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Found 6 results

  1. TeSLeclerc

    F1XL looking for new drivers!

    With Season 14 in the rear view mirror our eyes here at F1XL are focused firmly on Season 15. With just two and a half weeks to go until we kick off for our next season we are still accepting new signups to be eligible for our draft night on the 29th of January. A little bit about us - We are a F1 racing league on Xbox One that race every Sunday at 21:00GMT with a short qualifying session and a 50% race. We run multiple leagues for all skill of driver from beginner to a well seasoned F1 gamer. Setups are locked to Preset only however we allow you to change your Differential On Throttle and your Brake Bias to suit your custom. Car performance is set to Equal to give all our racers a fair chance. We allow you to run whatever assists you like except for Braking Assist which is banned and Manual Pit Entry (You must slow down for the Pit Lane yourself). If you're interested in joining such a great Formula 1 community head over to www.f1xl.co.uk for more information, where we have admins more than willing to help you with your needs. We look forward to seeing you very soon!
  2. AdventuresMachi

    Idea- Retiring in the pits

    In many leagues retiring has been a problem. In a race when you retire on track there is a chance that it may impede a car behind. You may think that retiring in the pits will solve this but instead the car that should be retiring decides to drive around the track which doesn’t ghost and can take someone out of the race. Solution: Have a button in the “Jeff” menu where you can retire in the pits. This will work by driving into the pits the same lap. The game should do the qualifying cut scene and put your car in the pits and retire your car causing no problem.
  3. Altair

    COR Cobra Online Racing PC

    Sign up to join the upcoming COR season, which will be starting some time in August (dates to be confirmed). 21 drivers currently signed but more are welcome as we are introducing a second split for this season. Our racing is fair and competitive but we welcome all drivers who wish to race in a fair league and improve their skills. Raceday: Sundays @7pm GMT (to be confirmed) -short qualifying / -50% race SIGN UP - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSenLrjG8V6zyKpB0BL7WsFEyJDTb9PdPva7B6lurG2_qdMhNg/viewform WEBSITE - https://www.cobraonlineracing.com/ We will run streams with live commentary and upload race highlights to YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU9wqcVq3Ldy2Azt4VzjU7A Thanks. Please let me know if you're interested and message me with any questions.
  4. Before I go into detail of what I believe is either broken or a major oversight within the NEW League System on F1 2019, I want to explain what WE at FNL1 eSports run in our league. This may or may not be what other leagues do or offer but "I" assume most top level leagues run a similar system. We run a highly competitive PS4 league. With regular 18-20 car grids. These number can vary and often do when real life events intervene from time to time. We have learnt to be as flexible as possible but also fair to all drivers. In saying that, more often then not out of our pool of drivers there often is not a full grid of 20 cars. We use a system of 2 dropped rounds over a 21 race season. This is our way of being flexible to the odd missed race. As good as the AI option is we neither want it nor require it. As a matter of fact it is a particular hindrance to other drivers who race regularly. When creating a LEAGUE, at the FORMAT tab, we are presented with this screen: The AI option is available, but Privacy is by default set on PUBLIC and MULTIPLAYER Car is locked in. If we change this to 2019 Cars by setting the Privacy to PRIVATE we can see in this screenshot that the AI option now becomes faded out and by default set to "VISIBLE IN THE STANDINGS" and CANNOT be changed! This seems intentional... I noticed this basic flaw while watching F1® 2019 | DEFEAT YOUR RIVALS | LEAGUES . Here you can see when Chief Games Designer Gav Cooper selects the 2019 cars the AI option below fades out. Why? At the time i noted this as a concern, but I also noted that the "Allow AI Substitution" option was still available. So I assumed that by turning this off it would override the "AI" default option which is LOCKED in with "Visible in standings". As you can see in my 2 screen shots this option is totally unavailable in either MULTIPLAYER Cars or 2019 Cars. Why? So is this a bug... or is it working as intended? Either way this is fundamentally flawed and is the proverbial brick wall that prevents our league from using the new LEAGUE SYSTEM. --> THE OPTION TO TURN OFF AI MUST BE AVAILABLE WITH 2019 CARS --> THE OPTION TO TURN OFF ALLOW AI SUBSTITUTION MUST BE MADE AVAILABLE TO ALL CATEGORIES There are other issues with the League system that are not as critical but are no less vital to catering to ALL eSport Leagues. Here is a list of a few, but I'm sure others will have more. * Inability to have reserve drivers. This would be much better then having AI as the ONLY option to replace any unused slots. * Inability to populate calander with random dates. Some leagues follow the real life F1 calander which does not always follow a 2 week schedule as we all know. * Lack of a Constructors Championship. Thats the WHOLE point of using 2019 Cars
  5. Hello guys, As the title suggests I'm looking for a league on F1 2018, or when it releases, F1 2019. I consider myself slow, why I want to join a league where i can work on my pace. One reason why i am so slow might be that i use assists like ABS, medium traction control and auto gears. My goal is that i am able to drive without Assists one day, which is why I want to join a league where there isn't that much of pressure, but there is still a competitive character. I currently live in Europe and would prefer a racing time that's not too late in the evening, but just tell me your starting time and i will think about it. Thanks for reading and im looking forward to any kind of response. I race on PC, although I own a PS4 but I don't want to race there. Best regards, Kryptox
  6. Looking for a ps4 league any time of the day, any day of the week. I'm in the top 500 at almost every track.