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Found 10 results

  1. tahlaskerssen2

    Game suddenly stuck at 24fps f1 2019

    Suddenly I logged in after yesterday playing with no problem whatsoever and my game is stuck at 24 fps. When on menu and all that the nvidia fps counter is normal, when the comentator starts talking, fps go immediately down. I launched f1 2018 and no problems whatsoever, so its not my computer. I've played for weeks above 120 fps at max settings so ***?
  2. fps decrease, game begins to stutter mid-race (multiplayer) Platform: PC, Steam Game Version: 1.07 Game Mode: Multiplayer Players: doesn't matter What happened in the lead up to the problem?: a few laps of a multiplayer race (often lap 3+/5) accessories: wheel
  3. There an issue with FPS in career mode coming nowhere close to 60 after patch 1.06. Noted by multiple players, it seems to be a PS4 standard issue. Framerate for other game modes seems unaffected. This is really jarring as I have the feeling it’s running sub-30 at the moment. Can this be checked out @Faya? Thanks.
  4. ChironTheseus

    F1 2019 FPS lag PS4 Pro

    Nothing on 2018.. But I am having a flickering screen and lag like frame drops even though I am playing in career mode not online. When I started playing it wasn't noticeable, only stopped playing 2018 last week so in comparison I suppose its golden as 2018 was shocking! That may have been why if it is a known issue still. Several races in and it seems that it started increasing a little more noticeably and more consistently through a race. I am playing on PS4 Pro and is a healthy console, no issues with other games. Can you look into this please.
  5. notactuallywelsh

    Framerate Issues since Patch 1.05 [R2]

    I've struggled with lag spikes since F1 2018, and did so too at the start of F1 2019. After turning down the Audio Quality settings, I didn't experience those again. Now after patch 1.05, the lag spikes are back for whatever reason. I changed nothing in the settings, and turning down the graphics, does absolutely nothing. I have absolutely no clue how to fix this, and this is super annoying when you're racing online, especially in a league..
  6. KingLion0203

    PS4 sudden FPS Drops

    I always experience massive drops in framerate sometimes even freeze frames... mainly during the races. They are not just limited to the game though since I somehow also start lagging away in parties once the framedrops start occuring. Any ideas?
  7. I was playing F1 2019 this morning and was comfortably getting over 60fps, now I've moved my PC to a different house with no internet currently, and when I booted it up I'm running at a maximum of 20fps. The game is running on the same machine, the only difference is the monitor and the lack of internet. could this be DRM capping my performance?
  8. Here is a sample video to show you the "FPS Down bug" of Dirt Rally 2.0 (PC) when you go Off the track huge amount of FPS drops occours. During gameplay avg FPS 64 is going down to 24 (-40 FPS down) !!! During replay avg FPS 55 is going down to 46 (-9 FPS drops ONLY compare 9 to 40 ... Oops) Same huge amount of FPS drops occours in every track, any weather condition. The game is getting unplayable if you leave the track by four wheels off. CM should address this problem and check why replay has less FPS down this could be the key to make less FPS drops off the track playing the game. Note! The reason for the difference : replay has got more visual effects than gameplay. Not just FPS drops is the problem, the whole game is slowing down with timing, as you can see in this sample video as the action is getting slides away... This issue is present since the first relase v1.0 Please Codemasters, Fix this issue.
  9. Hello, I scrolled through this forum but did not notice topic related to this. Has anyone else been having MicroStutters playing Dirt Rally 2.0? I have Logitech G29 racing wheel with pedals and i have played many sim games (from F1 to Project cars 2 and assetto Corsa and Dirt Rally) but lately i have been getting randomy microstutters in Dirt Rally 2.0. The Stutters are related only to Dirt Rally 2.0, no other game gets them or has them. I have tried my wheel on 2 different computers both of them getting this stutter. I have read alot of reddit topics about this but no useful information about if codemasters are looking for a fix or if it has been reported even. I makes rally on technical stages like Argentina and Monte Carlo very hard to play if during a tight hairpin you get a stutter...
  10. itonz

    About Screen tearing

    I always found this during as spectator. What about is it? I set on capture card and OBS program input and output at 60fps but not better. And then I try to set to 30, 50, 120fps it's not better as well. On the other game such as GT Sport, Project CARS not too much like this. I was annoyed when I saw. *Play on PS4 pro. Someone help me? Thank you very much