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Found 51 results

  1. For anyone interested in a clean, organized, and fun weekly league that is also beginner-friendly, we've created a Monday night league with the following settings: Start time: Mondays 8pm EST Practice: None Qualifying: 18 mins Race Distance: 25% Season: Full 21 race calendar This league is intended for a group of regulars who enjoy fair and organized wheel-to-wheel racing, regardless of skill level. If you're interested, you can find our league with the following access code: CM#_PZX9DN Thanks!
  2. Racing League Hub is entering its 5th season of F1 Racing, with 70+ drivers making up F1-F4! We race at 7pm UK time Tuesday and Wednesday 4 spaces free across 2 Leagues on Tuesday 13 spaces available across 2 leagues on Wednesday All abilities can be catered for. If you're interested please feel free to join our discord for more information! https://discord.gg/XjPAd4 https://racingleaguehub.com/ See you soon :)
  3. Invictus Racing Leagues (PS4) F1 2019 Season 8 Sign-Up OPEN!!! Invictus Racing Leagues are preparing for the imminent release of F1 2019 and our 8th Season of Formula 1. Our Sign-up is open to new members; we welcome individuals who are passionate and enjoy Formula 1 and Online League Racing. We are entering our 2nd year and focus in providing a friendly and competitive environment. We have a number of leagues available throughout the week; providing something different each evening. LEAGUE STRUCTURE No-Assists League (Monday 8pm UK) Realistic-Performance Leagues (Tuesday 8pm UK) Equal Performance Leagues (Wednesday 8pm UK) Formula 2 Championship (TBC) HOW TO JOIN If you are interested in joining any of our F1 racing leagues then click on the link below which will take you to our sign-up section. Once you have completed the sign-up one of our Admin members will contact via PM on the website. https://invictusracingleague.com/forums/topic/invictus-f1-member-sign-up/
  4. Here at sfr we are now recruiting drivers for the 2019 game. We will have 3 divisions for various skill levelled drivers, races will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights at 7.30pm uk time. All races are live streamed with commentary, this will be our 5th season of racing. We are open to new drivers of the game all the way to very skilled drivers. Please message our facebook page or me directly psn- sfr_leenel88 if interested. Thanks guys
  5. iliosantos

    T300 problem persist

    Problem that persists. T300 / PS4. When I get into the game with the steering wheel, I have to change my steering wheel setting, but whenever I go to the playstation menu and go back to the game I have to do the steering wheel setting again. This is very annoying. Besides, the game is good. It can always improve clear.
  6. Looking for a steward to... steward a 20 driver, no assist league. If you are interested join the discord and we'll chat! Discord: https://discord.gg/DY8g5Se
  7. dannybloot

    League Stuck [R2]

    I have a problem with the league races. It looks stuck and can't go to the league page. I'm owner of a league that drives every Saturday but now I keep seeing every day Session is live. This isn't possible and if I try to join I get "Error session isn't available" (or something like that). Also the other league I'm a member of keeps saying next race in 1 day, while that's also a one race a week league... The league names are Ride or Die and Dutch League. I'm playing on a PS4.
  8. navarreitor

    Possible BUG

    Hi I tried the weekly event and in my last lap, when I run P2, a couple of (put here what you want) ruins my race. Now I already repeat it but when I was waiting I discovered that instead 100 AI the info said it was 40. I close the game and restart it and then all was ok (100 AI) At the end of the race checked it again and the misinformation was there again. On video: Info OK, before the race: 0'00'' Wrong Info at the end: 33'05'' regards
  9. Steff900427

    Racestart with PS4 Controller

    Can someone tell me how I get in F1 2019 with the PS4 controller a good race start? I just can not get it and after the start every half of the field pulls past me. The tires are always turning around like this because you can never regulate the gas as with a steering wheel and pedals.
  10. ILR Season 6 is here! Welcome to Inside Line Racing League 2 years later and now on our 3rd game cycle with the Formula 1 game by Codemasters, we are proud to announce ILRF1 season 6 signups are now live across all 3 platforms! We will be racing across 3 platforms for the first time – Xbox, PS4 & PC (steam) PC DRIVERS - https://www.ilrleague.com/forum/index.php?threads/season-6-pc-sign-ups-open.699/ PS4 tiers will be hosted on the usual slots on Thursdays and Sundays Xbox will continue with its popular 7.30pm slot on Fridays PC has been placed on Tuesdays at 8pm We also have ILR Americas open as well on PS4. If you race already in our main Xbox or PS4 leagues you can sign up to ILR Americas and/or PC AS WELL as the current tiers you compete in. We really hope we will see a lot of returning faces and hopefully some new ones as well, it should be a great season on F1 2019. Every single race across all our F1 tiers and platforms will be live streamed with commentary! For more information on our tiers, format and rules click this link here – https://www.ilrleague.com/rules-regulations/ F&Q Section - https://www.ilrleague.com/about-us/ For signups click the link that applies to you below! Xbox Sign up link – https://www.ilrleague.com/forum/index.php?threads/ilrf1-season-6-xbox-sign-up-open.678/ PS4 Sign up link – https://www.ilrleague.com/forum/index.php?threads/ilrf1-season-6-ps4-sign-up-open.677/ PS4 Americas Sign up Link – https://www.ilrleague.com/forum/index.php?threads/ilrf1-americas-season-6-ps4-sign-up-open.680/ PC Sign up Link – https://www.ilrleague.com/forum/index.php?threads/season-6-pc-sign-ups-open.699/ Social Media ILR Youtube – http://Youtube.com/c/InsideLineRacingLeague ILR Twitter - https://twitter.com/ILRleague Any questions, message us on Twitter, here or our forum! Thanks ILR Team
  11. UPDATE REMINDER YOU MUST JOIN OUR DISCORD TO RACE WITH US !! https://discord.gg/V2rw2dW PS4 F1 Racing League Hub - Season 5 F1 (Medium TC) F1 Racing League Hub - Season 5 F2 (With TC) F1 Racing League Hub - Season 5 F3 (All assists allowed) F1 Racing League Hub -Season 5 F4 (All assists allowed) PC F1 Racing League Hub -Season 1 F1 (All assists allowed) Hi, welcome to RLH. This league is for all people who can race clean and is a passionate F1 fan. What we have to offer: Clean racing, A website with: - Season information - Steward section - Media section - Driver statistics - Live stream - Video gallery - Forum -Live stream with commentators The website is being actively developed, more features and changes will come! PS4 Season 5 F1 We race at 7 PM UK time on Tuesday every week. 50% race distance and short qualifying. We allow all assists (medium TC) except braking, pit assists and ERS. Season 5 F2 We race at 7 PM UK time on Wednesday every week. 50% race distance and short qualifying. We allow all assists except braking and pit assists. Season 5 F3 We race at 7 PM UK time on Tuesday every week. 50% race distance and short qualifying. We allow all assists except pit assists. Season 5 F4 We race at 7 PM UK time on Wednesday every week. 50% race distance and short qualifying. We allow all assists except pit assists. PC Season 1 F1 We race at 7 PM UK time on Wednesday every week. 50% race distance and short qualifying. We allow all assists except pit assists. (PS4/PC and European ONLY) Have a look at our website https://racingleaguehub.com/ To register you have to make an account on the website and join the discord. Then apply to the league you want, if accepted you can pick a seat + drivers number. We hope to see you at the track in F1 League Hub! Join our discord server: https://discord.gg/V2rw2dW Still have doubts? Have a look on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRChYj5UH0YoOAMThkkPL2A Twitter: https://twitter.com/RacingLeagueHub Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/racingleaguehub/
  12. ObiLovesCookies


    German: RookieRacingLeague die Fahrhilfen-Liga für Rennspiele auf der PS4 Wer sind wir? Wir sind eine Online Liga für Rennspiele auf der PS4, welche im Sommer 2018 ins Leben gerufen wurde. Wir spezialisieren uns auf Fahrer mit Fahrhilfen! Unsere Vorteile Alle Fahrer benützen mindestens ABS, durch unsere ABS-Pflicht. Neben einer ehrenvollen Platzierung in der WM-Tabelle sind auch echte Preise zu gewinnen (wie Pokale, Spiele, usw.) Wir haben eine gut aufgebaute Website und Whatsapp-Chat Struktur Eine Fahrerschmiede um sich weiterzuentwickeln 2 Formel 1-Ligen (Donnerstag 100% und Sonntag 50%) um sich auszutoben Schlusszusammenfassung: Die RookieRacing Liga wendet sich an Fahrer, des aktuellsten F1 Spieles von Codemasters, welche noch mit Fahrhilfen fahren und an jene denen es noch an Rennpraxis, Vorbereitungspraxis und dem fahrerischen Können fehlt. Alle in dieser Liga verwenden Fahrhilfen, manche mehr, manche weniger. Durch diese Eigenschaft ist jedes Rennen unterschiedlich durchgemischt, und das Niveau bleibt auf Augenhöhe. Links: https://rookie-racing.eu/ Englisch: RookieRacingLeague an driving assist League for racing games Who are we? We are a online league for racing games on ps4, which was founded in summer 2018. We are specialist on drivers with driving aids. Our Pros: All our drivers use driving aids, because they are reglemented in our racing rules Beside an honorful placement in the championship-tables you also get prices (e. g. Games, Cups, ..) We have a well organised and structured website and WhatsApp-Chat. A Junior Trainee Programm for unexperienced drivers (From drivers to drivers) We run 2 leagues, one on thurstday with 100% distance and one on sunday with 50% distance Resume: The RookieRacingLeague speaks to drives of the latest Codemasters game which are using driving aids and on those who have a lack of experience or just not the time to invest hours in training or preparation for the next race. All in this league are using assists, some more, some less. Because of this all our races end differently and is guaranteed to be exciting! Links: https://rookie-racing.eu/
  13. With Season 3 coming closer to a close the Trans-Nation eSport series is looking to try and continue it’s expansion into more tiers and bring together the best of the best from different parts of the world. We are also looking to the prospect of delivering an Xbox league upon finding a worthy co-ordinator for as such. I’m not gonna go into full detail as to what we want because the registration form that will be linked below will pretty much give you what you need on days, times and what tiers we have/want to bring to the table. All I will say is at this point in time we’re not looking for people to take part. This registration is for when we move over to F1 2019 to begin Season 4, of which will be around August the 4th giving plenty of people time to come to terms with CodeMasters newest release. So how to register: Easily put you follow this link here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd0asqrLY_YvzpzBNFRAYLCkIV5z3R6ToswQwnYkhr2y_qesA/viewform?usp=sf_link Upon conclusion of the form you will be eventually given a message that will allow you permission to join our discord and take part in communication with other drivers that are apart of the TNFX series. We only have about 4 races left of the season before we begin our re-evaluations for Season 4 to which when you join you will be able to join not only our discord but our app system as well. Info on that will be made when you join the discord. So if you want to be part of an ever-growing experience that is the Trans-Nation eSports. Join us! We’re looking for drivers of all talents and all genders also! Anyone optimistically keen on taking on a massive responsibility of being an Xbox co-ordinator for us, feel free to shed interest and we’ll see what we can manage. Hope to hear from ya soon! J
  14. icelib7

    PS4 - Inscription F1 Simu

    Bonjour ! Nous organisons un championnat en ligne sur PS4 depuis F1 2010 et sur le nouveau jeu F1 2019. Nous sommes en période de recrutement donc voici comment tout cela se déroule : - Fin Août à Mi Septembre : Rookie Days sur 3 circuits différents afin de voir votre rythme mais aussi d'autres caracteristiques pour vous mettre dans la meilleure catégorie pour vous et vos adversaires Nous faisons les groupes et vous serez dans un de nos championnats qui commencera mi septembre. Voici quelques infos : - Lundi 20h30 : Championnat F1 - Mercredi 20h30 : Championnat F2 - Vendredi 21h00 : F2 Series (Avec les voitures F2) Le tout sera diffusé et commenté en direct sur notre chaine Youtube. Une émission le Dimanche à 20h30 viendra débriefer tout cela ! (Nous organisons aussi d'autres championnats comme WRC, WRX, Indycar, GT etc) Donc si vous êtes sur PS4 et que vous chercher un championnat dans la bonne ambiance et le fair play, direction http://www.f1simu.com/index.php (une petite presentation, une inscription et c'est parti !) Bonne journée à tous ! Et si vous avez une question, n'hésitez pas je serai la pour vos répondre ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5quo_Eilrao
  15. Jimmythepro

    TCR - Nederlandse F1 2019 league (PS4)

    Hallo coureurs, Ben jij een fanatieke coureur en zoek jij een Nederlandse F1 2019 league? Dan verwelkomen wij jou bij TCR. Races worden gehouden elke zaterdagavond om 20:30. De eerste race zal 3 augustus 2019 starten. Regels Lobby: Short qualifying 50% race Weather: dynamic Start time: official Car performance: equal Parc Fermé: aan Safetycar: aan Damage: full Collisions: aan Corner Cutting Stringency: strict Formation lap: aan Race starts: manual Assists: Break assist: uit ABS: uit Traction control: uit Gearbox: mag aan Pit assist: uit ERS: manual Geïnteresseerd? Join de Discord server: https://discord.gg/3Zw7FGD of voeg SanderStrijder toe op PSN.
  16. RoastedBeef77

    F1 2019 PS4 League - UK x Europe

    Hello there! As F1 2019 has just released, I’m looking to start a racing league for F1 2019 on PS4. Let me know if you would like to join. As I live in the UK I’ll be accepting those who live in the UK or in Europe. Races will take place on Sunday evening. Races will be 50% long. Qualifying is set to full, however that can be changed if necessary. Also, no assists, this should hopefully raise the calibre of drivers we have. My PSN is RoastedBeef02 so if you’d like to join reply to this with your PSN and I’ll add members. LEAGUE CODE: CM#_2DX9V2
  17. NicolasKunz

    AI Difficulty Online League

    How can you Change the AI difficulty in a Multiplayer (Online) League? I found out that the league owner can edit the Settings and suggest them to the other participants. But when doing that nothing happens and the other participants don't get to accept or decline the settings. Anyone else had this experience? Thanks for the help!
  18. KingLion0203

    PS4 sudden FPS Drops

    I always experience massive drops in framerate sometimes even freeze frames... mainly during the races. They are not just limited to the game though since I somehow also start lagging away in parties once the framedrops start occuring. Any ideas?
  19. Hello, I have a PS Plus service and want to join online races. When I go to the Multiplayer area and join a room/race I always get the message that I am a spectator and can watch the race. But I want to race. What do I have to do, to join races and have fun.
  20. seasonthree. three tiers. streamlined setup. turn up. race. repeat. social channels over discord available. respected drivers. any ability welcome If youre looking for a league no the PS4 platform - look no further. whether you are experienced or new - youll find a place in CWC. 3 tiered system - with respected drivers across the board. to be successful in CWC - all we ask is that you respect each other on and off track. cwc is a quickly evolving league that we would love you to be a part of. race days F3 // Mondays 8pm gmt F2 // Tuesdays 7pm gmt F1 // Tuesdays 8pm gmt contact booje89 on psn for more details. CLICK HERE FOR SEASONTHREE REGISTRATION!
  21. @Faya Version: 1.03 Platform: PS4 Pro Modes: All of them Accessories: NA Description of the issue: Been testing a little bit the game... In general, I would say once again great effort. Some issues, however, are inherited from f1 2018 (The cars affected on 2018 were f 2004 and Lotus 79) On 2019 the cars Williams 2003 FW25 and Ferrari F2004 Again The basic problem is that the Ferrari and the Williams basically do not reflect the environment in real time... (you can see it most on Monaco and all night tracks)... Note: Is worth mentioning that this only affects wings and bodywork, not the floor, diffusor or suspension work Evidence: (I am leaving as a reference the affected F2004 against other Ferraris that are fine on its reflections, see how the headlights are all statics on the f2004, and how on the other two are moving in synch with the reflections of the helmet?), I could upload a Monaco video if you wanted on both the Ferrari and the Williams, but I thought a comparison is going to be better Please, guys, fix this? Really appreciate if you answer this.
  22. Hey! New to all that... Looking for friends to race have fun and learn with. I'm 51 and a bit late to the game... If you don't mind "old Papy" 💊to race with you, let me know! Don't worry, I've got a defibrillator at home! Just kidding....I actually use an almost as old as me T80 but waiting for my new G29 pretty soon. I play F1 2018 version on PS4. Je suis québecois 🇫🇷🇨🇦 (trouve pas le drapeau du Québec). Amis francophones bienvenus! Si vous avez de la place dans votre ligue pour un débutant, faites-moi signe! À plus!
  23. Welcome to ALR We're looking for commentators and spectators for our upcoming season so we can better document this season. each race will be on a Sunday at 9:00 am EST If you wish to participate in commentating or spectating for ALR join using the link below! JOIN HERE: https://discord.gg/DY8g5Se We currently have 19 drivers. *if you have any more questions ask us in the discord, the link is above^* 🙂 You can also check out our website: https://alr-f1.wixsite.com/officialwebsite **dont use Adblock cause wix gets confused lmao**
  24. I just want to know, are you guys working on a new rain effect? Because of this;
  25. Welcome to ALR! If you want to sign up for ALR join our discord: https://discord.gg/K8ZYm3S This is a PS4 F1 2019 league. it's a semi-pro league with a wide variety of skill level, assist restrictions are: Medium TC or lower, No ABS, Corners only or off racing line, Manual ERS, Automatic or manual gearbox, corner cutting strict, and the weather is the weather that day in real life (if its the Canadian GP, we will use the actual weather of the date we race on) If you do want to see some footage of our league please click on the link provided! Times for League races will be 9:00am EST on Sundays! track list will be available on the discord! Lot's more information will be on the discord. With a very nice and eager community for clean, fair, racing. Join NOW!: https://discord.gg/uMjj7c4 Preseason testing starts on July 8th YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLk4PTd0jRuBVYL4iIutbP9eLthPgwBzdO