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Found 4 results

  1. Anyone experiencing random stutters!! I have been trying to pin point what the cause is. I have gone from closing every program I have running, including monitoring software, i.e. MSI afterburner, riva tuner, hwinfo, thinking that could be the cause. Then I thought, I have figured out it was the ATMOS setting enables in the Audio section. So I disabled it, and after that it was smooth for the next race on that track. But I load up the next track, and stutters, a lot right at the start, then it dies down, for the next few laps, but the occasional stutters were there, typically at corners, when braking, or accelerating., or say when crashing or bumping another car.. Then I think are we back to the old USB inputs.. If so, could a fix like the Dirtfix.exe help this. I did try to copy the .dll file from the dirtfix.exe from my dirt 2 folder. but no effect.. Its random. a lot like the stutters you get with grid 2 and grid auto sport, but that was related to the replay system, and there was a fix for that by mjlinking the replay folder to a different drive from the OS drive.. not the case here as I think codemasters fixed this along time ago with the F1 games.. Most of the time it runs perfectly, but that's the problem, the stutters totally destroy your race, as the always seem to happen right when you need the control. on a corner or something, stutter, bang, you crash.... I have a half decent system. rtx 2080Ti 80% GPU usage at max settings i7 3970x cpu 4.6ghz (OC) Game dosnt seem to be CPU dependant 40% max 32 gb ram 1440p 144hz Gsync moniotor all SSD's any thoughts?? (Turns out it was mu USB Audio Interface causing the stutters, although not in use, but the fact it was plugged in, must have been causing some sort of DPC Latency, or windows checking the driver every so often) Un plugged it and no more stutters. Yes maybe the odd wee micro stutter, but nothing so severe to put you off track... Probably best to unplug all usb devices that you are not using..
  2. petersamelian

    Crew / Public performance issue

    This problem has not been solved since the first version of the game. When you turn on high or ultra quality for the audience, the performance drops drastically in areas where there are many viewers, even with a good device such as an i7-8086k along with 32GB of memory, 1TB of NVME and a GTX 1080Ti. It happens even playing at 1080p. If we lower the quality of the spectators, the performance improves substantially. Please, fix it. Thank you.
  3. ChironTheseus

    Discrepancies F1 2018 PS4

    Hi Codies and fans, I would like to discuss issues I've had with R&D and performance in F1 2018 on PS4 (in case they are different in other formats) and a few other areas that I'd like to know if planning much change in F1 2019. Since the latest update (1.16) I started a new career mode. Started as Williams and maxed all their R&D fully, then on to Renault, and fully maxed their R&D and now on to McLaren. As I already noticed issues I have played on 90% difficulty so podiums haven't been much of a hardship and therefore points rich to get the job done faster. The first issue is how fast the AI max their own R&D and how you can't create an equal racing environment, after maxing Williams it only took to the 3rd season for them to be a regular mid range team even though the team were still showing as first in all areas of R&D even if by a small margin. Season 4 they are now 5th overall and consistently out of points (not sure how much is on the drivers being under-performed stat wise though, but I assume as they fell so fast even as the fastest car in season 3 I imagine they are heavily unbalanced negatively). With Renault in season 4 there was a durability regulation change but I had accumulated enough points to secure all durability points to maximum. So moving to McLaren it would all be safe.. Alas first 2 races in season 5 Hulk retired from 1st and 2nd respectively. Worth mentioning I also had bad reliability through all 2 seasons I was with Renault regardless of durability being 100% and keeping all parts in races in the best possible order. But that isn't the only thing with durability either, in most of my races if I was racing the top 1st to 3rd AI they had a very high chance of retiring making an easy position gain and often an easy win, I did not have to fight much (I'm aware damage level contributes to retirements and no retirements seem to occur when damage is off but who wants to race that way? My damage option was on Full throughout these seasons). This really needs to change and durability made more accurate, and based on that departments upgrades should be a stronger indication of a cars success to make it through a race. Currently it seems durability only affects the players parts but nothing on the AIs fail rates or parts issues. The Questions and Answers part very rarely brings up chassis in all my seasons (ability to answer questions to praise that department to increase morale and further lower fail/cost %), and unless I'm wrong, even though staying with the same team through another season, it changes the R&D department morale to Normal again, I am sure pre-patching this wasn't the case. So you could win the Drivers and Constructors Championships, winning on a high with max morale with the team but loose all that the next season back to 0% all departments. This seems unfair and doesn't make sense that they would loose all that morale over the break between seasons. I'd like to see that change, maybe a small decrease only but Ideally as it was end of previous season if staying with the same team. It would be nice to customise answers too so if there is an occasion nothing comes up for a department I can chose to say something personally about a department to praise them. A few times in Q&A I have come across the choosing showmanship or sportsmanship answer but they have only given answers relating to one side, i.e, both answers you can choose are only showmanship. This has only been happening since the later updates. Relating back to the Williams issue with drivers, I'd like to see a more balanced driver rating in career mode, sure if you have someone like Alonso dominating Vandorne you could show it in the game as just that, but as with most teammates things can sway both ways, Hamilton has always proven to be a master in the long game and totally dominated Bottas in 2018 but Bottas is doing well this opening in 2019 so far so balancing the drivers would show as being more fair in the game too and prevent a top R&D team still somehow performing terribly in qualifying and race day. Leclerc is proving to be a confident force in 2019 too but is madly over powered in F1 2018 the game as another example. By the way as an addition to that F1 2018 for me Hamilton is very poor in races regardless of the cars performance stats mostly the rest seem fairly balanced as far as I can tell. So Hamilton under-powered, Leclerc over-powered and both Williams drivers seem unfairly poor. Finally team Value, Reputation is an easy one, Value however is a nightmare! Its far too hard to add value to a team. In all 3 teams I have been with the bar has hardly moved, some of this is down to a very lacking Q&A in showmanship for Williams and sportsmanship for Renault and McLaren which seems to be the only thing that barely noticeably increases this bar. Performance on track, poles, clean wins, achieving team goals seem to do nothing to this, and for how fast R&D moves it makes this rather redundant as you need high value in the beginning for help with R&D speed and upgrades you can do at once in a weekend. Once you have finished R&D you only need Race Bonus for regulation changes and Pit Stop Efficiency, the other 2 departments become entirely redundant so Value becomes unimportant. So we need either faster value increases, slower R&D (less points for AI teams to spend, maybe even some upgrades only players can unlock so teams you prefer and have worked hard on can remain more competitive if they fall in R&D from regulation changes or other teams catching up, rather than the current death drop back to the bottom permanently) or more consistently relatable Q&A to help increases. Sorry for the long message but as it is these things make career a bit un-special for the players who like to race many seasons. Changes/rebalancing in these areas would be a great thing for career mode in F! 2019 if not already being implemented while you continue to prepare it for release.
  4. I bought the Deluxe Edition on a 1st gen Xbox one and the framerates, resolution, lighting bloom and overall performance is massively sub-optimal. it is extremely blurry at times and drops in frame rates constantly to the point that it is nearly unplayable at times. And the lighting, specifically in cockpit view at Argentina, New England, and Poland blooms up to the point that the interior is pitch black, while the outside is too bright to see where the road is. But then when you enter a forest, the brightness, frame rates and resolution drops soo low that you can barely see more than 20 feet in front of you. A combination of lack of quality, options, and gameplay elements that DR 1.0 and even DiRT 4 had at launch really is starting to make this title feel more like an early Beta than a finished game for the Xbone. And that really sucks, because the game is extremely fun when it works and looks infinitely better on every other platform. Hopefully you guys can fix these issues because DiRT 4, DiRT rally, and even as far back as the original Colin McRae DiRT on the 360 ran better than the standard Xbox one version of 2.0 does. And I honestly feel a bit betrayed on this one.😢