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Found 1 result

  1. To my surprise F1 2019 is much better than expected and is worth grabbing particularly if on sale. It is more polished and for me bug free whilst having some nice inclusions like F2 and classic F1 cars. 90% of my I'm racing is done on AC & ACC where I have almost 2000 hours combined however the racing can be tiring as it is serious therefore a racing tittle like this is nice to have for some fun whilst enjoying the candy. I didn't expect much as a few of the previous CM F1 tittles I have owned have been a letdown to me. After skipping a few years, the last tittles I tried were 2016 & 2018 which also resulted in a disaster and a put off. I have seen some reviews from users on the AC forums regarding the FFB & physics however I think it is better than what it is being given credit. For sure it’s not ACC and I never expected it to be. I can feel what the car is doing and for the most part it is predictable. There are no major head scratching moments (like previous tittles) where you think to yourself, why did the car react that way to my input. I think if your settings are off it is not very nice and enjoyable. As the tyres load up the car feels particularly good in high speed scenarios however, I think the low speed physics still needs some more work as there can be a lack of feel and precision in these types of scenarios. The torque ranges I have my wheel set for is generally in the 4-8 Nm range. There are some extreme one-off corners that spike above that. One thing I still do not like about the CM physics is if you try to do low speed extreme weaving like you see on TV the car does not react the same. Even with all driver aids off there always feels like there is a sense of “speed sensitivity” being applied and making the car less agile. In general, the car is more set to be on the understeer side even with extreme oversteer setups. My hardware is Fanatec DD2, i7 3930K @ 4.3 Ghz, 1080 Ti and here are my settings. In Game: FFB: 70% Track: 5-10% Rumble Strip: 15% Off Track: 20% Damper: 20% Understeer enhanced: Off Driver: SEN: 360 FFB: 40% (35% for F2) SHO, FOR, SPR, FEI, BF: 100% DPR, NDP, NFR: 0% UI: Very slick and easy to use however no mouse is a real pain and because I use nVidia DSR I sometimes have issues on program load whereby it automatically ALT+TAB’s back to windows. “Switch To” method via task manger seems to work most of the time. It is very handy that you can change the car/track combo without returning to the main menu. Graphics: Excellent graphics as expected however for 1080p you really have to run this game up sampled via custom resolutions or DSR at 4K or else it is a blurry mess due to TAA anti-aliasing. At 4K DSR I can still achieve 60 FPS in all scenarios on high/ultra settings. TAA has its usual ghosting problems however it is not as bad other tittles. The new sharpening filter nVidia supplies with its drivers are great as you do not need to use re-shade to dial out blur. I also like how they included the camera adjustments to be saved per vehicle, something that I requested for in the past. Some of the cars still need a little more camera adjustment range and there should be an option to turn off the hands & wheel particularly for triple screen users. HUD: A very good HUD design and is fully customizable for each element. Audio: Good audio however I do not like how you must rely on artificial wind noise to know you have DRS open. I also find the crowd noise unrealistic and should be separated into its own setting for adjustment. AI: I need more time to fully asses the AI. That said I have had some ok races against them. A couple of times they close off space in the corners or at the start procedure which can create a problem however in most cases you can race wheel to wheel with them. One thing I noticed is if the Ai touch your rear it can cause the front wing to fail which is unrealistic. MP: Multiplayer is structured very well though it can be hard to find a descent race unless you join a league and the ping rates displayed in the lobby are not always correct. Career: Nicely structured with a good story line which works very well with the inclusion of F2. Time Trial: Very nicely structured. It would be nice to see which ghost lap times that have been set by users with a wheel or controller and the enhanced understeer option should be moved to an assist as I believe some users are exploiting this for lap time. I would like to see some additional filters added whereby you can filter for your team or particular classic F1 car. Overall: 7/10 Improvements for 2020 (wish list): Mouse navigation for the UI. Proper FOV adjustment settings. Fix the ping display in the lobby and provide a ping number rather than a simple graphic of Red, Orange & Green. More setup options for advance users like heave springs, dampers, castor angle etc.. More agile physics and feel for low speed scenarios. SOC ERS management. DRS LED added to each cockpit to indicate DRS is activated rather than relying on artificial wind noises or checking a fake rear camera. Visor tear offs. A virtual rear-view mirror added to the HUD that can be scaled as most cars for single screen users will not show the side mirrors. Add fuel mix number to the cockpit digital display. Classic F1 cars should have engine map modes and TC adjustments. Classic F1 cars should have gearing options as tracks like China with long straights are being speed clipped at 310 kph. Classic F1 cars to include a KERS version. Classic F1 tracks or at least some that were included in older tittles like Istanbul Park, Sepang etc.. Add Formula 3 Push to talk option should be set as default so newbies are not hot micing in MP. More camera/seat adjustment. Enhanced understeer option should be moved to an assist as I believe some users are exploiting this for lap time. Filters added to the time trial leader board whereby you can filter for your team or particular classic F1 car.