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Found 8 results

  1. GeorgeMs7


    I try to play multiplayer in f12019 .. the other players ghosting and teleporting around in front of me and behind.. i cant play like this.. please guys help me.. my internet connection not having problem..(PC)
  2. Ok, this is a weird one: When I seitch to replay mode in F1 2019, I am capable of changing the cameras with the arrows. But the problem is, that I only get rear angles. For example, I only see the rear wing and can't change it to front wing. Some angles allow me to look to the left or right when moving my wheel, but I never see the track in front of me. T Cam also doesn't work in replay mode and the highlight camera doesn't aswell. Does anybody know a solution? It's not a game breaking thing for me, but still annoying, espexially if I wanna enjoy an overtake again when looking at the track in front of me, not behind.
  3. Please can a coddies rep, give me some advice on what to do with my game, I have a digital download copy of f1 2019 for the Xbox one x, after patch 1.05 the game is working fine however now I cant even start the game and will not go past the title screen, I have tried all troubleshooting options and the issue still persists I need to know if this is a known issue? Is it a bug? When will it be fixed? Before I start asking Xbox support for a refund. all of my other digital copies of games I have purchased work fine.
  4. Hello, i have problems in joining online sessions since 2017 but this is the first game where i cant really join any session at all. When i choose a lobby the game just gets stuck on some % of loading or it goes veeeery slow and then after a few minutes the games gives me an error (impossible to join the session). I'd really need help from someone that could know what this problem is and what causes it. My internet speed isnt the best but its enough for litterally EVERY OTHER online game so i really dont know what to do. My ping is usually between 10 and 30, my download speed is decent (30mbps) and my upload is 2-3mbps. Thanks in advance to anyone who helps.
  5. I recently installed Operation Flashpoint: Red River on Steam looking to try it out and I only get audio in the game from the startup logos and the campaign's intro movie. Other than that, there's no audio coming from the game whatsoever. I need assistance in fixing that problem so I can continue playing it. I have & use an external USB audio interface with custom ASIO software to play audio. I have a soundcard in my computer but I disabled it as well as setting my audio's format to 16 bit 44.1 kHz (CD format) but to no avail. Hope to have the problem fixed. Thank you.
  6. Hey, I’m having a lot of trouble with braking and trail breaking in this game, also with accelerating out of corners. I’m not bad at it but I can definitely get a lot better. At each track I’ve attempted in Time Trial I’ve been losing over half a second just on the brakes and a bit more in accelerating out of the corners to my rival every lap, I know this as I can see where I lose all the time thanks to my rivals ghost/telemetry. I’m using a Xbox One Elite Controller and currently my best time is at China I’m now P12 in the standings on Xbox, but still over half a second down on P1 who’s also using a controller. Can somebody give me some general advice on braking and accelerating or any controller calibration tips that may help? This video is a few days old as I set a new lap time today of 1:31.203 as I used a setup for the first time at China which took me up to P12 from P13. I’m still having the same problems regardless of this marginal improvement. Thank you 03BAB371-3220-4CAC-8314-880AA0AD597F.mp4
  7. Help!! Is there anyway to do an unranked season with realistic cars and it save so you can continue another day like last years f1 game? We dont want to do a league with equal cars. Please help! Started one out when we went offline there was no way to continue it! Is there a way??????
  8. Hello, I've just bought Dr2.0 from Steam. I've downloaded and installed the game for second time now. Graphics card is up to date. Several boots and rain dances, but no help. This is frustrating. The game won't start at all. Not any error messages etc. When I try to start the game from steam, in game collection column, next to dirt rally "running" info just flashes, and then nothing. OS Win7 x64, GeForce 660ti, Core I5 3570k, 16gb ram and Z77 mb. Any suggestions? -Pete