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Found 7 results

  1. Hello Windows 7 users. You may have recently experienced difficulty connecting to online servers in Codemasters games. We have been observing your reports and believe we have identified the cause. As part of our regular server maintenance and updates, the default security policies also get updated. Operating systems like Windows 7, which may not have the latest security updates automatically applied, will continue to have connection issues until an update is applied by the user. How to Fix (short version): How to Fix (Long Version)
  2. Hello everyone, This is a quick overview of the services required to use Clubs in DiRT Rally 2.0. The Clubs website can be found at https://dirtrally2.com/clubs You will need a Codemasters account (linked to your platform account) in order to use Clubs. On the Clubs website, you will be able to do the following: Join Clubs Create Clubs View Club Members Manage Club Members View Club Championships Create Club Championships View Club Championship Standings In DiRT Rally 2.0 (ie: in-game), you will be able to do the following: View Clubs you have joined Take part in active Club Championships Submit completed Stage Times to Club Championship Leaderboards If you experience connectivity issues or issues regarding the Clubs website, and they persist after a short amount of time (and retrying doesn't work), the best way to let us know is through the following: Posting in this thread - Make sure you post what platform and region you are playing on too, as well as whether you're experiencing trouble with the game, website or both. Tweet to @dirtgame - As above, specify what platform/region you are a part of and whether you're referring to the game or website. Email custservice@codemasters.com - As above, the more info you provide the better. Screenshots are also useful. Although we have systems in place to detect the rare times connectivity is dropping, making us aware directly is also helpful in ensuring everybody can get back to playing the full set of game features as soon as possible. Please note that in-game connectivity is tied into platform connectivity, so make sure to check if Steam, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network services are up and running also. If you need a guide on how to use Clubs, you can find that here:
  3. Some PlayStation 4 users have reported issues with accessing their additional content when playing DiRT Rally 2.0. Here are some things you can try in order to resolve the issue and enjoy the latest content. The error: When a player attempts to use downloadable content in My Team, an error message may appear saying that they are “Missing Entitlements”. This could be caused by a few things: The DLC content isn’t installed on your PlayStation 4. The DLC content is installed on your PlayStation 4, but the game cannot find it on the console. The DLC content is tied to a player’s primary PlayStation 4, and they’re playing the game on a secondary console. Checking that the content is installed on the console: First, let’s ensure that the new content is installed on your console. Head to [Freeplay] and then to [Time Trial]. Choose a location and the car(s) you’re trying to access. If you can begin the event then the content is installed. If you cannot locate the content, head to the PlayStation store to download your purchased content. Once you’ve confirmed the content is installed on your console, restart the DiRT Rally 2.0 application and attempt to access it in My Team. Restore your PlayStation 4 licenses: If the content is installed on your console and you’re still getting an error, you may need to refresh the licenses for your content: Sign in to your account on PlayStation Network under which you purchased the content. From the Home screen, go to [Settings] > [Account Management], and select [Restore Licenses]. Click [OK] when done. Go to the [Library] > [Purchased], select the game you’ve purchased the add-on for and select the add-on. Access the content on your primary PlayStation 4: If the content is installed on your console and you’re still getting an error, you may need to set your console as your primary PlayStation 4. Here’s how you do that: Sign in to your account on PlayStation Network under which you purchased the content. From the PS4 Home screen, go to [Settings] and select [Account Management]. Select [Activate as Your Primary PS4], then [Deactivate] then [Reactivate]. Once this is done, restart the DiRT Rally 2.0 application and attempt to access your content in My Team. Contact us: If you have tried all of the above and you still cannot access your downloaded content in My Team, you can contact us at custservice@codemasters.com and we’ll look into it. Make sure to provide us with your PlayStation Network username, which country you’re located in and details of which content you are having trouble accessing.
  4. Although a small number technical issues can be resolved through the forums, you'll often have a faster and more informed response if you use our official Customer Service email. For general technical issues: HOW TO REPORT AN ISSUE Visit https://www.codemasters.com/support/ Check the FAQs on the website to see if they answer any of your issues If they don't, then fill in the form on the website with the following info (where appropriate): What platform you're playing on. What you were doing in-game at the time the issue occurred. What your hardware configuration is like (including peripherals like wheels and handbrakes). Any screenshots, .dll files (on PC) etc. would be helpful too. For server connectivity: DO THIS BEFORE EMAILING Check your own devices and/or internet connection first, restart your router etc. Check if Steam, PlayStation Network or Xbox Live are down. HOW TO REPORT AN ISSUE Fill in the form at https://www.codemasters.com/support/ Copy this and use it as a template (delete/replace whatever you don't need): Platform: Steam / PlayStation / Xbox Country: x Place where error was encountered: Events / Clubs / Time Trial Kind of error: "Server refused connection attempt" / "Error code ending in 55-58" No additional details, comments or screenshots are required unless we ask for them. A report doesn't mean an immediate investigation will take place, however if there are multiple reports in a short time period then it's a sign that something is happening and info will be passed on to Support and IT who will handle things accordingly. If you're on Windows 7 and experiencing an error ending in 58-58, update your security settings.
  5. Hello everyone. Please see below for answers to common questions surrounding VR support for DiRT Rally 2.0, along with a guide to help players improve the feature's performance on their system. Frequently-Asked Questions Is DiRT Rally 2.0 the same on Steam and Oculus? DiRT Rally 2.0 on the Oculus Store stand-alone version of the game, and is not included with purchase of the game on Steam. The Oculus version provides native support to Oculus devices through the Oculus SDK. The Steam version uses the SteamVR platform to support VR devices. Can I play with Steam players while using the Oculus version, and vice-versa? All versions of DiRT Rally 2.0 provide support for cross-platform asynchronus play (which players can opt out of in their game settings). This includes Leaderboards, Clubs and Community Challenges. Synchronous (as in PvP) Multiplayer is platform-specific. Steam players cannot join Oculus Lobbies, Xbox players cannot join PlayStation Lobbies etc. Does the Oculus version have DLC? The Oculus version contains the same base-game content as other platforms. Post-release DLC content that was available on other platforms will come to Oculus at a later date. Free content (like the DirtFish location and liveries) are available on Oculus at the same time as other platforms. Does the Oculus version have exclusive content? A number of cars feature an exclusive, Oculus-themed livery on the Oculus version. Additional Daily, Weekly and Monthly Community Challenges are available in My Team, exclusive to Oculus players. Will VR come to PlayStation? There are no plans to implement PlayStation VR support for DiRT Rally 2.0. Does DiRT Rally 2.0 Support Windows Mixed Reality headsets? DiRT Rally 2.0 does not natively support WMR headsets, however they may still potentially work through Steam VR. If you're using a WMR headset through Steam VR, smooth performance is not guaranteed. Recommended Settings Based on our tests, these are the settings we recommend to give the best performance boost: Ambient Occlusion: Off Ground Cover: Off Shader: Low Screenspace Reflections: Off Anti-Aliasing: Off Initial Performance (graphics preset; Medium): 60-67 FPS Results after Recommended Settings: Over 90 FPS+ - Medium graphics preset plus all of the above changes. Slightly under 90FPS - Medium graphics preset plus all of the above changes, Shader Detail on High For reference, here was our PC build with which we tested each setting: GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060 CPU: Intel Core i7 6700k, 4.0 GHz Version: Steam (using Oculus headset) Depending on your hardware, PC build & peripherals, and their settings, performance may differ so please experiment with these settings until you find what works best for you. Conclusions These are what we consider high performance savers. Lowering these settings will significantly increase performance (in order of impact): Shaders: Low Anti-Aliasing: Off/CMAA Crowds: Low/Off Ambient Occlusion off Trees, Bloom, Light Streaks, Godrays (These help a lot in areas dense with trees) Shadows: Off (or as low as possible) Ground Cover: Off Screenspace Reflections: Off, lower overall reflections settings too will help. We recommend not using Multisampling (or lower values), it is costly in VR. Supersampling methods from SteamVR would be more beneficial if you can run them. These are low performance savers and won't make much difference if you're using them under Medium, but lowering them all may save a few frames: Vehicle Details (Note: Ultra Low removes drivers and other elements, so use it if nothing else is working for you) Texture Detail Track Night Lighting Objects Chromatic Aberration, Lens Dust Anisotropic Filtering (performance gain is negligible compared to High) With our Recommended Settings and some minor tweaks, performance on Steam should be similar to that of Oculus. We increased our framerate from 60-67 FPS up to 90 FPS+ with the Recommended Settings, using the GTX 1060 in our reference build. If you have a higher-end graphics card you may be able get similar performance with Shader Details set to High and other settings on Low/Off. So long as you don’t increase Multisampling, and ensure you play in Windowed Mode on a reasonable resolution, you should see notable performance gains. VR gameplay will sync to 45 FPS if it drops below 90 FPS, so it's important to keep it the framerate high for a smooth experience. Other Notes On Steam DiRT Rally 2.0 will try to run normal setting configs, typically in fullscreen on higher presets by default. Fullscreen isn't recommended as it can cause issues with performance (upping resolution) and stretch UI elements. We're working on a fix for this in a future update; a workaround for now is to disable fullscreen in the hardware settings: C:\Users\ YOUR NAME HERE \Documents\My Games\DiRT Rally 2.0\hardwaresettings\hardware_settings_config.xml ‘ fullscreen="0” ‘ You can also change the resolution here; another quick way is to change these settings in the flatscreen mode before going into VR. Incase you didn't know, in the Gameplay settings (which can also be accessed via the pause menu) there is a tab for VR Comfort. This contains options for the following: Enable all Views Enable Right Stick Camera Control Enable Looking Back Enable Locked Orientation Enable Motion Blur Full View During Crashes Known Issues The following is a (non-exhaustive) list of known issues with VR: 4x MSAA and higher, combined with Shader Detail set to Low, causing outline effect on trees. Ambient Occlusion set to Low causing shadowy effects on nearby objects. DiRT Rally 2.0 automatically running in VR mode if you have any VR peripherals (including sensors) connected while SteamVR is installed. (This is set to be resolved in version 1.8) Vive HMD resets position slightly behind head. Text being hard to read in SteamVR Pause screens. There are more known issues than this, however many are too minor to post here. As always the team is actively reading the forums to see how you're all getting on with the game.
  6. Over the last while we've seen issues where players on Steam report stuttering and general FPS issues, and after investigating it a bit further we wanted to put together a short guide to help with this. WARNING: Windows PC users: Disable Game Bar in Windows Settings. Disable "Steam overlay while in-game" in Steam settings. Make sure "Compatability Mode" is disabled on the .exe file for DiRT Rally 2.0. Enable Vsync and verify that the Frame Rate setting is at 60hz. If you're using an NVIDIA graphics card: In NVIDIA GeForce experience settings: Disable in-game overlay. In NVIDIA Control Panel > Configure Surround > PhysX: Select your graphics card in PhysX. In Manage 3D Settings: Find DiRT Rally 2.0 in programs (most likely under Steam) > [Add] In the settings for the program select the following: . CUDA - GPUs: [Use these GPUS] > Choose your graphics card model. . Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames: 1 . Power Management mode: Prefer Maximum Performance . [Apply] In-game: Graphics: Set [Crowd] to anything below [Ultra]. Ensure that multisampling is set to an appropriate setting for your PC spec. Additional tips: Remove all non-essential USB devices (including wheels and VR equipment) before launching. Once the game is launched plug in the devices you wish to use. Alternatively you can disable all non-essential USB HID devices through the following steps: Device Manager > Human interface devices Right-click on the relevant USB devices and select [Disable]. If you were having stuttering or FPS issues before this, please try the above and share your results in this thread.
  7. Below you'll find a list of guides regarding various technical aspects of the game. Click on each thread for further info. Online/Server Guides: Technical Guides: Feature Guides:
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