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Found 19 results

  1. FrettyST52

    RLH F1 - PC League

    https://racingleaguehub.com/ Hello and welcome to Racing League Hub. Our PC league is ongoing, however we've had a few spaces open up. We race Wednesday's 7pm UK time, all assists allowed except braking assist and pit assists. All other info can be found on our website. Join us on discord for more information on how to get racing! https://discord.gg/fsg37qk
  2. Looking for additional Drivers to join our Xbox National League Tier 2. Lobby open Sat 9:30-9:40pm, Race Start 10pm GMT Sharp. Also looking for Commentators / Broadcasters / Streamers Also need coordinators for our Regional League and also looking for Stewards within all our Leagues. If you think you can help out, then join our discord channel for Trans-Nation: https://discord.gg/RcKE6zR All these position are available in preparation of the commencement of our Leagues in January. If you do wish to drive in our league please join our discord and fill out our Registration form below. Please make sure you fill in all aspects of the form when applying. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1915qZx-i6APuZdYI_IRacjddCDJh7hB3Iw3Ez0nn8dA
  3. FrettyST52

    RLH F1 Season 6 - SIGN UP!

    https://racingleaguehub.com/ Hello and welcome to Racing League Hub. Our season begins next week and we have had a few last minute spaces open up! The races will continue to be held on Tuesday's and Wednesday's at 7PM UK depending on the tier you're placed in. (C1/C3 Tuesday | C2/C4 Wednesday) All assists and lobby settings for each tier can be found under the leagues section on our website. We're open to all abilities but have quite a few spaces available in C1 for you quick boys. Join us on discord for more information on how to get racing! https://discord.gg/fsg37qk
  4. New team started up that have 8 Xbox and 2 PS racers on F1 2019. Looking for drivers to add to our roster. contact me on dxtrico@outlook.com or join our discord on https://discord.gg/zjcHatW
  5. Hermann262

    #Schnittchenliga is recruiting!

    Fellow racing drivers, if you are tired of frustrating ranked lobbies in F1 2019, want a better organized and ongoing competition and you speak German fluently then please read below: ABOUT US Name: #Schnittchenliga Founded: 2016 System: 2 Leagues with about 36 drivers Language: German-speaking members Content: YouTube, Twitter and Instagram Races: Friday 8 p.m. CEST | Saturday 8 p.m. CEST Target: 3 Leagues (Pro, Advanced, Beginners) in the near future ABOUT YOU In order for you to apply, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION CAREFULLY (to avoid further complications): OVERALL REQUIREMENTS Age: 13 or older Language: German Platform: PC, Steam Game: F1 2019 Communication: Discord We currently have 2 seats in the 1st League available, this requires to drive without any assists. The 2nd League is looking for 6 reserve drivers who have a high chance to be promote at the start of Season 7. 1st League Assists Traction control: Off Racing line: Off Both pit assists: Off ERS: Manual or automatic ABS: Off Gears: Manual/ with suggested gears Practice: 30 Min. Q: Full Qualifying R: 50% Corner Cutting: Strict If you fulfill all of these, apply with the link at the bottom of this page. 2nd League Assists Traction control: On/Medium/Off Racing line: Only corners/off Both pit assists: Off ERS: Manual or automatic ABS: Off Gears: Automatic/Manual/with suggested gears Practice: 30 Min. Q: Full Qualifying R: 50% Corner Cutting: Normal If you fulfill all of these, apply with the link at the bottom of this page. https://forms.gle/9FsPzETVRvV9Hcg4A Add me on Discord for more questions or if you applied: Hermann26#7277 Thank you for reading and if you aren't German, but know people you are, let them know, Thank you. 😄 Greetings, Hermann26
  6. MouseOne Racing League is looking for drivers..... MouseOne F1 League is looking for drivers to participate in our fourth season [Stemming back to F1 2017] and we would love for you to join us... Details are as followed: PRO LEAGUE: -Fridays 7 PM BST [No Assists - Racing Line ONLY] -Main Driver Spots Available -Race Podium Graphics like below https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jHmP1lci3p4O9rkZ5fkuasJkZFv0u1IQqRR4hkbY978/edit#gid=0 Current Standings [Post-Austria R9] DEV LEAGUE: -Mondays 7 PM BST [Assists Allowed- Par Braking and Pit Assists] -Plenty of reserve spots available -Race Podium Graphics like below provided after each race - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rwtvOOGbheH4ynAHoGHrCD5_GK1DD3VSjX_SR9jf9oI/edit#gid=0 Current standings [Post-France] What you need to do! Join us using the link --->>: https://discord.gg/ZzJsTFZ Await the community role and sign-up on our driver info section Post Time Trials from 3 random tracks as provided by the Admin Team to place you correctly in a tier React to attendance and have fun RACING!
  7. MRL RobertDoornbos

    F1 2019 PS4 League Mondays - MLR Season 1 Sign-ups

    Minardi Racing League is looking for drivers for our inaugural season. We are looking for any drivers from over Europe to take part in our new League and create a fun and clean racing environment. Times: League races are scheduled on Monday evenings at 8:00PM German time/7:00PM UK Time Racing: 50% races Short qualifying (18 mins) Strict Corner Cutting Formation Lap: On Damage: Full Ghosting: Off Safety Car: On We allow all assists, but we might change this a couple of seasons further up the road. Joining MRL: It's really easy, Join our Discord via the link below. https://discord.gg/RFXmdA9 React to this thread Message me on PS4, PSN: RobertDoornbos Message me on Instagram @MRL_F1 Any of the above will do! Once we have contact i'll hook you up and get you racing!  Hope to see you on our grid soon!
  8. Since the announcement of DiRT Rally 2.0 leagues such as AOR (ApexOnlineRacing) have been carefully planning and preparing their leagues to accommodate for the demand of competitive league featuring DiRT Rally 2.0 However since the release of DiRT Rally 2.0 it has become apparent that in the release build of the game neither Rallycross or Rally leagues, at the quality that AOR is known for, are possible. I heavily suggest that the following features are added as soon as possible, seeing as the latest announcement mentions a partnership regarding Esports events. People will want to prepare for this, both existing and new simracers, so in order for that to be possible, leagues need to be possible. The tools in order to make a Rally league possible are easily explained, clubs (or that's what they were called in DiRT 4). This would enable league organizers and coordinators to set up and run championships with a large group of people, without needing every single participant to be present in a lobby, which is the luxury and quality we're used to since DiRT Rally and DiRT 4. In order to make a Rallycross league possible three, preferably four, features would need to be added. These features are as follows: The ability to disable AI in Multiplayer Lobbies, since at the moment we're unable to filter out the AI. (Which also ruins the joy for me personally to do Multiplayer at all. I'm sure some people appreciate it, but at least making it optional would benefit either side of this argument) The ability to select which type of starting grid we use in a single race, i.e. a horizontal lineup (as WRX has during Heats) and a staggered lineup (as WRX has during Semi-Finals and Finals). As right now we're always forced into a heat format if we select to run a single race, which really doesn't feel right. An idea for this would be to look at the DiRT 4 feature where we could decide between the format "Timed" and "Position". The ability to assign starting grid positions to each participant in the lobby (this requires both previous points). This would enable us to hold the league as close to the WRX format as possible, since in WRX your starting position means everything, especially considering starting from the front is way more advantageous over starting from the back row. This means we would be able to hold an x number of heats which lead into a Semi-Final where the winner and the runner-up of the overall heat standings start on pole position in there respective semi-finals. The ability to spectate and toggle to be a spectator in a lobby. This isn't mandatory but both for future official Esports events and leagues such as AOR, having a dedicated streamer broadcast and commentate on your event makes the overall league and event much more open to the audience and again improves the overall quality of the league. (Who doesn't love to watch close side-by-side racing) The aforementioned features would be necessary to hold any kind of decent RX league if you ask me, some to enable a league at all, others to stay as true to the WRX format and some to open it up to people who aren't involved in the event/league. And seeing as there is an official Esports partnership these features would probably be highly appreciate by both simracers, league organizers/coordinators and the organizers of the Esports events. These were my suggestions and I really hope these features are looked over and implemented as soon as possible, even though I know being a developer is a lot of work and they over get overlooked, the community would appreciate these features a lot (Even more than custom liveries, which are also nice to add some individuality to both singleplayer, multiplayer, competitive leagues and Esports events). On top of that if they're already in development or are going to be taken into development, organizers and league coordinators would love to know ahead of time so they can plan and schedule.
  9. To be honest the multiplayer car was one of those new features I've been looking forward to in F1 2019, especially because of league racing. However I feel, that the multiplayer car needs an update, because more and more leagues are turning away from it, despite they had huge plans with doing a season with custom teams. And I think it is because it doesn't have as much features, that some players wanted. So here is an idea, that might make online leagues and players to use the multiplayer cars more often. Team up option: This is the option, that multiplayer cars needs the most, especially when you're doing a league race or play with a friend. At the moment the game puts you into a random person, and to be fair it can be quite annoying, when you come into the pits with a person, and that person is your teammate, and therefore your pitstop last for half a minute, and your podium chances are gone immediately. How would this feature work?: Option 1: When you are in the lobby, you click to a person, and the following would pop up: Send team request or something like that. The player would have an option to either accept or reject the request for 30 seconds. And if the person accepts your request, you'd make a team, for example: Team A. This would make you and your teammate/friend, to get the same pit box, instead of getting a random person. If the season starts, but you don't team up with somebody, then you get a random teammate. Here's how it would look like: Username Team Guy 1 A Guy 2 A Guy 3 B Guy 4 C Guy 5 C Guy 6 B Guy 7 - Guy 8 - Guy 9 - Option 2: There would be teams from A to J, but the method would be the same, like in the OFFICIAL F1 2019 cars. How it would look like: Team A (0/2) --> nobody is in this team Team B (2/2) --> this team is full Team C (1/2) --> there is 1 player in this team Team D (2/2) Team E (0/2) Team F (0/2) Team G (2/2) Team H (1/2) Team I (1/2) Team J (2/2) Overall this is how I imagine the update. If you have any comments, agreements, disagreements, feel free to share it in the comments below.
  10. RoastedBeef77

    F1 2019 PS4 League - UK x Europe

    Hello there! As F1 2019 has just released, I’m looking to start a racing league for F1 2019 on PS4. Let me know if you would like to join. As I live in the UK I’ll be accepting those who live in the UK or in Europe. Races will take place on Sunday evening. Races will be 50% long. Qualifying is set to full, however that can be changed if necessary. Also, no assists, this should hopefully raise the calibre of drivers we have. My PSN is RoastedBeef02 so if you’d like to join reply to this with your PSN and I’ll add members. LEAGUE CODE: CM#_2DX9V2
  11. Hello there. I have started a Greek league with limited assists but some of them are allowed. All Greeks are welcome. You will find our league in the Leagues page in the game or contact me on steam Nikolidis or the owner of the league Gabrriel. Ευχαριστώ
  12. When starting a league and selecting “AI visible in standings” once the league is set up the AI are not showing nor are they there when you start the race. Also the car performance is stuck on equal with no way to change it?
  13. Hi! New league system is really good idea, but i'm sure there is some points that need to be added/changed to make Leagues much better! Administrator should be able to remove player or change a date without voting! It's so annoying at this moment. Idk why it's not possible to change date to earlier. It should be allowed. Maybe it will be useful to make button tu delete whole league. I've made two of them for testing and now it's almost impossible to kick everyone (because of voting procces) to delete league. Option to turn off all votings off. In conclusion: administrators should be much more powerful at Leagues, because at this moment this game mode is useless for big leagues like AOR. If I find some new things, I will write a reply. Thank you, hope it will be updated.
  14. bothydweller


    New Game, New UPL 🏁 Under a Week to go till the New F1 2019 Game will be on our Screens Make sure you sign up for our New Season that will be Starting in just over a months time 🏆 Custom Teams✅ F2 Cars✅ Classic Tier✅ Sign up here - surveymonkey.com/r/8HWGSRK #UPLF1S6
  15. TomRB12

    Xbox One F1 Leagues

    I was wondering if anyone could direct me to an F1 league for Xbox One. Nothing too serious, just something to get into as a casual player.
  16. RACE SPEC ESPORTS F1 2019 Series Sign Up (All platforms) CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP Sign up for the Race Spec Esports F1 2019 Series is officially open for PS4, XBOX and PC! This is a global series on all platforms which is made by the racers, FOR the racers. We aim to provide the best possible online racing experience and build the series around YOU and your availability. The series is for drivers of all abilities, and you'll be matched with other drivers of similar ability in the leagues you select for a truly competitive and customisable experience. All league races will be live streamed with commentary on our YouTube channel and Twitch. LEAGUES The F1 2019 series will include the following full calendar league options on all platforms. Choose the leagues you want to race in when you sign up and compete in as many as you wish! Global F1 Leagues - Leagues with drivers from all over the world matched by availability, assists used, and driving ability. Regional F1 Leagues - Leagues with drivers from your surrounding region (Europe, Oceania, America etc). F2 Car Leagues - Leagues using the F2 cars new to F1 2019 (subject to the cars being available online). Classic Car Leagues - Leagues where drivers use the same Classic Car for a particular circuit. The Classic Car selected for each circuit will be a car that is infamous at that circuit in a randomised calendar. LEAGUE FORMAT Full F1 calendar in order, with one round each week until completion. Equal performance cars. Short qualifying. 50% race. RACE DAYS AND TIMES We aim to build each league around the drivers participating rather than have a set day and time drivers must adhere to. Therefore the days and start times of each league will be determined based on availability of drivers and be set for each league once sign-up closes. So don't forget to include you're availability in our very easy to use sign up form. WHEN DOES IT START? We anticipate that leagues will commence towards the end of July 2019. HOW TO SIGN UP Sign up is easy and takes less than 2 minutes. During sign up you will need to provide us with your details, availability, and enter your fastest dry Time Trial time for Britain if you play F1 2018 to give us an idea of you driving ability (no screenshot/evidence is required). Once you complete the sign up process you will be invited to the F1 Series Discord Server to join our growing community and keep up to date with the league. We look forward to you joining our community and racing with you in F1 2019! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOLLOW US Signed up yet? Once you have, follow and subscribe to our social channels including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with the series. All links are in our signature block. QUESTIONS? If we missed any information you want to know, or if you have any questions, please reply to this thread or contact us via one of our social channels in our signature.
  17. HI, I dont know if this has been asked before. But i`m asking the following: You know in Dirt Rally you get a online Events page @ https://www.dirtgame.com/uk/events , I was curious if we are going to get the same sort of thing in Dirt Rally 2.0 ? I would like to be able to see what the Dailys , Weeklys , Monthlys are in Dirt Rally 2.0 , If their isn`t a page like that , can i ask for it to be implemented. Thank you.
  18. Hi everyone just wanted to introduce myself. I've been playing Codemaster games for years and have been working in eSports for quite some time. I currently race in AOR & PRL and have been loving every second of it. My goal and ambitions have been for SIM Racing at the 11th eSports World Championship in Seoul, South Korea, and I love this game and love the F1 eSports series that has started out of it! Hope to see you all racing! -Lance
  19. Hello all! We are looking for clean and friendly PS4 drivers to take part in the League of Europe's first ever season on F1 2018. Our first race is on 2 March, with two pre-season races the weeks before. We currently have over 30 drivers with us ready to race, and we are hoping to run 2 divisions this season so there are still places available. You can sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeCaU9j5fr2sS9jSR7tZ98Jas1ua4Gf_GEgPPVDr_igM45Mjg/viewform?usp=sf_link Races are: 50% length with short qualifying Dynamic weather Official time of day Realistic damage All assists allowed Start time is every Saturday at 5.45 UK time for Division 1, and 7.15 for Division 2. Both races will be streamed live each week. You can check us out at our website: f1leagueofeurope.wordpress.com We will also be opening our social media very soon (Instagram and Twitter). Once you sign up, you can join our Discord server to chat with other drivers: https://discord.gg/g4S47RZ This season's calendar is: MAR 2: MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA | ROUND 1 MAR 9: MEXICO CITY, MEXICO | ROUND 2 MAR 16: SAKHIR, BAHRAIN | ROUND 3 MAR 23: SHANGHAI, CHINA | ROUND 4 MAR 30: BARCELONA, SPAIN | ROUND 5 APR 6: MONTE-CARLO, MONACO | ROUND 6 APR 13 BREAK WEEK APR 20: MONTREAL, CANADA | ROUND 7 APR 27: AUSTIN, USA | ROUND 8 MAY 4: LE CASTELLAT, FRANCE | ROUND 9 MAY 11: SILVERSTONE, BRITAIN | ROUND 10 MAY 18: HOCKENHEIM, GERMANY | ROUND 11 MAY 25: YAS MARINA, ABU DHABI | ROUND 12 JUN 1: BREAK WEEK JUN 8 MONZA, ITALY | ROUND 13 JUN 15: MARINA BAY, SINGAPORE | ROUND 14 JUN 22: SUZUKA, JAPAN | ROUND 15 JUL 29: SPIELBERG, AUSTRIA | ROUND 16 JUL 6: SPA, BELGIUM | ROUND 17 JUL 13: SAO PAULO, BRAZIL | ROUND 18 See you on the grid!