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Found 3 results

  1. Hey there, So I race online a lot & this happened to me twice now at the same circuit once when I was host & once when I wasn’t it, both times I was a full lobby i game on Xbox series x just at the start of the race the entire screen would go black & yellow, when the game transitioned to the formation lap it would appear normal apart from a green spot on the track at pit entry as well as a rainbow road at the second drs straight after turns 9-10
  2. Issue with car not turning into pit lane it’s showing error code BXEA-GXKC-VDSE-GDEG can someone please help me? Thanks
  3. f1 2021 version 1.06. Latest update. tried deleting and reinstalling and same issue still present. When I join social (Unranked) races from the browse menu. The race starts and a few laps in to either race or qualifying I get a message saying ”Communicating with online services” from there the game generally freezes and I can’t continue.
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