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Found 10 results

  1. I moved the game to my second monitor using the Windows keyboard shortcut and it showed up on it like everything is normal but then i noticed that i could not open start menu so in fact nothing worked anymore except Grid menu music was still running and i could move my cursor and that was it. I had to hit the reset button. After that i tried it a second time and it was 100% reproducable.
  2. Since last night I’ve been trying to play Dirt Rally 2.0 but it’s not working? I’ve tried accessing MyTeam and I came up with this message... I don’t understand? I’ve tried accessing MyTeam so many times. has as anyone else had this issue?
  3. As administrator for my club, I attempted to create a new championship for my league - and it somehow bombed out during creation. Now it looks like it only saved one stage/leg, and I have NO idea what time-frame it saved for. I would like to delete and re-create it, but I don't see an option to be able todo so? Am I missing something? Sadly I can't even just 'ignore' it and create another championship alongside it, as it blocks and states I can't run another championship until the other is completed. Links: The 'broken' championship that I would like edited or deleted:https://dirtrally2.com/clubs/club/181874/results/championship/2/event/0 The club: https://dirtrally2.com/clubs/club/181874
  4. Hello! I would like to report two issues in F1 2019 Game in France GP. First is incorrect pit entry and second is flat curb in one place. I have recorded a movie with these issues. Thank you, Fryderyk
  5. So I skipped the feeder series, because I want all the current 2019 drivers on the grid for maximum realism but you don't have the ability to choose a team mate. I choose Williams and I am automatically given Kubica. Any reason why this is?
  6. Is there a way to make all the buttons of the Fanatec F1 2018 - Special Edition work? because there are Some dials that dont work with the ps4 edition.
  7. Hello, I've just bought Dr2.0 from Steam. I've downloaded and installed the game for second time now. Graphics card is up to date. Several boots and rain dances, but no help. This is frustrating. The game won't start at all. Not any error messages etc. When I try to start the game from steam, in game collection column, next to dirt rally "running" info just flashes, and then nothing. OS Win7 x64, GeForce 660ti, Core I5 3570k, 16gb ram and Z77 mb. Any suggestions? -Pete
  8. I have this option mapped to my LHS stick when pushed down. In the lobby & race you can see the voice/mic icon only lights up 50% of the time. The controller has no issues. My headset is a plantronics Rig 500e. Platform: PC-Steam Windows 10 1803-64bit Game Version: 1.15 Input: xbox one elite dx Version: 12 PC: i7 3930k, 1080ti
  9. For classic F1's the high PSI (20+) we are seeing in the setup screen for classic F1 cars is completely wrong. Yes this is correct for current Pirelli tyres however for the tyres in the 90s/2000s they could be under 10 PSI. Please consider changes for future releases. Platform: PC-Steam Windows 10 1803-64bit Game Version: 1.15 Input: xbox one elite dx Version: 12 PC: i7 3930k, 1080ti
  10. My CSW is broken however looking in the CSW xml file I also see this as an issue. I am using a x Box one elite gpad and lets just say deadzone = 0 is not 0. Furthermore there is no speed sensitivity option therefore going down the straight at higher speeds you can vigorously toggle the steering left & right & nothing happens at all. This makes it very difficult to correct a bad corner exit or navigate high speed direction changes such as COTA. I like driving with precise inputs for full control and feel and you just can not achieve this with the deadzone & particularly the no speed sensitivity option being the way it is. No other racing tittle I own does this. Please consider a patch for users that like full control and feel. If you test AC/ACC/PC1&2 they all have a Speed Sensitivity option.. Its a must! Platform: PC-Steam Windows 10 1803-64bit Game Version: 1.15 Input: xbox one elite dx Version: 12 PC: i7 3930k, 1080ti