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Found 20 results

  1. Hello I saw a bug in the game, i was shocked. And i have a question, are you going to udpate the car in the game thank you Seydou
  2. Has this ever happened to anyone else, and if so how frequently does it happen? This happened to me before the start of the Chinese Grand Prix in Career mode. I think it was about 8 of the drivers pictures that got screwed up.
  3. I have experienced an annoying bug since day 1 of Grid 2019 on PS4, not sure if it affects other platforms or not but is definitely an issue on PS4. For whatever reason no matter what I've tried I cannot change my race number from the in-game profile options. I have asked alot of my other friends playing Grid on PS4 who all say they have the same issue.
  4. Patch 1.12 has ruined the glove textures. The textures are low quality and have been downgraded from the previous patches. The textures are terrible on all cars. F1 and F2. This is noticeable in all game modes. This is on a regular PS4.
  5. Hello guys, I was playing for some time now and I really like the game so far. While playing I have noticed some glitches/bugs and maybe missing or wrong animations. Here's the list: 1. Missing onboard screen in cockpitview. - Sometimes the onboardscreen just disappears and you can't see in what gear you're in anymore (look attached files, happens to almost every car) 2. The volume for crashes and touches is too quiet. - This needs to get mixed a bit louder (you see sparkles but can't hear anything) 3. There is no up & downshift animation for cars with paddle shifters - Just like I said above 4. Wrong animation while shifting in cars with dual clutch - While shifting in cars with a dual clutch system, the driver uses the clutch pedal 5. Weird sound in rain condition - There are some weird squeaky noises while driving in rain 6. Cars have damage from the start - Most of the time vehicles are damaged and scratched from the beginning Platform - Steam Game Version - Doesn't show but it's up to date
  6. So I just finished the Italian GP on F1 2019 in carreer mode in the Alfa Romeo. I had a fantastic race, led all the laps and came over the finish line first. However, when I crossed the line, Jeff said it was “disappointing” and the game showed me as P19. In the race director I had no penalties and the timing screens said I was a lap down even though I Wasn’t. Absolutely fuming for this one because it was the first time in this career mode I had developped the alfa romeo well enough and driven well enough to score a genuine win.
  7. Sopkoppie

    Not a huge problem :p

    Was doing the Track Acclimatisation program in Mexico and noticed the DRL line and sign are aligned with where you can activate. Only the ‘box’ on the track for the program is positioned 10m behind...
  8. Hi there, First of all congratulations to everyone who worked on creating F1 2019, the best F1 game to date. I just have one quick question about the around the world achievement which is unlocked by registering a time trial time on every track, I have now done this in both F1 and classic cars and the achievement did not unlock, can you check internally to see if the achievement has been coded correctly or do I need to set a time in wet and dry conditions or every type of car etc. I’m playing on PC using steam, apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this but hopefully someone can help me out. If anyone has unlocked this achievement on pc can you let me know how you unlocked it. Many Thanks in advance
  9. I have some serious problem with a helipcopter. It appears as glowing "thing", almost like black hole in some way. Sorry for not the best quality, but I took those last night without any light in a room. Specification: Platform: PC GPU: RTX 2060 Patch: 1.07 Drivers: 431.60
  10. My problem is that I am improving my hotlap on a time trial. I do not count him in the global ranking. When I finish my sessions, my time appears in the table. I tried to solve this problem and I saw that in f1 2018 it was similar and after that patch repaired. I add that I tried on dx11 and 12 :(
  11. Can anybody help me?
  12. I noticed that if you use any female driver/avatar your helmet has a weird visual glitch. Does anyone else have this glitch? I changed my driver to female and went to the highlights, and the close up shots of the driver showed this weird glitch. I then changed to another male driver and the glitch disappeared and later I selected a different female driver and the glitch reappeared. Here's the proof of the glitch happening.
  13. I'm playing my Mclaren career mode, and have encountered something rather... unusual. I was in command of the car throughout the formation lap, but when the race actually started, it was as if the spirit of a 110 difficulty AI had manifested itself in the cockpit of my car, leaving it to drive around on Autopilot. Has anybody else encountered such a thing? Video there as proof
  14. I have just completed the Baku GP in my career and during the practice sessions, I noticed that the Tyre practice program is still broken I say still because this has been an issue since F1 2016! The issue I'm talking about is that the needle in the colour bar during the program goes down when you're going down the back straight and main straight. Baku isn't a tyre hungry circuit so why the hell is this program so hard to do regardless of the issue, you have to be soooo smooth on throttle application and it means I mostly can't keep up with the time objective. I spent an hour on 1 program (on 100 difficulty) Ridiculous There was a different issue with the Baku 'Top Speed' team objective but that has been fixed. Would be nice if the tyre one could be fixed or balanced in some way. Let me know if you've noticed the same issue :)
  15. There is a massive force to the right when achieving optimum rpm at the starting grid, making good starts very difficult. Im using a Fanatec Club-sport wheelbase V2.5.
  16. vauldur

    Bahrain Sun bug [ZX]

    I went through every track just to make sure but for me, its only happening in Bahrain with the sun up. It is extremely glitched and flashes blue. When you face the sun, it looks like Thor is coming to Earth with the Bifrost (Thanks Heimdall but not in Bahrain). When you're back is to the sun, most of it is corrected except for the reflection on the car that remain glitched. I have attached a screenshot. Running latest Nvidia drivers at 3440x1440 21:9 Ultrawide. Windows 10 (fully updated). DX11 and DX12 both show same glitch. It even shows the glitched sun on the big screens on the track. I have tried changing most of my Nvidia driver settings, changed resolutions, changed monitors (moved it to my 16:9 second monitor), and lowered all the graphics settings to low. Still looks like this.
  17. PC, Fanatec CSW V2.5, F1 2019 Limited Edition Formula Rim On the starting grid in both F2 and F1, when you pull in the clutch and rev the engine, the force feedback is FORCED heavily to the right. Others are experiencing this as well. Three other issues that need to be taken a look at are: 1. The F1 cars force feedback when driving needs to be increased, they feel too light compared to the F2 cars at the moment. 2. When using the exact same FFB settings as in F1 2018 the FFB clips (goes numb) when going through high speed corners, such as T12 at Bahrain in 2019 when this didn't happen at all in 2018. 3. The braking distances for the F1 2019 cars with Anti-Lock Brakes assist need to be the same as the AI. Currently we have to brake much earlier than the AI to make the corner which isn't fair. PLEASE address these issues, they're extremely important.
  18. My problem is that I am improving my hotlap on a time trial. I do not count him in the global ranking. When I finish my sessions, my time appears in the table. I tried to solve this problem and I saw that in f1 2018 it was similar and after that patch repaired. I add that I tried on dx11 and 12 :(
  19. I've been experiencing the same bug on the grid as I did in the bets where my wheel is trying to go full right lock as soon as I put the clutch in, I did not experience this issue in F1 2018.
  20. There is an achievement "Adaptable": I tried it many times with custom events or in the carreer mode. I was definitely driving on all conditions more than 10 times for now. I am stuck at 75% so one condition is not counting for me. Please help me with. Thank you! Gamertag is: ORO ERICIUS Console: Xbox One X @ChristinaMc @CMMcBabecould you please look into this? Thank you! Adaptable(25) 75% Complete a stage in Dry, Overcast, Rain and Wet conditions