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Found 67 results

  1. spolky1211

    F1 2019 Xbox Racing League

    Looking for New members to fill up the grid this season. Race days are Sundays at 12 Midday Uk time. Race length is 50%.
  2. Looking for a PS4 racing league? Then look no further because the guys at BPRL have decided to start just that! BPRL have been mainly an Xbox league for over 5 years, until now.. Races will be 50% race distance and will be held at 8:30PM GMT. We have just opened up sign ups so what are you waiting for! Click here ➡️ https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdSgHJ13_gKXIGtN0pIxxjo1fzKL_u0L41NBz74JZWZHC6ixA/viewform We are also looking for a commentator to commentate alongside the league host, if interested please DM us on Twitter @BPRLPS4 or reply here! #BeepBeep
  3. RoastedBeef77

    F1 2019 PS4 League (UK/Europe)

    Hello there! I’m looking to start a racing league for F1 2019 on PS4. Let me know if you would like to join. As I live in the UK I’ll be accepting those who live in the UK or in Europe. Races will be 50% long. I’m unsure with the Qualifying as to whether i’ll set it to short or full. Assists, though I’m not 100% certain as to whether I’ll allow them or not, my preference is to not enable them. My PSN is RoastedBeef02 so if you’d like to join reply to this with your PSN and I’ll add members.
  4. RACE SPEC F1 ESPORTS Formula 2 Sprint Series Due to unforeseen circumstances, the start of this series was postponed a week and now will start THIS WEEKEND on 8th & 9th November. That means there's still time to join and be part of this great mini-series! There's now very limited places left on all platforms. XB1 - 3 places left! PS4 - 2 places left! These places will fill up quickly, so don't miss out and sign up below! _______________________________________________________________ Formula 2 racing has FINALLY arrived at Race Spec! 📢 😎 2019 F2 cars Full 12 Round F2 Calendar Locked car setup (spec series) F2 Points System F2 Race Weekend Format One-shot Qualifying 50% Feature Race 50% Sprint Race (top 8 cars in reverse feature race finishing order) Live streams and commentary Launching on all platforms (XB1, PS4, Steam) on the 8th & 9th of November. Check the banner below for the race time in your time zone (bottom left). F2 cars will be allocated via driver preference submitted through the form, with drivers that sign up earliest getting priority. So get in quick! SIGN UP IS OPEN - Hit the link below to sign up now! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP
  5. Du bist auf der Suche nach einer Formel 1 Liga mit Anfängern aber auch fortgeschrittenen Fahrern? Du willst Sonntagabend entspannt Formel 1 spielen ohne 500mal die Strecke trainieren zu müssen? Dann bist du bei uns genau richtig! Die IRC ist eine Liga welche sich spielübergreifend bereits in der 5. Saison befindet. Wir legen natürlich Wert auf faires Fahren, wissen aber auch das jeder Fahrer mal Fehler macht. Der Spaß steht für uns im Vordergrund! Die Rennen starten jeden Sonntag um 17 Uhr und enden gegen 20 Uhr. Zwischendrin gibt es natürlich eine halbe stunde Pause. Wir fahren 2x 50 % Rennen und jeweils ein kurzes Qualifying. Bei den Fahrhilfen schreiben wir nichts vor. In unserem Discord kannst du jederzeit den WM-Stand sowie die aktuellen Quali- und Rennergebnisse nachschauen. Außerdem haben wir einen YouTube Kanal, auf dem Highlights(https://youtu.be/4kUpUkFJElk) zur Formel 1 Liga hochgeladen werden. Hier kannst du dir einen ersten Eindruck von uns machen. Wenn du Interesse hast, trete einfach unserem Discordserver bei! https://discord.gg/626Zf5X dort gibt aus auch alle weiteren Informationen und Regeln zur Liga. Hier erhältst du auch weitere Information zur Liga! Wir freuen uns auf dich!
  6. betts715

    New league coming soon

    I’m new on the forums but I’m not when playing f1 games been competing in league racing since f1 2016 first with asr now with TransNationeSports and I’ve made an account to promote the league I will be working on, Will start as one category for first season as I don’t know how many drivers I will be able to get and I need to workout what I wanna run it like, feel free to follow me so you don’t miss the openings if your interested and follow my Instagram bbetts1 or message me on play station 4, most likely it will be based ondiscord as it’s free and a gd app
  7. UPDATE REMINDER YOU MUST JOIN OUR DISCORD TO RACE WITH US !! https://discord.gg/V2rw2dW Have a look at our website https://racingleaguehub.com/ Looking for PC players!! PS4 F1 Racing League Hub - Season 5 F1 (Medium TC) F1 Racing League Hub - Season 5 F2 (With TC) F1 Racing League Hub - Season 5 F3 (All assists allowed) F1 Racing League Hub -Season 5 F4 (All assists allowed) PC F1 Racing League Hub -Season 1 F1 (All assists allowed) Hi, welcome to RLH. This league is for all people who can race clean and is a passionate F1 fan. What we have to offer: Clean racing, A website with: - Season information - Steward section - Media section - Driver statistics - Live stream - Video gallery - Forum -Live stream with commentators The website is being actively developed, more features and changes will come! PS4 Season 5 F1 We race at 7 PM UK time on Tuesday every week. 50% race distance and short qualifying. We allow all assists (medium TC) except braking, pit assists and ERS. Season 5 F2 We race at 7 PM UK time on Wednesday every week. 50% race distance and short qualifying. We allow all assists except braking and pit assists. Season 5 F3 We race at 7 PM UK time on Tuesday every week. 50% race distance and short qualifying. We allow all assists except pit assists. Season 5 F4 We race at 7 PM UK time on Wednesday every week. 50% race distance and short qualifying. We allow all assists except pit assists. PC Season 1 F1 We race at 7 PM UK time on Wednesday every week. 50% race distance and short qualifying. We allow all assists except pit assists. (PS4/PC and European ONLY) Have a look at our website https://racingleaguehub.com/ To register you have to make an account on the website and join the discord. Then apply to the league you want, if accepted you can pick a seat + drivers number. We hope to see you at the track in F1 League Hub! Join our discord server: https://discord.gg/V2rw2dW Still have doubts? Have a look on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRChYj5UH0YoOAMThkkPL2A Twitter: https://twitter.com/RacingLeagueHub Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/racingleaguehub/
  8. I'm participating in this 5-event league called krauzik95 and the last event (event 5/5) was on september 20, but the event isn't closing. When i go to the league sceen it still says: 'NEXT LEAGUE EVENT' with 'Go to event: OPEN'. But can't join. I am sure i'm connected to the internet. Ranked multiplayer is working fine. I hope someone can solve this issue for me as I'm in 1st place and would get the playstation trophy for winning a league event. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello I've recently started getting a few friends into playing Dirt Rally and we now wanted to try out the online leagues. After I set up our first event things did not appear to turn out the way I had expected them to and would hope someone here might have the experience to help me get this figured out. We had 3 stages and I figured I wanted to allow tuning and checkpoints for all of them so people could safely leave and resume another day at any stage. I figured I'd put a service area for the 2nd stage to see if that meant repairs before or after the stage. With the final setup looking like this: Well we were all surprised when upon entering the league we were simply thrown into the first track without any starting options for tuning or shakedowns. Once 2nd stage loaded up we did however get tuning, repairs, shakedown and "save and quit" button prompts offered up but they were all again missing for stage 3, which loaded right up as soon as stage 2 was completed. It seems weird that tuning would be tied to service area when they are both individually selectable. Is there a way to allow tuning but not repairs, can you force the pre-race set up menu to show instead of loading straight to the starting line? The setup offered by the dirtgame website were not very complex, so I feel like I must have missed something. Thank you for reading and for any insight you could share.
  10. I don't know if there is a problem with the game on XboxOne or if me and my friends are doing something wrong. When I create a private league for us and add them, they still can't join the events. The same thing happens when I try to join a league event. The Game always tells us that we failed joining the session. So if one member of the league is in the lobby, other members can't join it. Furthermore the same thing happens when we try to start an unranked race. Also both way the latency bars are blinking in my game and in the game of my friends. When any of us joins a random unranked event we have green latency bars and everything is fine. So the problem is that none of us can join one of our private leagues or unranked races and the latency bars are blinking. So again my question...is there some kind of problem with the game or are we doing something wrong. And no my Internet Connection isn't the problem.
  11. MouseOne Racing League is looking for drivers..... MouseOne F1 League is looking for drivers to participate in our fourth season [Stemming back to F1 2017] and we would love for you to join us... Details are as followed: PRO LEAGUE: -Fridays 7 PM BST [No Assists - Racing Line ONLY] -Main Driver Spots Available -Race Podium Graphics like below https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jHmP1lci3p4O9rkZ5fkuasJkZFv0u1IQqRR4hkbY978/edit#gid=0 Current Standings [Post-Austria R9] DEV LEAGUE: -Mondays 7 PM BST [Assists Allowed- Par Braking and Pit Assists] -Plenty of reserve spots available -Race Podium Graphics like below provided after each race - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rwtvOOGbheH4ynAHoGHrCD5_GK1DD3VSjX_SR9jf9oI/edit#gid=0 Current standings [Post-France] What you need to do! Join us using the link --->>: https://discord.gg/ZzJsTFZ Await the community role and sign-up on our driver info section Post Time Trials from 3 random tracks as provided by the Admin Team to place you correctly in a tier React to attendance and have fun RACING!
  12. VRL (Vortex Racing League) is an European based racing league mainly focused on F1 2019. It was created in 2019 by a group of friends including me (Lightcruiser). We are currently doing our first ever league on F1 2019. But this time im looking for drivers to join our Formula 2 League/Championship! -------------------------------------------------------- Discord: https://discord.gg/MxBrzzZ Sign ups have opened in our discord! Make sure to join! -------------------------------------------------------- Side Information: Using real life F2 Calendar PC Only league! Formula 2 league at TBA @ 20:30 CEST / 19:30 BST (Currently in vote wich day) Also doing a main F1 league you can join as reserve/driver. Session Options: Qualifying: To be discussed. Race Distance: 50% Quick Weather: Dynamic Session Start Time: Official Race Settings: Car Performance: Equal Parc Fermé Rules: On Collisions: On Vehicle Damage: Reduced Safety Car and Virtual Safety Car: On Rules and Flags: On Corner Cutting Stringency: Strict Formation Lap: On Race Starts: Manual Assists: Allowed (Yes) or Not Allowed (No) ABS (Anti-Lock Brakes): Yes TC (Traction Control): Yes (Medium) RL (Racing Line): Yes AG (Automatic Gearbox): Yes PLA (Pit Lane Assistant): No PSRA (Pit Stop Release Assistant): No If you enjoy close, competitive online league racing and wish to challenge yourself against successful drivers, or if you're completely new to online league racing and wish to give it a try, then please contact us on Twitter or contact me on Steam/Discord! If you want to know more about our league then please comment below! You can sign up by joining our Discord wich is linked below! -------------------------------------------------------- Discord: https://discord.gg/MxBrzzZ Sign ups have opened in our discord! Make sure to join! -------------------------------------------------------- Or contract me here to get involved! Twitter: @LightcruiserHD Steam: Lightcruiser Discord: Lightcruiser#1553
  13. Hi, My friends and I have been playing the league system since the game was released. We enjoy doing long runs and qualifying for this before hand, so have been doing "30 minute practices / Q1/Q2/Q3 / 50% races" which has been working as expected, Apart from the occasional crash experienced due to Directx12 in most cases. When crashes did occur we were able to rejoin and take part in the next part of the event weekend. However since Britian we have been doing practice/Qualifying without issue and then crashing every time before the race. We tried to skip tracks and continue but as this happened at the next 5 circuits we can comfortably say its not based on that. We tried adjusting multiple options, starting new leagues, running in directx11 / 12, turning off steam overlay to name just a few. Only once in this did we manage to get into the race and this is when there was only 2 of the group. Has there been problems with the league system? This originally started occuring after making no changes, so i can only assume it was something in one of the patches that caused this. Do you have any suggestions on how we can resolve this as without the league system this game is fairly pointless to us. (mainly cos the safety rating system sucks...you had a bad race, here race with these numerous racers who have a habit of crashing into each other......try and be safe!....really??) Anyways, any suggestions on game crash would be appreciated.
  14. Worldwide Sim Racing is looking for drivers of all skill levels to populate it's multiple feeder series. Race against some of the best F1 drivers in the world, and make your way to the WSR1 Series where the Top 3 drivers can win CASH PRIZES! 250USD for the winner and more in future seasons. We live stream every race and are currently in the middle of our inaugural season. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYNZKaHEU5yWrlRkxA5Qhcw Reply to this thread with your PSN ID, message me on PSN or send us a message via our social media if you're interested in joining!
  15. We are looking for a few people to fill in the gaps of our two tiers of racing, as well as some reserve drivers. Only requirement is that you must be in Aus/NZ Tier 1 is run with strict CC @ 7:15pm AEST / 9:15pm NZST Tier 2 is run with regular CC @ 9:00pm AEST / 11:00pm NZST If this sounds of interest to you, please join our Discord 🙂 https://discord.gg/KR7kVsQ
  16. Hallo ihr F1 2018/19 Rennfahrer, wir sind die easyplay Gaming Community (EPGC) und bieten eine weitreichende Plattform für Multiplayer Spiele an. Im Angebot haben wir unter anderem die eFormula1 (eF1), in welcher wir gemeinsam 100% Rennen in einer Liga bestreiten. Die eF1 bieten wir in zwei Versionen an. Eine Liga fährt Sonntags, die andere Samstags. Die EPGC sucht dabei noch weitere Fahrer, die in der F1 2019 Saison teilnehmen. Welche Einstellungen gibt es? F1 2019 Saison: 100% Rennen komplettes Qualifying gemeinsames Training 90min + 60min Fahrzeugperformance: Realistisch Eine realisitsche Wagenperformance erlaubt uns ein online Karriere Erlebnis zu ermöglichen, bei welchem jeder Fahrer die Chance hat sich an die Spitze zu kämpfen. Du sammelst u.a. Punkte für Anwesenheit, ein Rennen ohne Unfälle für die du bestraft wurdest oder auch wenn du deinen Teamkollegen in den Sessions schlägst. Zulässige Fahrhilfen: ABS, Traktionskontrolle, Ideallinie, automatisches Getriebe. Samstags - Liga: 11:00 - 12:30 1. Freie Training 12:30 - 13:30 2. Freie Training 14:00 - 14:45 Qualifikation 15:00 - 17:00 100% Rennen Sonntags - Liga: 11:00 - 12:30 1. Freie Training 12:30 - 13:30 2. Freie Training 14:00 - 14:45 Qualifikation 15:00 - 17:00 100% Rennen Wen suchen wir? Fahrer die... jederzeit fair fahren Spaß am kollektiven Spielen von F1 haben zuverlässig und pünktlich sind Wie nehme ich Kontakt auf? Über unsere Webseite, im Reiter Kontakt, ganz einfach und schnell Kontakt aufnehmen. Alle weiteren Informationen, findet ihr auch auf unserer Webseite: www.easyplaygc.de
  17. MRL RobertDoornbos

    F1 2019 PS4 League - Mondays MLR League Signups

    Minardi Racing League is looking for drivers for our inaugural season. We are looking for any drivers from over Europe to take part in our new League and create a fun and clean racing environment. Times: League races are scheduled on Monday evenings at 8:00PM German time/7:00PM UK Time Racing: 50% races Short qualifying (18 mins) Strict Corner Cutting Formation Lap: On Damage: Full Ghosting: Off Safety Car: On We allow all assists, but we might change this a couple of seasons further up the road. Joining MRL: It's really easy, Join our Discord via the link below. https://discord.gg/RFXmdA9 React to this thread Message me on PS4, PSN: RobertDoornbos Message me on Instagram @MRL_F1 Any of the above will do! Once we have contact i'll hook you up and get you racing!  Hope to see you on our grid soon!
  18. Skraszek

    GRID E-Sport

    Hello, I come with a question to codemasters and to people who might be interested in whether there will be e-sport in the new GRID, I mean some league or some major tournament. If they do not have plans, maybe if there is a big response from us, codemasters will think about it and do some league as in F1 or championship as in Dirt Rally 2.0. I count on some response because it seems to me that this can be a really cool thing and that I'm not only interested in this topic.
  19. 🏁 REGISTRATIONS ARE STILL OPEN! 🏁 Hello everyone! The first season of our new PitWall Community League (PWCL) starts at the beginning of October! You are wondering if this league is something for you? You don't have to, because there will be several skill-based divisions right at the start, where you will always meet the right opponents! Each division consists of a certain number of drivers, which will result from the total number of all participants. Division A will include the best riders, while Division C, for example, will allow beginners to compete against each other. This way you can be sure that you will never compete in boring, unbalanced races! All you need to sign up is a Discord account. Join our server and be part of the first PWCL when it starts at the beginning of October! Anyways, thanks for your attention. Hopefully we will see each other soon in the race! You got any more questions? Ask us in the comments below!
  20. We're pleased to announce a Formula 1 League in the brand new F1 2019 game. It will be 21 Rounds. It will take place on Monday's at 19:00 BST. After a successful application I can add you to the EERC Formula 1 Discord Serve. Only a few seats left, if you're reading this then there is a seat available. Everyone who signs up will have a guaranteed drive. SIGN UP HERE: https://forms.gle/4YqGbKVMHUijmPTB9 Weekend Structure Qualifying: Short (18 mins) Formation Lap: Yes Race Starts: Manual Race Distance: 50% Race Settings Parc Fermé Rules: Yes Collisions: Yes Vehicle Damage: Full Ghosting: No Car Setup: Yes Safety Car: Yes Rules and Flags: Yes Corner Cutting Stringency: Strict Tyre Temperature: Surface and Carcass (Simulation) Assist Restrictions Braking Assist: Off Anti-Lock Brakes: On Traction Control: Medium Dynamic Racing Line: Full Gearbox: Automatic Pit Assist: Off Pit Release Assist: Off ERS Mode: Automatic Come and have some fun!
  21. For anyone interested in a clean, organized, and fun weekly league that is also beginner-friendly, we've created a Monday night league with the following settings: Start time: Mondays 8pm EST Practice: None Qualifying: 18 mins Race Distance: 25% Season: Full 21 race calendar This league is intended for a group of regulars who enjoy fair and organized wheel-to-wheel racing, regardless of skill level. If you're interested, you can find our league with the following access code: CM#_PZX9DN Thanks!
  22. I just created a league and came up with a name :D Anyways I want to compete fairly and seriously. Hope I can find some players. If we had enough drivers race will start 28th August and next races will always be on Wednesdays. All tracks included. Short Quali with %50 races Here is the code CM#_JGPZZG
  23. Hi everyone, We are looking for a bunch more drivers to join our tiers of racing - looking for full time drivers as well as reserves. Limited places available. You must live in Aus/NZ and be able to race every Sunday evening. If this sounds of interest to you please join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/KR7kVsQ 🙂
  24. Hi all, I want to run a Private League with a friend vs AI, with the teams running “Realistic Performance” instead of “Equal”. There is not the option to do this. I have seen many others complain about this on forums and on Reddit since the game’s release, and I am disappointed that this small but important feature has not been added in the latest 1.07 Patch. Please rectify. Thanks.
  25. Jamiewalsh44

    Race100 Xbox One league

    Hi starting a new division of Race100 league and want some competitive racing and this league is about clean and competitive racing, if you are interested contact me on Xbox gamer tag is Jamiewalsh44 or comment your gamer tag