you for Wales and the Porsche E>), a little tweak to allow us the option to simply alter the same parameters as our PC brethren would be amazing. Please and thank you, for everything! I'm typing this entirely on a Click N Type onscreen keyboard btw, because my keyboard can't swim for whatever reason, clicking on each letter individually. This took like 45 minutes to type out lmao, just to give ya some idea how important this is to me. Cheers!
  5. Hello, I just installed F1 2019, I start a time trail to test the cars. First thing I noticed is the lack of ForceFeedBack on my TS-PC. I have no FFB for some reason. I don't know what the issue is, so I restarted my pc. Checked the drivers of the wheel and that's all up to date. I am running a GTX1080TI and a ryzen 1700x on Windows version 1903 (most recent version). (btw i am running the game in steam on the dx 11 version) I hope you can find the issue. Thanks in advance. Stefanoes
  6. I've been experiencing the same bug on the grid as I did in the bets where my wheel is trying to go full right lock as soon as I put the clutch in, I did not experience this issue in F1 2018.
  7. My feelings opposites about Dirt Rally 2.0 Lots of thing has got better, but major things have to improve or fix ASAP There's no FFB Effects in this game (yet)! No effects for jumps, no effects for gear changes (check how sweet in Richard BUrns Rally, you can feel the torque of the engine), no effects for different road surfaces... In general the FFB is too weak in Dirt Rally 2.0
  8. If they really were going to release the fix they would have done it 2 weeks after the game released. this is a car game and FFB is the most important aspect and clear they didnt build it. so its never coming out at best it will be a DLC so get your shekels ready boyo. #gotYourMoney wait for dirt rally 3 🙂 codemasters is a corporation not a charity.be a good boyo and wait #CODEMASTERS ,he beLIEveD
  9. FFB is gone on v1.2.1 with a Logitech Formula Force GP. If I switch the device type to Controller from Steering wheel, I have FFB, but its so bad, because it is optimized for gamepads.
  10. Here are my Settings for the Thrustmaster T150 Force Feedback with the new 1.4.1 Patch Das sind meine Einstellung für das Thrustmaster T150 Force feddback mit dem neuen 1.4.1 Patch Device Settings/Geräte Einstellung Ingame Settings/Spiel Einstellung It feels very pleasant to me Es fühlt sich sehr angenehm an für mich When it vibrate to much of Track then lower the Suspension/Radaufhängung setting 5-10 ticks an you should be fine Wenn es zu stark Vibriert auserhalb der Strecke dann geht bei der Radaufhängen 5-10 Stufen herunter Same for the Sel Angling torgue/Rückstellmoment when it to heavy lower it 1-3 ticks 🙂 Dass selbe für denn Rückstellmoment wenn er zu Stark ist 1-3 Stufen herunter stellen.
  11. (Oh ya! that's dope Grammer there...) L/R +/- could be reversed and more intricate in their function but it is sort of irrelevant.
  12. Hello all, first post here. I can't take it anymore. I loooove this game, and there's no acceptable alternative sim to it. I have an Xbox One (OG, not the S or X), and my wheel works just fine on both that and PC. Assetto Corsa Forza 7 Dirt Rally 1 etc etc all sing along smoothly. However, both Dirt Rally 1 and 2 do not have the Tyre Friction or Wheel Friction settings in the menu. They do on the PC versions, but Dirt Rally 2 won't run on my pc sadly. They're not greyed out, they're simply not there. Massively strange. Here is a screenshot. I really hope this can be fixed or answered, and my hope that an update would fix it has not come to fruition. I don't understand, and it's very weird. But aside from this issue my gripes with this game are so minor. Lack of liveries and a couple other tiny things like the ffb and how when the car slides I counter steer a tiny bit, about 5 degrees, and then the car jacks itself around as if I'd slammed the wheel off the lockstops. Bit like forza's sim handling. It's so close to a perfect rally game for me however, and I've looked forward to calling it home for a long time now. Hopefully someone can help. Thank you very much, for making a game for the enthusiasts, when you guys could just choose to churn out regular Dirt titles so kids who think Forza is too hard can rip around with all of the assists on, but you don't. You make games for true petrolheads : )
  13. Hello dear Codemasters team. You've got a hammer game going. You are sure to get the little bugs. Then, when the bigger issues like FFB, blured graphics, audio are done, there are two things left to integrate from my side. UDP and USB keyboard support for Console. There are many users who have built dashboards and buttonboxes themselves and would like to use them in your newest part. Of course only if it is possible. Best regards, keep it up.
  14. Graphics: I have an original Xbox One. And for some reason DiRT 2.0 doesn’t look very good on it? It seems as if the quality has gone down from previous titles such as DiRT 4 and DiRT Rally. The car seems to be less precise and has less detail such as the lights, sponsors, and interior seem to all be slightly pixelated. The actual stage itself seems to lack detail too compared to recent titles. Even on the original Xbox One. Wheel FFB: I am really disappointed with the lack of adjustability for wheel settings on Xbox One for my wheel. I have a Logitech G920. For a start i calibrated my wheel to find out that i can only use 540 degrees of rotation! A classic car definitely has more and other games such as previously DiRT titles have a full range of angles. The actual FFB settings themselves are not very good. There’s no surface detail at all. It feels like the car is floating across the ground. With the lack of tyre slip adjustment, wheel friction and more this is making my DiRT 2.0 experience quite bad as well as other people.