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Found 13 results

  1. It is getting very annoying, that when you are in a lobby where multiplayer cars are used, you don't have a clue, who your teammate is. What is more, things can get even more fustrating when and you get collected in a pile-up, you head to the pits with 7 other people, and you get stuck for 2 minutes. That's why I think, Multiplayer Cars need a 'teaming system'. Teams would be sorted from Team A to Team J (you could pick any team, e.g. Team: D) and instead of stripes, a letter would be shown next to the gamertag. (For example 1 [A] SmoothOperatorGuy). Please Codies, make this happen.* *unranked lobbies only
  2. Hello, I have encountered this bug twice. The second occurrence I captured and can evidence the bug on my twitch stream. During an online unranked “Race” my game crashed to desktop. Upon relaunching my game, and rejoining the race session, and taking back control of my car from the AI(which took over after CTD), blue flag on screen indicators no longer appear, and I do Not receive audio prompts from Jeff the engineer. As this is the second time this bug has occurred after crashing to desktop I believe it is related to the Crash to Desktop in conjunction with the AI taking control of the car. at 60 seconds I am passed by van beats. At different parts of the video I am also passed by different drivers https://m.twitch.tv/videos/486460635 Occurrences: 2 times, separate days. Version: 1.10 Platform: PC - Steam accessory: xbox One PC controller. Type: Online Multiplayer Players: Human Only Number of players: 18 first occurrence. 13 second occurrence.
  3. [FBG]Psymatrix

    GRID 2 Shutdown servers

    Hi all, I would like to know when you'll shutdown GRID 2 servers. Can you tell me to prepare to stop play online?
  4. Timaone77

    F1 2019

    Good evening! I would like to ask about F1 2019. Is it possible for two people play online for the one team at the same time? Does your game have co-op? Thanks for the answer!
  5. I'm sure this is a problem for many of us and I for one are getting quite fed up. Unranked lobbies, building a nice up a nice lead, just to have it all smashed to smithereens by some absolute muppet a lap down thinking they are playing CTR. I know this a problem for all racing games but surely it is an easy fix. Why not have a setting where you can enable lapped cars to ghost when approached by the leaders stopping them sending you to the shadow realm. And if you feel everyone in the lobby is trustworthy then you can turn it off. The number of times Ive been having a great battle for the lead just to have it ruined by these idiots is getting annoying and frankly puts me off playing the game. The second video doesn't work and can't delete it 😅 Backmarkerfail.mp4 lWiLkOl_F12019_20190727_07-45-39.mp4
  6. I have an idea how we could get rid of the problem with lapped cars taking out the leaders on purpose. Technically, it should be enough to just ghost a backmarker completely as long as the lapping car is within a radius of 50-100 meters. It's definitely possible, they have already implemented that technology in the invitational "Overtake Challenges", so I don't see why Codies wouldn't be able to do it. That way, the backmarker can't do a swipe across the track or a massive brakecheck on a car that's trying to lap him, and it would also prevent said backmarker from ramming the lapping car into the back like a massive *******. There should be some sort of an addition to the "ghosting" option in online lobbies: On = Ghosting as usual + backmarker ghosting No Backmarkers = Only ghosting as usual Backmarkers only = No ghosting except for backmarkers Off = No ghosting whatsoever I hope the people at Codies can take a look into that so something like this can happen in a later patch or at least in F1 2020...
  7. Luiz Kike

    Online Services Error

    Good night, recently I am having trouble connecting to the online services of the game, he is trying and not connecting, I've tried several solutions but, in none was successful, I would like to know how I can solve this, because I need the game, because I'm playing Online championships. Thank you in advance for your understanding. Attached are images of the problem for easier interpretation.
  8. The 'Promiscuous' hitmaker Nelly Furtado took to the Codemasters forum to request more random online failures in the F1 2018 Codemasters series. "I have really enjoyed the online gameplay from the F1 2018 Codemasters series this year, and I hope to enjoy the same for the upcoming series. I would like to put in a request for more frequent and varied random online failures. At present the cars can be driven as a 'man-eater' with no risk. There needs to be more DRS and ERS failures, with the variety of random punctures to make things a bit more unpredictable - it all adds to the 'hoo-haa' of online league racing. At the moment I feel like I've got the Spirit Indestructible"
  9. To be honest the multiplayer car was one of those new features I've been looking forward to in F1 2019, especially because of league racing. However I feel, that the multiplayer car needs an update, because more and more leagues are turning away from it, despite they had huge plans with doing a season with custom teams. And I think it is because it doesn't have as much features, that some players wanted. So here is an idea, that might make online leagues and players to use the multiplayer cars more often. Team up option: This is the option, that multiplayer cars needs the most, especially when you're doing a league race or play with a friend. At the moment the game puts you into a random person, and to be fair it can be quite annoying, when you come into the pits with a person, and that person is your teammate, and therefore your pitstop last for half a minute, and your podium chances are gone immediately. How would this feature work?: Option 1: When you are in the lobby, you click to a person, and the following would pop up: Send team request or something like that. The player would have an option to either accept or reject the request for 30 seconds. And if the person accepts your request, you'd make a team, for example: Team A. This would make you and your teammate/friend, to get the same pit box, instead of getting a random person. If the season starts, but you don't team up with somebody, then you get a random teammate. Here's how it would look like: Username Team Guy 1 A Guy 2 A Guy 3 B Guy 4 C Guy 5 C Guy 6 B Guy 7 - Guy 8 - Guy 9 - Option 2: There would be teams from A to J, but the method would be the same, like in the OFFICIAL F1 2019 cars. How it would look like: Team A (0/2) --> nobody is in this team Team B (2/2) --> this team is full Team C (1/2) --> there is 1 player in this team Team D (2/2) Team E (0/2) Team F (0/2) Team G (2/2) Team H (1/2) Team I (1/2) Team J (2/2) Overall this is how I imagine the update. If you have any comments, agreements, disagreements, feel free to share it in the comments below.
  10. Tonight, in the last race possible I made this time on the event ( in the file ). But this morning I went to see if I had my rewards and nothing, my time and points are disappeared, like I didn't do any race. 😞 Is this a bug?? Any other one got the same to me?? I'm not cheating ahah!! =D
  11. Hello, i have problems in joining online sessions since 2017 but this is the first game where i cant really join any session at all. When i choose a lobby the game just gets stuck on some % of loading or it goes veeeery slow and then after a few minutes the games gives me an error (impossible to join the session). I'd really need help from someone that could know what this problem is and what causes it. My internet speed isnt the best but its enough for litterally EVERY OTHER online game so i really dont know what to do. My ping is usually between 10 and 30, my download speed is decent (30mbps) and my upload is 2-3mbps. Thanks in advance to anyone who helps.
  12. Schmuckiiii

    What I think of F1 2019

    (This review is in Brazilian Portuguese and English) English: What I think of F1 2019: F1 2019 is a much better game than 2018, has better graphics, 2 new cars of 2010, challenges senna and prost, however the game came with the performance and models of outdated cars, old pitlane of france, several bugs in the online, Online's Classified Mode can only be played with Multiplayer Cars, which I think is horrible because it would be much better to choose between playing with real cars and multiplayer cars, it would be very nice to have everything mixed in the classified, being able to have races with the real cars and multiplayer cars together! in addition, Codemasters' punishment system continues A PIECE OF ****! If others hit you, YOU TAKE PUNISHMENT, if you put half the car off the track, YOU TAKE PUNISHMENT being that it was to take punishment only when you put the whole car out, the others push you off the track and YOU TAKE PUNISHMENT !! Aside from the fact that it's horrible to run only 3 races in Formula 2 in Career Mode, it would be MUCH BETTER if it were the normal Formula 2 races and these "events" all together, with Race 1 being a normal race and Race 2 Race) would be an event like it is in the normal game! It would also be great to be able to race with Formula 2 on the Online, this could open up F2 League possibilities (yes, I know they will add F2 to the online soon, but it would be nice if they already had this since the game's launch! ) or even an F2 Multiplayer Car! I have also heard that the Senna and Prost Challenges are very easy. But one of the things that disappointed me most was the fact that YOU DO NOT CUSTOMIZE THE MULTIPLAYER CARS AND NOT THE HELMETS! Because only changing colors is not ****, it would be MUCH better to be able to make your own paintings, changing the place of sponsorships, colors, etc. Besides that the servers here in Brazil are a complete trash in several times. Also that the ranks are not very good, because you do a good race and still your rank decreases sometimes !! It's also very bad that you win the F2 or not change no **** at all when choosing your F1 team! From what I've seen, even by choosing bigger teams (like Ferrari, Redbull or Mercedes), it seems impossible to be refused by a team! Even with these problems, I still think the game is much better than 2018, so I would give a note: 8/10 for the game -------------- Português Brasileiro: Oque acho de F1 2019: F1 2019 è um Jogo muito melhor quer o 2018, tem graficos melhores, 2 novos carros de 2010, desafios senna e prost, porém o jogo veio com o desempenho e os modelos dos carros desatualizados, pitlane da frança antigo, varios bugs no online, o modo Classificado do Online só pode ser jogado com os Carros Multiplayer, oque eu acho horrivel pois, seria muito melhor poder escolher entre jogar com os carros reais e os carros multiplayer, serio muito bom ter tudo misturado no classificada, podendo ter corridas com os carros reais e os carros multiplayer juntos! além de que, o sistema de punições da Codemasters continua UM PEDAÇO DE *****! Se os outros batem em você, VOCÊ TOMA PUNIÇÃO, se você coloca metade do carro para fora da pista, VOCÊ TOMA PUNIÇÃO sendo que era pra tomar punição só quando você colocasse todo o carro para fora, os outros te empurram para fora da pista e VOCÊ TOMA PUNIÇÃO!! Além de que é horrivel correr só 3 corridas na Formula 2 no Modo Carreira, seria MUUUITO MELHOR se fossem as corridas normais da Formula 2 e esses "eventos" todos juntos, sendo que a Corrida 1 seria uma corrida normal e a Corrida 2 (Sprint Race) seria um evento como é no jogo normal! Também seria muito bom poder correr com a Formula 2 no Online, isso poderia abrir até possibilidades de Liga de F2 (sim, eu sei que irão adicionar a F2 no online em breve, mais seria bom se ja tivesse isso desde o lançamento do jogo!) ou até mesmo um Carro Multiplayer F2! Também ja ouvi falar que os Desafios Senna e Prost estão muito faceis. Porém, umas das coisas que mais me desapontou foi o fato de que VOCÊ NÃO CUSTOMIZA OS CARROS MULTIPLAYER E NEM OS CAPACETES! Pois só mudar as cores não é porcaria nenhuma, seria MUUUUUITO MELHOR você poder fazer suas proprias pinturas, mudando o lugar dos patrocinios, cores, etc. Além de que os servidores aqui no Brasil estão um completo lixo em varias vezes. Também que os Ranks não estão muito bons, pois você faz uma corrida boa e ainda seu rank diminui as vezes!! Também é muito ruim o fato de você vencer a F2 ou não não mudar porcaria nenhuma na hora de escolher sua equipe de F1! Pelo que eu vi, mesmo escolhendo equipes maiores (como Ferrari, Redbull ou Mercedes), parece ser impossivel ser recusado por uma equipe! Mesmo com esses problemas, eu ainda acho que o jogo está muito melhor que o 2018, então eu daria uma nota: 8/10 para o jogo
  13. The reason I bought this game was because of Online Races but it doesnt work... I want to play 5 Lap race but it always says FAILED TO JOIN SESSION. 1 of 10 tries it works but this is really annoying and unacceptable... Is this a known issue? Is there a fix coming for PC? Please help