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Found 20 results

  1. Khairilishak

    Error Code HP439.5108.

    I’m in a league but can’t join the session and couldn’t find anything on this error code. anyone? platform: ps4
  2. Invictus Racing Leagues (PS4/Xbox/PC Leagues) F1 2020 Season 11 JOIN NOW!!! Invictus Racing Leagues are preparing for it's 11th Season of Formula 1. At IRL, we thrive on creating a welcoming community that holds integrity in the highest regard. We are looking for individuals who are passionate about Formula 1 and enjoy respectful online racing. We are always looking for new members to join our Formula 1 Leagues. It is our ambition to provide a friendly, competitive and respectful environment. LEAGUE STRUCTURE IRL F1 League (PS4) - Monday 8pm UK IRL F2 League (PS4) - Tuesday 8pm UK IRL F3/F4 Leagues (PS4) - Wednesday 8pm UK IRL F1 Performance League (PS4) - Thursday 8pm UK IRL F1 League (XBox) - Sunday 9.30pm UK IRL F1 League (PC) - TBC HOW TO JOIN If you are interested in joining any of our Formula 1 Leagues, then click on the link below which will take you to our sign-up section where you will be asked to complete an "Apply to Race" form. Once you have completed the form one of our Admin members will contact via PM on the website. Or contact us via Discord or PSN if you have any questions/queries: Website: https://invictusracingleague.com Discord: https://discord.gg/Dn9fGFU PSN: F1WWFC_07 (Malc)
  3. In three different races it gets stuck on the waiting screen before lights out. Only one player takes off but everyone else can't move.
  4. RoastedBeef77

    F1 2019 PS4 League (UK/Europe)

    Hello there! I’m looking to start a racing league for F1 2019 on PS4. Let me know if you would like to join. As I live in the UK I’ll be accepting those who live in the UK or in Europe. Races will be 50% long. I’m unsure with the Qualifying as to whether i’ll set it to short or full. Assists, though I’m not 100% certain as to whether I’ll allow them or not, my preference is to not enable them. My PSN is RoastedBeef02 so if you’d like to join reply to this with your PSN and I’ll add members.
  5. Obi


    German: RookieRacingLeague die Fahrhilfen-Liga für Rennspiele auf der PS4 Wer sind wir? Wir sind eine Online Liga für Rennspiele auf der PS4, welche im Sommer 2018 ins Leben gerufen wurde. Wir spezialisieren uns auf Fahrer mit Fahrhilfen! Unsere Vorteile Alle Fahrer benützen mindestens ABS, durch unsere ABS-Pflicht. Neben einer ehrenvollen Platzierung in der WM-Tabelle sind auch echte Preise zu gewinnen (wie Pokale, Spiele, usw.) Wir haben eine gut aufgebaute Website und Whatsapp-Chat Struktur Eine Fahrerschmiede um sich weiterzuentwickeln 2 Formel 1-Ligen (Donnerstag 100% und Sonntag 50%) um sich auszutoben Schlusszusammenfassung: Die RookieRacing Liga wendet sich an Fahrer, des aktuellsten F1 Spieles von Codemasters, welche noch mit Fahrhilfen fahren und an jene denen es noch an Rennpraxis, Vorbereitungspraxis und dem fahrerischen Können fehlt. Alle in dieser Liga verwenden Fahrhilfen, manche mehr, manche weniger. Durch diese Eigenschaft ist jedes Rennen unterschiedlich durchgemischt, und das Niveau bleibt auf Augenhöhe. Links: https://rookie-racing.eu/ Englisch: RookieRacingLeague an driving assist League for racing games Who are we? We are a online league for racing games on ps4, which was founded in summer 2018. We are specialist on drivers with driving aids. Our Pros: All our drivers use driving aids, because they are reglemented in our racing rules Beside an honorful placement in the championship-tables you also get prices (e. g. Games, Cups, ..) We have a well organised and structured website and WhatsApp-Chat. A Junior Trainee Programm for unexperienced drivers (From drivers to drivers) We run 2 leagues, one on thurstday with 100% distance and one on sunday with 50% distance Resume: The RookieRacingLeague speaks to drives of the latest Codemasters game which are using driving aids and on those who have a lack of experience or just not the time to invest hours in training or preparation for the next race. All in this league are using assists, some more, some less. Because of this all our races end differently and is guaranteed to be exciting! Links: https://rookie-racing.eu/
  6. Hi all, after years of toiling with a league on Project Cars 2 me and my fellow racers have moved to F1 2019. We are looking for racers who can run with no assists. The full format is yet to be decided but will likely be qualifying with a 25% or 50% race. If you are interested please let me know, give me your PSN and I’ll add you. we currently have just over half a grid signed up and we are looking to fill it. we will race on Mondays 8pm UK time friendly group with a lot of high level racers in game and real life. pads and wheels welcome most the group has a wheel. find us on Facebook at Project 4 online racing. thank you for reading and I look forward to seeing you on track when we start Mid January Regards Alex Vangeen
  7. Hello, I am a longtime fan of Codemaster games going back to TOCA Race Driver 2. I am repeatedly experiencing a corrupted Data situation when playing Grid 2019 on my PS4 Pro. Please let me know how this can be fixed. I want to continue playing the game but cannot with my current situation. Any help would be greatly appreciated. A summary of my situation is as follows. A short description of the problem: Over 4 times I have received a fatal corrupted application error for Grid 2019 on my PS4. Platform you’re on: PS4 Pro Game Version (Shown on the Start screen in the bottom left hand corner): Version 1.04 Game Mode: Single Player Career Mode What happened in the lead-up to the problem? The error typically happens after I have completed a 2 race racing series. It hasn't occurred yet after just 1 race in a series If you get an error message, the exact wording of the error message you're receiving: "Cannot continue using the application. The data for the following application is corrupted. Delete the application from the PS4, and then insert the disc again." Any accessories you are using (wheel, pad, etc.): Thrustmaster T300 Racing Wheel with pedals.
  8. New team started up that have 8 Xbox and 2 PS racers on F1 2019. Looking for drivers to add to our roster. contact me on dxtrico@outlook.com or join our discord on https://discord.gg/zjcHatW
  9. FrettyST52

    RLH F1 Season 6 - SIGN UP!

    https://racingleaguehub.com/ Hello and welcome to Racing League Hub. Our season begins next week and we have had a few last minute spaces open up! The races will continue to be held on Tuesday's and Wednesday's at 7PM UK depending on the tier you're placed in. (C1/C3 Tuesday | C2/C4 Wednesday) All assists and lobby settings for each tier can be found under the leagues section on our website. We're open to all abilities but have quite a few spaces available in C1 for you quick boys. Join us on discord for more information on how to get racing! https://discord.gg/fsg37qk
  10. Looking for an experienced commentator for our Tier 1 races every Sunday at 4pm EST, 9pm GMT. Paid position, pay will be determined based on your experience commentating up to 15$ a race (For roughly 1h-1h15 of work) Interested? Join our Discord and message ISRL_Nightt. https://discord.gg/xyaJVDt
  11. Invictus Racing Leagues (PS4) F1 2019 Season 9 Sign-Up OPEN!!! Invictus Racing Leagues are preparing for it's 9th Season of Formula 1. At IRL, we thrive on creating a welcoming community that holds integrity in the highest regard. We are looking for individuals who are passionate about Formula 1 and enjoy respectful online racing. We are always looking for new members to join our Formula 1 Leagues, as well as our GT Sport Leagues. It is our ambition to provide a friendly, competitive and respectful environment. LEAGUE STRUCTURE IRL F1 League (Monday 8pm UK) IRL F1 Performance League (Tuesday 8pm UK) IRL F2/F3 Leagues (Wednesday 8pm UK) IRL GT Sport League (Thursday 8pm UK) HOW TO JOIN If you are interested in joining any of our F1 or GT Sport Leagues, then click on the link below which will take you to our sign-up section where you will be asked to complete an "Apply to Race" form. Once you have completed the form one of our Admin members will contact via PM on the website. Or contact us via Discord or PSN if you have any questions/queries: Discord: https://discord.gg/Dn9fGFU PSN: Craig8728 https://invictusracingleague.com/signupfrm/
  12. The game continues to crash in between events during single player offline custom championships. Upon finishing an event when you are at the service park with your crew and you want to proceed, the game will go blue screen. This occurs almost every time.
  13. Is there an option/feature where I can take turns and easily switch players on my PS4 console? I want to race against multiple local players on my PS4 console. While I'd prefer split screen, I can settle if we can simply take turns, and have the game keep track of our results. Thanks. PS4
  14. Weird problem with Wheel (thrustmaster 300 RS) PS 4 and F1 2019 game!! Problem is only when sessions is with practice!! Can`t join in?? Just jumping to race director mode!!! ??? This driving me grazyyyy 😞 When there is only one shot qualifying I can join the race, and it`s not going race director mode Thats why I can`t join weekend challenge also 😞 ???!! HELP ME PLEASE...
  15. Race Spec F1 Esports F1 Regional Leagues - Season 2 (Tuesday Nights) Season 2 of the F1 Regional Leagues is launching on all platforms (XB1, PS4, PC) in January 2020, and sign up is now OPEN! With 10 leagues and more than 200 drivers involved, it's the place to race on Tuesday nights! The three F1 Regional Leagues include the Euro Series, Pacific Series, and Americas Series on all platforms (PS4, XB1, PC). Check the banner below for the Tuesday night race time for each F1 Regional League (bottom left), and the Championship Details (bottom right). Get involved through the link below and join the biggest cross-platform championship in F1 Esports! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP or JOIN OUR DISCORD Season 2 key dates 📅 Tuesday 7 January 2020: Pre-season testing and race at Spain 📅 Tuesday 14 January 2020: Round 1 - Australian GP What’s new for Season 2? With 10 leagues across all platforms in Season 1, we’re striving for bigger and better in Season 2, and aim to have at least 13 leagues. Season 2 will see the introduction of the Squad Championship, the biggest combined constructors championship in F1 Esports with more than 200 drivers involved across all leagues and platforms! More flexible race times for each league with the race time adjusted for individual leagues to the preferences of its drivers where possible. More race broadcasts than ever - Where there are multiple Tiers in a series, race times will be staggered where possible to allow for more race broadcasts on YouTube and Twitch. Driver of the day (DOTD) vote for drivers after each round in every league. The Squad Championship - The BIGGEST cross-platform championship in F1 Esports! Every driver who competes in Season 2 of the Regional Leagues will be allocated to one of the ten F1 constructor Squads to drive for them for the whole season. Changing Squads is not an option! The top 10 highest points scoring drivers for each Squad every round will have their points added to the Squad Championship. Each Squad will have an assigned Squad Captain who nominates one driver to be the “Double Points Driver” before each round to score double points for their Squad in that round. The driver who contributes to their Squad’s points tally the most over the course of a season will be nominated as the Squad MVP. A running total of points for the Squad Championship will be kept to see which Squad is on top after each round. With the introduction of the Squad Championship the team you drive for matters more than ever... When you sign up you'll be able to select your top 5 team preferences, so choose carefully as you will not be able to switch teams. Drivers will be allocated to Squads via their team preference submitted through the sign up form, with drivers getting priority based on their championship finishing position in Season 1. New drivers will be allocated by a first in first served basis. So get in quick if you are new! Squad allocations for Season 2 will be announced between pre-season testing at Spain and Round 1. So grab your mates and join us for a massive season of great racing in 2020. Sign up through the link below or join our Discord to get involved. See you on track! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP or JOIN OUR DISCORD
  16. LEWISM201105


    Can anyone help? Got f1 legends for ps4 for Xmas. It won't play. Emailed codemaster, have said compatible wheels controllers etc, I have the hori apex wheel which isn't compatible but ps4 co stroller is. Tried with controller bit when I accelerate speed goes to 0, when not touching anything it says throttle 100??? Can anyone help, I'm gutted!
  17. Overtake Racing League This is a brand new league eager to start its first season. Our main priority is consistent turn outs to races and clean and fast racing We are also looking for a commentator and a steward Races will take place on weekday evenings time and specific day is TBC Please Join the discord and complete the sign up form https://forms.gle/uYgFm5fDdbwXpNsp7 https://discord.gg/ZVDebz4
  18. After searching for F1 drivers a few weeks ago, we are searching for F2 drivers today! We've currently got a lot of open seats in that series, so it would be great if some of you could help us out! The races start on Saturdays at 8pm UK time and the races are going to be streamed on YouTube. We could also need some reserve drivers for our F1 series, so if we'd get enough drivers we could possibly start a 2nd F1 series based on your pace. If you want to join our league in either the F1 series or the F2 series, join our discord so we can talk to you about you getting into the league! https://discord.gg/HnKRkRc All our rules and race details are on there too, so you can check them out and make your decision! We really hope that some of you want to join us and want to race in this league, Your OSRL Team
  19. Lookin for some more players on the PS4... please only join if you know you will be able to make majority of the races 🙂 also its suggested to be decently quick! Discord / Join : https://discord.gg/62Cxcec
  20. Hello there. I tried to play multiplay but the game shows RETRY CONNECTION. When I press X in it says COMMUNICATING WITH ONLINE SERVICES and then end up at NO NETWORK CONNECTION Please make sure you are signed in and your network is OK. Error Code SP163 is there anyway that I can fix this? Or it's the problem on your side? please help.