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Found 9 results

  1. Hello guys , I Had this error when I try to launch GRID (2019) on Steam Access violation at address 0xce4a9b65 in module 'Grid_dx12.exe' + 0x7b9b65. Grid_dx12.exe Its any solution for this and there's a chance to have a DX11 option .. Thanks
  2. I play Grid with the keyboard as the controler for me is impossible. From time to time suddently one of the keys for left/right/accelarate/brake does not respond any more. Sometimes it recovers after 10 seconds, sometimes the problem continues for minutes. The issues stays there even when I start a new race. Sometimes it doesn't happen for half an hour or more, sometimes it occurs twice in a race. Anyone else with this issue?
  3. Hi, English is my second language but I try my best to explain what I want to do writing this thread. I want to find as much as possible gamers as I who will make a pressure on Codemasters to make multiplayer for hardcore fans too. I want in multiplayer open lobby for everyone not only for friends or invitation only, for now this is a joke. I want two type of Quick Match, one should stay like it is and should be called "normal" and second should be called "hardcore", hardcore mode should have switched AI off, full damage On, no flashbacks, flashbacks should be off, no ghosting. With that second lobby called hardcore you will be closer to original Grid that I played countless hours. Right now multiplayer is not enjoyable. I just stopped playing game after few hours. Cars are more like tanks on the road then real cars in terms when there is collision or racing accident this should be changed too. Please Codemasters do the right thing to your game to bring the glory of the original Grid. And fellow gamers please make a comment that you agree somehow with me to let know Codemasters that changes must be done. To let them know there is more disappointed gamers who wants pure racing fun experience like was given to us in original Grid.
  4. Hi, I bought Grid 2019 at the weekend and really enjoying the game using a controller, I tried to play using my Logitech G29 and found that the default settings for the wheel cause the wheel to sway slowly from left to right even when on the straights, would it be possible for someone to advise if this can be changed via the wheel settings. Any help would be gratefully received as I really want to enjoy playing this with the full wheel setup. Can I just add I know where the settings are but I have tried adjusting things one by one but nothing seems to stop this swaying motion from left to right, additionally it doesn't do it on any of my other racing games (pcars2, gtsport). Thanks, Graham.
  5. Monster999

    Grid 2019...ps4

    Grid running at 30fps for base ps4.. Codemasters should be wearing masks as they are robbing people of their hard earned cash..
  6. This game is looking more and more "last gen" or like a mobile game. This Okutama Hill Climb scenery looks horrible... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fe2_sGhmj4Q Blurry low res textures, lighting is flat and fake, trees look like cutout paper, rock walls lack any specular, like dull cardboard, shadows LOD jumping in front of your eyes, no Eye Adaptation effect for tunnels and dark areas... A "DX12 only" title and this is the result? I'm not even comparing with Forzas, GT Sport, ACC... this same track looked much better in Grid 2, SIX YEARS AGO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcm8Y1y9vdg What happened to Code"masters"? no money left to pay devs after paying Fernando Alonso?
  7. Zool375

    (Switch) Controller

    The change controller option on the switch seems to do nothing at the moment. For example changing the configuration from classic combo layout to classic analogue and then applying it does nothing. At least not for me. I've even tried making my own configuration with custom bindings and when you apply this it doesn't work.
  8. Skraszek

    GRID E-Sport

    Hello, I come with a question to codemasters and to people who might be interested in whether there will be e-sport in the new GRID, I mean some league or some major tournament. If they do not have plans, maybe if there is a big response from us, codemasters will think about it and do some league as in F1 or championship as in Dirt Rally 2.0. I count on some response because it seems to me that this can be a really cool thing and that I'm not only interested in this topic.
  9. masoncarr2244

    Grid (2019) on Nintendo Switch?

    I was thinking about Grid 2019 recently, and thought, should Grid 2019 come to Nintendo Switch sometime after launch? Why not? you can race anytime, anywhere. A Switch port would be great for Grid 2019. What do you think? Should Grid 2019 come to Nintendo Switch?