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Found 10 results

  1. Hi! Auto save dosent work, When I start to play f1, game start like firstly, choose avatar ect. game doest save anthing anyone know how to solve ?
  2. @Faya @RedDevilKT We need keyboard support on the Xbox version of F1 2019 so we can bind extra controls when playing with a wheel. Other Xbox games allow this. In fact the PS4 version of the game allows you to do this but you have not included it in the Xbox version Can this support be added in the next patch
  3. Hey. I have a problem. I have all the time crashes at loading, when i try to start the weekend in Baku. In attachment i added log from report. Somebody can help me? crash f1.txt
  4. @BarryBL I've just noticed something when I was driving around with Classic Cars around Silverstone. The DRS sign on the Hangar Straight is still on the old place, whereas the DRS-line is at the correct place. This has only occured to me when driving with Classic Cars (in Time Trial, Grand Prix as well as Unranked Multiplayer) so I'm guessing in every mode. Platform: Xbox One Version: 1.18 Mode: (in these screenshots) Time Trial Car: Ferrari F10 (Classic Car) Below you can see a) the DRS activation line at the right place and b) the DRS sign at the wrong place
  5. Can anyone tell me how to reset my personal best lap times? I'm gradually getting better and I just set my ABS to Medium and turned off brake assist but it would be nice to have the previous best time wiped clean so I get a new benchmark for my progress.
  6. Diarmuid01

    Classic Cars Glitch

    I found a glitch that only happens to the 1988 mclaren, 1991 mclaren, 1992 williams and the 1996 williams. When you set front and rear suspension to 1/1 and front and rear ride height to 11/11 the front wheels come off the ground making the car difficult to steer and the car becomes uncontrollable.
  7. Hi guys! New player here. Just bought the game on Steam (PC), but cant start to play because my keyboard and my mouse are not working after the game launches. The intro video starts and then I get the message press any button. But my keyboard and mouse are not responding so I cant enter any menu or something. Can you please help me? Im not using any controller. I didn't post this issue in the technical corner since Im not sure I have a problem with the game. Its just seams like its not recognizing my keyboard and mouse? EDIT: I have a xbox controller for PC and it looks like it works. But I still cant use my keyboard so when Im asked to type the name of the driver I cant write anything. I cant get past the initial menu where I have to chose a name for my driver since my keyboard doesn't work. Any way to fix this?
  8. @BarryBLMyself and my friend did not get the esports points for the last event mailbox is empty. We qualified in the top 18% and 23% and did not receive any reward. Have restored game on xbox etc but still nothing
  9. Hi all, Ive recently run into an issue and was wondering if anyone has any solutions. As of this week when I try to do a manual start, the right paddle no longer serves as a clutch as before. (The display says to use the clutch pedal instead). However, even with the clutch engaged, revving the engine no longer automatically switches to 1st gear as before. Any attempts to shift manually do not work until the red start lights go out. By that time I've already been overrun by other cars. I've tried changing the clutch buttons in setup, but wasn't able to find any combination that worked as before. Anyone else seeing this issue? Setup: Xbox One X Thrustmaster TX Base Thrustmaster Open Wheel Add On Thrustmaster Sim Hub Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter (not used in this scenario, but it is attached) Thrustmaster TSSH Handbrake (not used in this scenario, but it is attached) Thrustmaster T3PA Pedals Set to Manual transmission, manual starts in game settings
  10. Hi there I've completed a few Daily/Weekly Challenges in DiRT Rally 2.0. When I log in the next day I get the notification screens telling me what I won, but following that the CR earned from those events does not get added to my running total. To give a specific example, today I started with 110,000 CR. I logged in and earned about 400,000 CR in Daily/Weekly Challenge rewards. Following the notification screens my account balance was still 110,000 CR. I tried restarting the game but the new CR still wasn't added to my balance. Just thought I'd drop the note in here. Thanks for reading, -PJ