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Steering Wheel






Found 7 results

  1. Firstly hello guys 1st post. Question, since V1.09 update patch on F1 2019 PS4. there is now a button mapping issue on my G29 Logitech Wheel? The RA Wheel, (red dial) won't bind a map, when turned clockwise only?. But Anticlockwise and the center button on the wheel still bind ok. Anyone else suffering from this issue perhaps? I tried reinstalling the game and it works again and binds as normal, but as soon as I update the game to the V1.09 patch it won't map again. Everything else is fine. I also tried F1 2018 & other games, and RA wheel maps fine. Where is best place to lodge with Codemasters this bug? It appears to be a patch bug to me as was all working fine before V1.09? Cheers, all feedback on this issue welcome.
  2. Scottie909

    G29 FFB Issue

    Hi all, Got a strange issue where my brand new G29 gives me NO force feedback in F1 2019 whatsoever. The wheel is picked up by the game, and works (I can steer etc), but there is no FFB at all. Like nothing. I have reinstalled the game and the Logitech Gaming Software multiple times with no luck. I also tried GHub, but that didnt work either. I'm also not effected by the Project Cars 2 issue either as I have checked that too. Weirdly, the wheel works perfectly with FFB in Assetto Corsa. Any help or ideas would be appreciated.
  3. Since the 1.05 update my Logitech G29 steering wheel does not center at zero. When wheel is physically centered, game detects a slight steer to the right. Also adds a deadzone to the right. Game detects steering at zero when wheel is physically turned to left. Pedals work normally. Assetto Corsa and other games still center wheel properly. Problem is only present in F1 2019 since 1.05 update. 1.04 was working. I tried reinstalling Logitech Gaming Software, deleting the device from device manager and deleting all related registry keys. Nothing works. I don't have Project Cars 2 or any other software modifying registry keys. This is default setup. I'm using Steam version on Windows 10.
  4. Hi, I have problems with my Logitech G29 on the Playstation 4. I can't drive a lot of turns (like turn 1 in China) in a good way. I lose a lot of time because of this. In the previous editions I had no problems with this. I have also tried to use multiple settings. Am I the only one with this problem or do you have this too? Thanks!
  5. Hello all, On f1 games i need to make 360° wheel turn from lock to lock and to do this i always changed the wheel saturation to 70~75 to make this happen it worked fine on F1 2017 and F1 2018. I did the same in f1 2019 it works when I turn right but it doesn't when i turn left, so to fully turn right I need half a turn on the steering wheel and to turn left I need 1,5 turns. I tried to reboot the game and reconnect the wheel and created new controller profile but same issue. The only solution i found is to change the rotation in Logitech software, which mean I have to change it for when I want to play other racing games. Anybody found a solution? Many thanks
  6. Hi all, I have a logitech G29 steering wheel, and many friends of mine have the same wheel, and all of us noticed that in this game, we have not the correcti Force Feedback. For example we can't feel the sensation of loosing the car, The feeling is completrly different from the previous game, a thing that thrustmasters users don't have. I hope you'll fix it quickly because in this way is unplayable the game.
  7. DeMilo86

    Brake not down 100%

    Hi I have a G29 and when playing F1 2018 (on PC) i only need to put my brake pedal down to about 50% but the game registers this as 'full braking'. I can't seem to re-configure it anywhere. Am I missing something? Many Thanks