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Found 5 results

  1. WE ARE RAPIDLY GROWING: 120 MEMBERS IN 1 WEEK OF OPENING F1 Champions Racing League is an intense battle to be on top. With races always around the corner it is sure to be a spectacle. With drama on and off the track it leaves for an edge of the seat experience, fighting to keep your seat, win the drivers championship or the constructor championship. -Playstation- - 17 race calendar starting with Australia and ending in Brazil (Tier 1) - Short Qualifying at 7pm BST - 50% Race at 7:20pm BST - Reserve seats open to be scouted into the league - Steward Spots open - Equal car performance - EU Server - End of season driver swaps -Xbox- - 15 race calendar starting in brazil and ending in abu dhabi - Short Qualifying/full qualifying (depending on full grid) at 7pm BST - 50% Race - First team and reserve seats open to be scouted into the league - Steward Spots open - Equal car performance - EU Server - End of season driver swaps -PC- - Race calendar released as soon as there is a full grid - Short Qualifying at 7pm BST - 50% Race - First team and reserve seats are open to being scouted into the league - Steward Spots open - Equal car performance - EU Server - End of season driver swaps Schedule- Monday - Playstation Tier 3 (Future Project) 7pm BST Tuesday - Playstation Tier 2 7pm BST Wednesday - Xbox Tier 1 7pm BST Thursday - Xbox Tier 3 (Future Project) 7pm BST Friday - Xbox Tier 2 7pm BST Friday - Playstation Tier 3 (Future project) 7pm BST Saturday - Playstation Tier 1 7pm BST Sunday - PC Tier 1 (Sign-ups now open) 8pm BST https://discord.gg/we5hdrnK6N
  2. We're looking for some drivers for our Formula 69 league. We play on PC and we have as of writing 6 drivers. In the meanwhile some drivers stream their gameplay live on Twitch! We have a mixed set of drivers, some are casual players while the others are going for the win. More info about our league and some content we make are on our socials. https://linktr.ee/formula69 Interessted? Slide in the DMs on our Instagram and Twitter pages!!😁
  3. FULL-TIME SEATS AVAILABLE IN TIERS 1 AND 2 IN 2S RACING F1 SEASON X - COME QUICK TO SECURE YOURS NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN We are currently looking to fill up our no-assists Tier 1 as well as Tier 2 and Tier 3, where assists are permitted for those who still prefer to run them. The season will be starting soon as we all get to learn what the game has to offer, so please feel free to join in and claim a full time seat while you can!We have some of the most epic on-track battles, strong fields, and great rivalries! We cater for players across a wide range of skill, and if you're looking for more than just racing, such as a full on gaming community, then the 2S Community is the place for you! Check out or discord or have a look and some of our live-streamed, commentated races at the links below! If you are interested in racing Tier 1, which is our no-assist tier, feel free to join the server and DM ItzTriton or JustinThatR4cer for more info! If you are interested in racing Tier 2, in which assists are permitted, you can DM Vito If you would like to race in Tier 3, in which assists are permitted, you can DM Dragon For any general inquiries, feel free to message our server admin, ThatBants! Check out our discord server and youtube channels here: Discord: https://discord.gg/txPKwr8 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UConT5PVkjxoAYn8c4_gyoIw
  4. Hello Racer, we are starting in Season 5 and are looking for drivers! Full Qualifying 50% Race All assitance allowed accept braking assitance Full Damage Start 21 CET / Finished before 23 CET If you are interested please signup and join our Discord. See you around!
  5. Welcome To Season 4 In F1 2021 Tight community from all over Europe, clean, expirienced and competitive racing. General - 12 race calander [May expand] - Full qualli with a 50% race - Rules are provided in the discord server - League will be starting around 3 weeks after 16 of juli (release date) Tier 1 [Considerd higher skill ceiling] Sunday 21:00 CET (Weekly) Tier 2 [Considerd normal skill ceiling] Wednesday 21:00 CET (Weekly) Hope to meet you in our discord: https://discord.gg/zzQvUxcpkd Regards Damian 👋
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