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Found 4 results

  1. TLDR: Are you tired of racing against side-swiping, brake checking, mouth breathing idiots in random lobbies? We are Looking for casual to intermediate players (70-95 AI) to race in a clean racing community to race on Mondays at 1930 GMT. Most assists welcome. Complete the form if this is you. Complete this form so we can contact you The aim of this 'league' is to bring people together that want to experience decent wheel to wheel racing in F1 2021 multiplayer races. A small close-nit community where each member's individuality is valued. Emphasis is on 'race-craft' and improvement - We welcome players from all abilities and backgrounds. Established for about two years, this is the first time we're actively looking for new members to welcome into our exclusive group. The racing: Race day is Mondays at 1930. GMT Short Qualy 50% race. Most assists allowed. (NO PIT, NO ERS) Most our guys race casually - Equivalent to 75-95 AI difficulty. Post race/Organisation: We have 2 independent stewards and a full incident reporting system. Our code of conduct sets out clear rules and ensures everyone knows what is acceptable on track and in social situations. https://dyno.gg/form/c06b65c9
  2. My only real question is, will multiplayer ever be playable? I'm talking about from a load up the game and play standpoint. Ranked, unranked..its a horrible experience just trying to get into a ranked race, then you finally find a lobby that's not frozen, get a race under your belt with 14 or 15 other drivers only to have the race end and you get sent to a different lobby that is either empty or has just a few people in it. Social? Please, those lobbies are less likely to actually have a race start than hitting the lottery. It's just a huge disappointment and codies, along with F1, should be embarrassed as hell.
  3. Hi everyone, We have some spots available in the Scientist Reverse Grid League which runs on Friday and Sunday nights. We are approximately half-way through our 23-race calendar in each league. Please see the promo poster for full details on the league format and assists/setting we run. If you're interested in joining, please join the discord server via this link: https://discord.gg/S7zft6yxnZ Thanks for taking the time to read this, hope to see you on the grid soon!
  4. PSN: bodhod1 Device: PS4 Game: F1 2021 Deluxe Edition. Bought 2 days before launch from the PS Store, first played 15 hours after launch time. Report Code: N/A Not sure if anyone else has had this issue. For some reason sections of the game will not load for me, the loading screen and icon will continuously spin without anything happening. This is the loading screen when going from the menus to a lobby. I cannot load Braking Point, and I cannot load into 2 Player Career for Round 2. I've tried restarting the game, restarting my console, being removed and added back by my 2P Career partner. They have no issues of their own. No explanation for Braking Point loading, it's the same issue, I get stuck in the same way as in the 2P Career. Also the menu music plays for one second at intervals during the menu, as if it's trying to refresh or progress. Video attached, with link to my upload on YouTube. Have tried loading into both on multiple days. GP mode and Multiplayer seem ok initially. Any fixes? Edit: I have removed ad reinstalled the game, and am having the same issues... Link to uploaded video:
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