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Found 5 results

  1. TheEmpireWasRight

    No Assists vs. Assists [F1 2019]

    Even if, according to JD aka. "Tiarl Limiss", assists are a bit slower on one lap pace for most average players, the results were still way too close. CM should take a look at Assetto Corsa, Project Cars series or Forza series etc., those games handle assists the right way, in those games you have to go for no assists to actually be competitive. Whereas in CM's F1 series assists always were way too close or even faster laptimewise to no assists which basically destroys any incentive to actually learn and drive no assists racing (with the exception of F1 2013). Imo, the difference between no assists and assists should be that asissts are at least 4 seconds slower, if full assists are being used. Here's a example of how that could be achieved: Full ABS, should make one start braking at least (20 - 40 meters) earlier than no assists. Medium ABS, which currently doesn't exist for whatever reason, should make one start braking at least (15 - 30 meters) earlier than no assists. Low ABS, which currently doesn't exist for whatever reason, should make one start braking at least (10 - 20 meters) earlier than no assists. Full TC, should make acceleration at least (30 - 60 kmh) slower out of corners. Medium TC, should make acceleration at least (20 - 40 kmh) slower out of corners. Low TC, which currently doesn't exist for whatever reason, should make acceleration at least (10 - 20kmh) slower. Auto Gears, should always shift up at 11500 rpm. If all this, or a similar approach to no assists vs. assists balancing, is considered and done, the game will be more "E-Sports" friendly. Also if some bonus extra XP or ingame cash for not running assists was granted to no assists driving, it would give even more incentive to the players to finally make the switch and eventually forces us all to be better drivers.
  2. @Faya Please add a option where we can have 3 different separate preset sliders to adjust the difficulty of practice sessions, qualifying sessions and race sessions respectively in a permanent manner. I always have to change difficulty multiple times during a Grand Prix Weekend to closely match real life laptimes, which is annoying to do over and over again. For example, in my case i would like to be able to assign the following 3 separate difficulty settings permanently via the option menu so that i won't have to manually adjust all the time; 105 for Free Practice, 110 for Qualifying, 95 for the Race. If this was made possible, it would make the whole experience more enjoyable and convenient in the long run. EDIT: Please also add two difficulty branches, AI Pace (overall speed of the AI) and AI Aggressiveness (overall aggressiveness of the AI).
  3. Hi! New league system is really good idea, but i'm sure there is some points that need to be added/changed to make Leagues much better! Administrator should be able to remove player or change a date without voting! It's so annoying at this moment. Idk why it's not possible to change date to earlier. It should be allowed. Maybe it will be useful to make button tu delete whole league. I've made two of them for testing and now it's almost impossible to kick everyone (because of voting procces) to delete league. Option to turn off all votings off. In conclusion: administrators should be much more powerful at Leagues, because at this moment this game mode is useless for big leagues like AOR. If I find some new things, I will write a reply. Thank you, hope it will be updated.
  4. ...in the audio option menu, so that we can create our own sound experience the way we want it to be. At the moment imo the opponent cars are too loud, tyre squeal is too loud, crowd is too loud, engineer and our own car is too silent. But this could be rectified, if we get additional sliders to adjust the volume of several different aspects of the overall sound mix individually, e.g. a slider with the value from 0 - 100 for audio aspects such as: -Master Volume -Music -Replay Music -Engine Sound -Opponent Engine Sound -Tyres -Wind & Weather -Kerbs -Crashing & Bumps -Underfloor Plank Scraping Sound -Race Engineer -Commentators -Cutscenes Also, you could, at the very least, possibly even add premade audio mixes, e.g.: -Engine Mix (where our own cars engine sound far overpowers all the other sounds of the audio) -Driver Mix (where we get a muffled engine sound, higher wind and weather volumes and a louder engineer sound to simulate what the drivers hear inside their helmets) -Tyre Mix (where we get a more pronounced Tyre audio mix, with turned down volume on Engine sound) -Default Mix (basically the CM Audio Teams sound mix how they want the game to be audible to the players) Many other racing games and simulators already offer this variety of options to the players so that we can get our indiviual experience. Hope you will do the same and give us freedom. @issueskid @davidjgurney @RedDevilKT @Faya EDIT: Please add the same option of killing high frequencies we had in F1 2016, into F1 2019 too.
  5. From what i have gathered so far, the lcd screen on the virtual steering wheel inside the cockpit has got... -tyre temperatures -lap time (delta / mini sector) -ers (harvest / deploy / total / mode) -fuel (delta) -indicator (speed / gear /lap / position) Here is my request: Could you please add 'fuel mix' and 'brake bias' to the steering wheel screen inside the cockpit? Those two entities of information are essential for immersion and functionality, as it is more convenient to be seeing the correct numbers on screen at all given times during racing, especially in cockpit mode.