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Found 14 results

  1. In three different races it gets stuck on the waiting screen before lights out. Only one player takes off but everyone else can't move.
  2. Still prob with practice and long qualifying !!!! jumps to the race director and cant drive !!!!??? What to hell is going on?? Only way I can play like is joining game with 5 lap and one shot qualifying!!!?? All others is impossible!! That is when playing with wheel (thrusmaster 300 RS) !! analog joystick works well !!!??? F1 2019 PS4
  3. Is there an option/feature where I can take turns and easily switch players on my PS4 console? I want to race against multiple local players on my PS4 console. While I'd prefer split screen, I can settle if we can simply take turns, and have the game keep track of our results. Thanks. PS4
  4. After I reached Level 50 online, I received the achievement for it. But, after that, next race it reset to Level 1. I have races a little more and it is at Level 5 now.
  5. NALStudio

    Multiplayer Careers?

    Would it be cool to have a career mode witch is (almost) same as the normal career mode, but you can invite a friend on your team and the press will evaluate you compared to your team mate. It would also be cool if you need ti agree with your friend about what to upgrade next and stuff... I think this idea could be improved, but it just came into my mind like 5 minutes ago.
  6. @BarryBL All was fine when suddenly mi throttle was off as it was become the pit limiter. Maybe was a bug when my front left tyre was 50%, maybe was a bug about rain for no sense reason. Who knows!!!??? When I went out to the box the throttle was fine again.
  7. Hello people! I have a question. PS4 uses playstation + while PC doesn't (wow what a surprice). But what if I'm playing on a PC and would like to race against some one who uses a PS4? Is it possible to race together? Have a great day! Dex
  8. ivan3214

    Multiplayer in F1 2018

    Why the version in microsoft store aka F1 2018 PC GP don't have multiplayer,but have achievement's which unlock only in multiplayer?
  9. Hi, I am using xbox launcher in pc and I cannot find the multiplayer option in the game F1 2018. I can just play offline modes and there are not options to play with friends or online.
  10. Multiplayer event - pole position on 1st lap, but 1st lap didn't register. Notice after other players cross the line on 1st lap I move to 16th. I didn't realise what happened until 3rd lap. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/492753677?t=00h13m49s Note time stamp for start of race. Shows to the end.
  11. I'm participating in this 5-event league called krauzik95 and the last event (event 5/5) was on september 20, but the event isn't closing. When i go to the league sceen it still says: 'NEXT LEAGUE EVENT' with 'Go to event: OPEN'. But can't join. I am sure i'm connected to the internet. Ranked multiplayer is working fine. I hope someone can solve this issue for me as I'm in 1st place and would get the playstation trophy for winning a league event. Thanks in advance.
  12. I don't know if there is a problem with the game on XboxOne or if me and my friends are doing something wrong. When I create a private league for us and add them, they still can't join the events. The same thing happens when I try to join a league event. The Game always tells us that we failed joining the session. So if one member of the league is in the lobby, other members can't join it. Furthermore the same thing happens when we try to start an unranked race. Also both way the latency bars are blinking in my game and in the game of my friends. When any of us joins a random unranked event we have green latency bars and everything is fine. So the problem is that none of us can join one of our private leagues or unranked races and the latency bars are blinking. So again my question...is there some kind of problem with the game or are we doing something wrong. And no my Internet Connection isn't the problem.
  13. Hi, My friends and I have been playing the league system since the game was released. We enjoy doing long runs and qualifying for this before hand, so have been doing "30 minute practices / Q1/Q2/Q3 / 50% races" which has been working as expected, Apart from the occasional crash experienced due to Directx12 in most cases. When crashes did occur we were able to rejoin and take part in the next part of the event weekend. However since Britian we have been doing practice/Qualifying without issue and then crashing every time before the race. We tried to skip tracks and continue but as this happened at the next 5 circuits we can comfortably say its not based on that. We tried adjusting multiple options, starting new leagues, running in directx11 / 12, turning off steam overlay to name just a few. Only once in this did we manage to get into the race and this is when there was only 2 of the group. Has there been problems with the league system? This originally started occuring after making no changes, so i can only assume it was something in one of the patches that caused this. Do you have any suggestions on how we can resolve this as without the league system this game is fairly pointless to us. (mainly cos the safety rating system sucks...you had a bad race, here race with these numerous racers who have a habit of crashing into each other......try and be safe!....really??) Anyways, any suggestions on game crash would be appreciated.