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Found 7 results

  1. thedarkone46

    Is Dirt 2.0 a waste of money?

    Since i bought this game a few months ago bearly has a week gone by without an issue. Most are just bloody annoying but others, like racenet either not working at all for hours or like today there's such a bug that most if not all, by the amount of comments, have had there credits reset and you still can't get onto My team championship and this problem has been going for nearly 12 hours in my case, probably longer in others. It's all well and good begging for mico transactions which is bearly acceptable if the game was working properly but when it isn't, it makes an already annoying situation 10 times worse. Codemaster should either get these bugs fixed once and for all or get a new team in to sort it out properly.
  2. Since last night I’ve been trying to play Dirt Rally 2.0 but it’s not working? I’ve tried accessing MyTeam and I came up with this message... I don’t understand? I’ve tried accessing MyTeam so many times. has as anyone else had this issue?

    Racenet error

    Hi, I’m having an issue logging in, DiRT Rally 2.0, since last update on ps4. Can’t connect to racenet with the following error code: 3ae154c5-55-58 How can I fix it??
  4. Somewhat frustrated as my times for this weeks F1 2013 RaceNet event #3357 (Williams FW21 time trial at Monaco/dry) are not updating with improved times. My PSN ID is Perth_2008 and RaceNet ID is Perth2008. The time recorded for Monaco on RaceNet is 1:24.082 but I worked hard putting in many many more laps with different setups and improved times (eg 1:23.139, 1:22.382 and 1:22.254) and finally my best time of 1:21.230 also not uploaded. No time apart from the 1:24.082 has been uploaded to the RaceNet event webpage despite the in-game screen saying that the better times had been uploaded, but sadly not seen when checking on webpage. Yes, all the above times are "clean", (ie not penalised) I can see my best time on the in-game Monaco global leaderboards in position 2,013 (1990s cars) so am puzzled why not showing on the Event webpage. This has happened intermittently before and also in F1 2014, GRID AS and Grid 2 but not on four successive occasions! Is there any reason for this ... is RaceNet support ending for these older Codemasters titles? I checked PSN / internet connections, etc but all seems fine. Cheers Frank
  5. Many players of Dirt Rally 2.0, including those whose platform are PC or PS4, from Mainland, China could not connect (called 'Sign In' in the game) to RACENET ever since the beginning of June, 2019. Hope there is a solution, or at least a date after which the server would be available again.
  6. Hi, i've experience a problem since few days no one of my time trial times (new personal best) was "saved" by racenet, (anything work fine on other places, daily..) i experienced the same issue with the setups, i save it, use it, and when i quit the session the setups has been disappeared 😞. I'm not tested all location but on serval others that work fine. Anybody experience same issue ? any solution ? + Same situation on Monte-Carlo, with the C3 R5 too.. (no liveries on this car, not modifications) Thanks! ps: PC version on Steam (last version available of each)
  7. Game purchased two years ago. All seasons ended in Chronology. Recently I wanted to compare results with friends, but I do not see my own results on the list of players. Has anyone encountered such a problem? A similar topic: https://steamcommunity.com/app/44350/discussions/0/3398435622567927238/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/44350/discussions/0/3398435622556106305/ Login to racenet is done correctly. In Steam, I can see my own and friends' results.. Does not help: - profile change / New game on the same RaceNet account. - disable synchronization Steam - disabling the windows10 firewall - compatibility with WIN 7 or 8 - Steam beta - change of Internet connection provider - transferring the game to the system disk - turning off the anti-virus