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Found 2 results

  1. Schmuckiiii

    What I think of F1 2019

    (This review is in Brazilian Portuguese and English) English: What I think of F1 2019: F1 2019 is a much better game than 2018, has better graphics, 2 new cars of 2010, challenges senna and prost, however the game came with the performance and models of outdated cars, old pitlane of france, several bugs in the online, Online's Classified Mode can only be played with Multiplayer Cars, which I think is horrible because it would be much better to choose between playing with real cars and multiplayer cars, it would be very nice to have everything mixed in the classified, being able to have races with the real cars and multiplayer cars together! in addition, Codemasters' punishment system continues A PIECE OF ****! If others hit you, YOU TAKE PUNISHMENT, if you put half the car off the track, YOU TAKE PUNISHMENT being that it was to take punishment only when you put the whole car out, the others push you off the track and YOU TAKE PUNISHMENT !! Aside from the fact that it's horrible to run only 3 races in Formula 2 in Career Mode, it would be MUCH BETTER if it were the normal Formula 2 races and these "events" all together, with Race 1 being a normal race and Race 2 Race) would be an event like it is in the normal game! It would also be great to be able to race with Formula 2 on the Online, this could open up F2 League possibilities (yes, I know they will add F2 to the online soon, but it would be nice if they already had this since the game's launch! ) or even an F2 Multiplayer Car! I have also heard that the Senna and Prost Challenges are very easy. But one of the things that disappointed me most was the fact that YOU DO NOT CUSTOMIZE THE MULTIPLAYER CARS AND NOT THE HELMETS! Because only changing colors is not ****, it would be MUCH better to be able to make your own paintings, changing the place of sponsorships, colors, etc. Besides that the servers here in Brazil are a complete trash in several times. Also that the ranks are not very good, because you do a good race and still your rank decreases sometimes !! It's also very bad that you win the F2 or not change no **** at all when choosing your F1 team! From what I've seen, even by choosing bigger teams (like Ferrari, Redbull or Mercedes), it seems impossible to be refused by a team! Even with these problems, I still think the game is much better than 2018, so I would give a note: 8/10 for the game -------------- Português Brasileiro: Oque acho de F1 2019: F1 2019 è um Jogo muito melhor quer o 2018, tem graficos melhores, 2 novos carros de 2010, desafios senna e prost, porém o jogo veio com o desempenho e os modelos dos carros desatualizados, pitlane da frança antigo, varios bugs no online, o modo Classificado do Online só pode ser jogado com os Carros Multiplayer, oque eu acho horrivel pois, seria muito melhor poder escolher entre jogar com os carros reais e os carros multiplayer, serio muito bom ter tudo misturado no classificada, podendo ter corridas com os carros reais e os carros multiplayer juntos! além de que, o sistema de punições da Codemasters continua UM PEDAÇO DE *****! Se os outros batem em você, VOCÊ TOMA PUNIÇÃO, se você coloca metade do carro para fora da pista, VOCÊ TOMA PUNIÇÃO sendo que era pra tomar punição só quando você colocasse todo o carro para fora, os outros te empurram para fora da pista e VOCÊ TOMA PUNIÇÃO!! Além de que é horrivel correr só 3 corridas na Formula 2 no Modo Carreira, seria MUUUITO MELHOR se fossem as corridas normais da Formula 2 e esses "eventos" todos juntos, sendo que a Corrida 1 seria uma corrida normal e a Corrida 2 (Sprint Race) seria um evento como é no jogo normal! Também seria muito bom poder correr com a Formula 2 no Online, isso poderia abrir até possibilidades de Liga de F2 (sim, eu sei que irão adicionar a F2 no online em breve, mais seria bom se ja tivesse isso desde o lançamento do jogo!) ou até mesmo um Carro Multiplayer F2! Também ja ouvi falar que os Desafios Senna e Prost estão muito faceis. Porém, umas das coisas que mais me desapontou foi o fato de que VOCÊ NÃO CUSTOMIZA OS CARROS MULTIPLAYER E NEM OS CAPACETES! Pois só mudar as cores não é porcaria nenhuma, seria MUUUUUITO MELHOR você poder fazer suas proprias pinturas, mudando o lugar dos patrocinios, cores, etc. Além de que os servidores aqui no Brasil estão um completo lixo em varias vezes. Também que os Ranks não estão muito bons, pois você faz uma corrida boa e ainda seu rank diminui as vezes!! Também é muito ruim o fato de você vencer a F2 ou não não mudar porcaria nenhuma na hora de escolher sua equipe de F1! Pelo que eu vi, mesmo escolhendo equipes maiores (como Ferrari, Redbull ou Mercedes), parece ser impossivel ser recusado por uma equipe! Mesmo com esses problemas, eu ainda acho que o jogo está muito melhor que o 2018, então eu daria uma nota: 8/10 para o jogo
  2. If you don't own F1 2018/2018 then it's worth buying F1 2019. It really is a great game. But the progress of the games, how great the updates are (the new sector time screen, the f2 car, the customisations, the subtly but noticeable updated ai & handling, the highlights) it still looks like there could've been done more for such a chunk of money. 1- Still no virtual mirror or VR. Certainly a virtual mirror should be an option for safe online play. The indication markers don't do the job. VR should be an option for the hardcore simmers playing without any assists and go full on. But the virtual mirror should be slapped on as otherwise you'll have no idea who's coming behind. 2- Depth: well, if you go out and make us do three (10% races) in an F2 car. And then abandon the story essentially, then just don't do it. This needs to be fleshed out better. I don't mind a story mode, but then flesh it out. And do make us choose whether we want to "restrict" ourselves from choosing an A-ranking team like Mercedes, Ferrari or Red Bull, let us choose for ourselves from the beginning of career to limit our choices, or to widen them. Let us choose to run a full F2 season before doing F1 and seperate the story then into some cutscenes (not every race for example). Career mode lacks depth because you can't customise enough in that direction - however it must be said if you never played it before - it's good. But we've been here before as long time fans 3- Impact: Your action taken need to have impact on the F2 or F1 world. The questions by Claire, the reactions of the teams, the commentary can and needs to be fleshed out a bit more, a bit richer. The foundations are in place and they work great, a bit more variety won't hurt. Certainly when negotiation a contract, a permadeath scenario such as in Diablo wouldn't hurt either. Ending your career prematurely if you really really are bad - it would make an impact to try and improve and make negotations a bit more "real" or "impactful". Now it really doesn't matter that much. And to close this off, a bit more variety in getting your name in there won't hurt either. If codemasters would just look up the list of "names" used in the "Crewchief" open source project, they'll know which names people want... I hate to be called "The Prema driver" or "The Engineer", whilst my name could be in there very easily. It would make the game have a big impact on you as a player. 4- Bugs & Issues that are there for a long time are still not solved in this iteration. They are known to the community, they have been asked time and time again by the community. To be fair, on launch day I had no issues on an old system. So it's go-racing a-ok from day 1, which can't be said for many games being released these days. My words will never reach Codemasters HQ, I guess/know, but the community and people coming in should know and spread. Because otherwise we won't be getting any step up of progress. To conclude, don't get me wrong. I love the game series and I love the way Codesmasters does everything else, there are just some things I feel we need to push as a community. I also don't want this game to be in any other hands than codies, they know their thing, making an F1 game for a big crowd isn't easy for sure. They know how to balance this and bring some new cool things. I do applaud them for that, however, 1/2/3 and 4 are very important for the development of the game I feel. But... just my 2cents. Nevertheless, see you on track!