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Found 7 results

  1. As the previous graphics discussion thread was closed because it seems it was too "clogged", I decided to unclog it for everybody's convenience in this long thread: So all the problems and bugs are clearly presented and easy to have as reference in case Codemasters decides to fix them. After seeing the game already on PC Ultra, I can assure first hand that all these issues are still present in the release version. Very noticeable problems with: Trees LODs Shadows Reflections Exposure, Contrast, tonemapping Textures loading over low res ones Pixelated textures on cars Flat lighting Is there going to be a patch on the 11th that's going to fix all these problems?
  2. This game is looking more and more "last gen" or like a mobile game. This Okutama Hill Climb scenery looks horrible... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fe2_sGhmj4Q Blurry low res textures, lighting is flat and fake, trees look like cutout paper, rock walls lack any specular, like dull cardboard, shadows LOD jumping in front of your eyes, no Eye Adaptation effect for tunnels and dark areas... A "DX12 only" title and this is the result? I'm not even comparing with Forzas, GT Sport, ACC... this same track looked much better in Grid 2, SIX YEARS AGO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcm8Y1y9vdg What happened to Code"masters"? no money left to pay devs after paying Fernando Alonso?
  3. RFeratoxin

    Cars reflections

    First thing first, I love the game, as imperfect as it can be sometimes. I read many many comments but haven't found any reference to the cars bodywork's reflections yet. Like in many other games, I think there is a "way too much" polished effect, especially at the beginning of the stage, when the car is perfectly clean. It absolutely doesn't mater when driving in cockpit view, but the replays are somehow loosing a bit of realism. I mean, it would be a slight adjustment, to mattify and reduce what I would describe as a "glassy effect". If I had 2 wishes left, I would also ask for "interactive" puddles ( ffb drag effect or at least some sound of water hitting hard the wheel whell) and ... a real rear wing on the Subaru, like the one we use to drive in Colin McRae Rally 2.0. Might be the Subaru S4 wrc 1998 instead of 95 though. Anyway, thanks for the hard work, and I wish you guys were given the necessary time to finish the game before release. As a dev myself I know how frustrating a "commercial-business-nonsense-deadline" can be regarding the expected result. Never ends well in my opinion. Thanks guys
  4. vauldur

    Bahrain Sun bug [ZX]

    I went through every track just to make sure but for me, its only happening in Bahrain with the sun up. It is extremely glitched and flashes blue. When you face the sun, it looks like Thor is coming to Earth with the Bifrost (Thanks Heimdall but not in Bahrain). When you're back is to the sun, most of it is corrected except for the reflection on the car that remain glitched. I have attached a screenshot. Running latest Nvidia drivers at 3440x1440 21:9 Ultrawide. Windows 10 (fully updated). DX11 and DX12 both show same glitch. It even shows the glitched sun on the big screens on the track. I have tried changing most of my Nvidia driver settings, changed resolutions, changed monitors (moved it to my 16:9 second monitor), and lowered all the graphics settings to low. Still looks like this.
  5. Personally I find the Fiesta R2 to be very difficult to drive, not because of it's handling characteristics or even the tiny numbers on the dashboard. No, rather I find it difficult to drive because of the size of the windshield banner. I find that the windshield banner on the Fiesta R2 is incredibly obtrusive and makes it very difficult to actually see the obstacles coming up ahead. this is most notable when you go don a hill and need to see the turn up ahead so you can know when to start braking. So my question is this, would it be possible to get a revision of the Fiesta R2's windshield banner? I really want to use this car. But due to the window banner, I find my self actively avoiding it in favor of easier cars like the 208 R2. I've attached screenshots for comparison. One is of the Fiesta while the other is of the 208. Notice how much further you can see in the 208 than the fiesta.
  6. If I disble TAA in the menus, and then enter a race (or if I change it already in one), the game screen will freeze, and it will minimize, not coming back... basically, it crashes. Specs: Core I5 4570; Sapphire HD 7770 Vapor-X GHZ Edition; 8Gb of RAM; Windows 7 64x; In-game res: 1366x768 (fullscreen); AMD driver: 19.1.1; PS: Updating AMD Drivers... gonna update this post if anything changes (or not). PS: Yep, on 19.2.3 (latest) it still crashes.
  7. Graphics: I have an original Xbox One. And for some reason DiRT 2.0 doesn’t look very good on it? It seems as if the quality has gone down from previous titles such as DiRT 4 and DiRT Rally. The car seems to be less precise and has less detail such as the lights, sponsors, and interior seem to all be slightly pixelated. The actual stage itself seems to lack detail too compared to recent titles. Even on the original Xbox One. Wheel FFB: I am really disappointed with the lack of adjustability for wheel settings on Xbox One for my wheel. I have a Logitech G920. For a start i calibrated my wheel to find out that i can only use 540 degrees of rotation! A classic car definitely has more and other games such as previously DiRT titles have a full range of angles. The actual FFB settings themselves are not very good. There’s no surface detail at all. It feels like the car is floating across the ground. With the lack of tyre slip adjustment, wheel friction and more this is making my DiRT 2.0 experience quite bad as well as other people.