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Found 9 results

  1. I want to buy it while he is in reduction because I want to play with a friend and i want to know if the server are still open. Did someone know please ?
  2. Hi, just updated to 1.13 and I suddenly have no FFB on the Logitech G923. I was playing the game just before 10AM GMT and my FFB was working completely fine and just tried on a few other games to make sure it wasn't my wheel. It appears 1.13 has broken my force feedback or maybe broken force feedback on the G923 altogether? My friend has the G29 and FFB is working absolutely fine, does anyone else have this issue with the G923? Thanks. Report Code: PSVC-RERM-GTDA-AJJE Platform: PC Game-mode: Every game mode Troubleshooting: Re-installing game, re installing Logitech G-HUB (not related to this as it works on every other game and was working several hours before the update) How to make problem happen: Drive in F1 2021 with the Logitech G923
  3. Hi guys, i need help to setup my thrustmaster ferrari 458 xbox version on my pc to play f1 2019. So far i cannot get it to work. Is there any way? Thanks
  4. I was racing in a league race on ps5 in Mexico. We were doing a formation lap and at the end of the lap i pressed by mistake my ers. At the start of the race my ers was stuck open and i couldnt close it(i tried to change my buttons and unplugged my wheel) Ps5 Report code: ESVB-THRD-JDPX-SHEG League race online 10 people I have a clip here that you can see rhe problem
  5. Description: Since the latest server update, Podium Pass challenges no longer register progress. Platform: Xbox Series X (Xbox One X) Game version: 1.18 Game mode: all How to replicate: Do any Podium Pass challenge. At the end of the session, it won't register the progress. I also tried doing the same challenge twice and replacing a daily challenge, but nothing works. Workaround: - Peripherals: Xbox Series X controller Report code - 1.18: KMKB-SCKH-MARX-KSJG Image / video: -
  6. Hi everyone, I hope you can help me with the following problem: My older version PS4 controller seems to be slower from 7th to 8th gear. It seems like I can not build up the full speed on the straights. When I play with the new version controller (with the lightbulb in the touchpad), I'm so much quicker because it just works as how it should. Now I'm wondering; is this a problem with the controller preset settings? Is there a different one for the older version controller? Like calibration settings or such? It just looks and feels like I can not fully press the R2 button in comparison to the newer version controller, so the gear change from 7th to 8th is extremely slow. Hope you guys can help me out 🙂 Thanks in advance. Ramon
  7. (Sorry for the repost,I tried to delete the other thread because I realised it was in the wrong Technical Assistance section,but I can't find how to do it) Hello,I just bought the game and I have a problem with the launching. When I press play on Steam, it shows the executable for 1-2 seconds on the Task Manager and then it disappears and stops running on Steam too with no error code or a warning showing. I tried the common solutions (drivers ,tweak the GeForce Experience settings ,launching on safe mode etc) but nothing changed. PC Specs: Windows 10 Intel i5-6600 Nvidia GTX 1060 3GB 8 GB DDR4 RAM Installed in Samsung SSD Can't know because it won't launch, but I installed again today (14th April 2021) Keyboard https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zTckSg3zGQ8IYFN4eFhk6CK0G42K3zN-?usp=sharing Here is the video of trying to launch the game, as you see the executable appears in the Task Manager but then it closes without any warning or error. Hope you can give me a solution for this, thank you in advance.
  8. 1. During a race, when I reached the penultimate lap, Jeff will inform me that I haven't used all tire compounds even though I already pitted for a medium from a set of soft tires. Even when I pitted, it still disqualified me. Seems like the game doesn't recognize that I have used all mandatory tire compound and just decided that I haven't, therefore disqualifying me from the race. However, it seems this bug is extremely inconsistent. I've tried some solutions including changing the pit strategy at the start of the race. It helped in Australia and Bahrain, but when I got to Vietnam the bug reappeared even after changing the strategy. 2. I am using version 1.03 3. This happened on MyTeam Career mode. Haven't tested it in Driver Career though. 4. To replicate, simply just play MyTeam Career mode and play any race with the default pit strategy. However, some people said that it has something to do with flashbacks, so try using flashback at least once or twice during the race. I, myself, doesn't have the problem during the Bahrain GP even though I used flashback once. 5. Like I said, changing the pit strategy seems to temporarily solve the issue. It's just tedious because you have to play an entire race just to confirm whether it works or not. It works in Australia and Bahrain but doesn't work in Vietnam. 6. I am using an X-input gamepad (Gamesir T3w) 7. I don't have a screenshot or a video unfortunately, but many people have reported it in reddit and Steam discussions.
  9. I still have the same issue as in Beta with Ego Dumper Crash's when launching the Game. A detailed description of the issue. Immediately an Ego Dumper Crash when launching the Game. Report Code None Platform? PC What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. Removing 2nd Monitor, verify Files, -safemode, tried another GPU, disabled Background Services. How do you make the problem happen? Please add a step-by-step guide here so we can replicate and get reported as quick as possible. Start the Game DxDiag and DMP attached. DxDiag.txt 794563-20210712-185100-0.zip
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