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Found 6 results

  1. IRC – Deutsche Liga für Fortgeschrittene Racer die Lust auf eine entspannte F1 Rennen haben Du bist auf der Suche nach einer Formel 1 Liga mit Anfängern aber auch fortgeschrittenen und starken Fahrern? Du willst Sonntagabend entspannt Formel 1 spielen ohne 500mal die Strecke trainieren zu müssen? Dann bist Du bei uns genau richtig! Die IRC ist eine Liga welche sich spiel übergreifend bereits in der 6. Saison befindet. Wir legen natürlich Wert auf faires Fahren, wissen aber auch das jeder Fahrer mal Fehler macht. Der Spaß steht für uns im Vordergrund! Die Rennen starten jeden Sonntag um 17 Uhr und enden gegen 20 Uhr. Zwischendrin gibt es natürlich eine halbe stunde Pause. Wir fahren 2x 50 % Rennen und jeweils ein kurzes Qualifying. Bei den Fahrhilfen schreiben wir nichts vor. In unserem Discord kannst Du jederzeit den WM-Stand sowie die aktuellen Quali- und Rennergebnisse nachschauen. Außerdem haben wir einen YouTube Kanal, auf dem Highlights(https://youtu.be/4kUpUkFJElk) zur Formel 1 Liga hochgeladen werden. Hier kannst Du Dir einen ersten Eindruck von uns machen. Kurze Information: - kein Training (man kann sich ggf. mit den anderen Fahrern auf der jeweiligen Strecke im Zeitfahr-Modus messen) - Ligasystem: Eigenes Ligasystem by IRC (Lobby ohne Rangliste) - kurzes Qualifying (18 Min.) - Renndistanz 50% - Boliden-Leistung gleich - Gefahren wird mit den Realen F1 Fahrzeugen - Einführungsrunde aktiviert - Safety-Car aktiviert - Kollisionen aktiviert - Autoschaden komplett - Wetter dynamisch - Parc-Fermé-Regeln aktiviert - Strenge für das Schneiden in Kurven - Streng - Autoeinstellungen komplett - Ghosting aktiviert - Regeln und Flaggen aktiviert - Rennbeginn manuell ­- alle Fahrhilfen erlaubt - Preise für die WM besten - Eigenes Punktesystem - Gute Organisation - Faire Fahrer - Erfahrung im Ligabetrieb. Wenn Du Interesse hast, trete einfach unserem Discordserver bei! https://discord.gg/626Zf5X dort gibt aus auch alle weiteren Informationen und Regeln zur Liga. IRC Trailer Wir freuen uns auf dich!
  2. F1 Revenant is in its fifth season and are welcoming drivers to participate. We have a small, dedicated community but we are looking to grow and fill out the tier fully. We are looking for drivers who can commit their time for most weeks and who will race with good spirit towards each other. The league runs a more unusual format detailed as follows: a 14-race season that includes 2 drop-weeks. This means that your two lowest-scoring results are not counted towards the total championship. This has been implemented to mitigate the effect of missed races due to the shorter season. The community voted for 6 tracks to be confirmed with the rest randomly selected. Assists are enabled, and the league is targeted at a less competitive audience. Despite this, we still expect high racing standards and attendance is critical. The league will race Mondays 7pm GMT/8pm CET, with short-qualifying and 50% race. Join our discord: https://discord.gg/DAMpxgN Message Embassy#5321 to find out more information and get involved!
  3. Race Spec F1 Esports F1 Regional Leagues - Season 2 (Tuesday Nights) Season 2 of the F1 Regional Leagues is launching on all platforms (XB1, PS4, PC) in January 2020, and sign up is now OPEN! With 10 leagues and more than 200 drivers involved, it's the place to race on Tuesday nights! The three F1 Regional Leagues include the Euro Series, Pacific Series, and Americas Series on all platforms (PS4, XB1, PC). Check the banner below for the Tuesday night race time for each F1 Regional League (bottom left), and the Championship Details (bottom right). Get involved through the link below and join the biggest cross-platform championship in F1 Esports! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP or JOIN OUR DISCORD Season 2 key dates 📅 Tuesday 7 January 2020: Pre-season testing and race at Spain 📅 Tuesday 14 January 2020: Round 1 - Australian GP What’s new for Season 2? With 10 leagues across all platforms in Season 1, we’re striving for bigger and better in Season 2, and aim to have at least 13 leagues. Season 2 will see the introduction of the Squad Championship, the biggest combined constructors championship in F1 Esports with more than 200 drivers involved across all leagues and platforms! More flexible race times for each league with the race time adjusted for individual leagues to the preferences of its drivers where possible. More race broadcasts than ever - Where there are multiple Tiers in a series, race times will be staggered where possible to allow for more race broadcasts on YouTube and Twitch. Driver of the day (DOTD) vote for drivers after each round in every league. The Squad Championship - The BIGGEST cross-platform championship in F1 Esports! Every driver who competes in Season 2 of the Regional Leagues will be allocated to one of the ten F1 constructor Squads to drive for them for the whole season. Changing Squads is not an option! The top 10 highest points scoring drivers for each Squad every round will have their points added to the Squad Championship. Each Squad will have an assigned Squad Captain who nominates one driver to be the “Double Points Driver” before each round to score double points for their Squad in that round. The driver who contributes to their Squad’s points tally the most over the course of a season will be nominated as the Squad MVP. A running total of points for the Squad Championship will be kept to see which Squad is on top after each round. With the introduction of the Squad Championship the team you drive for matters more than ever... When you sign up you'll be able to select your top 5 team preferences, so choose carefully as you will not be able to switch teams. Drivers will be allocated to Squads via their team preference submitted through the sign up form, with drivers getting priority based on their championship finishing position in Season 1. New drivers will be allocated by a first in first served basis. So get in quick if you are new! Squad allocations for Season 2 will be announced between pre-season testing at Spain and Round 1. So grab your mates and join us for a massive season of great racing in 2020. Sign up through the link below or join our Discord to get involved. See you on track! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP or JOIN OUR DISCORD
  4. After I reached Level 50 online, I received the achievement for it. But, after that, next race it reset to Level 1. I have races a little more and it is at Level 5 now.
  5. Looking for a League Commentator for Vortex Racing League Vortex does races starting at 7:30 PM (GMT). Short Qualifying into a 50% race. It would be really cool to have a commentator doing the race and possibly qualifying sessions as it would look more professional and it would allow us racers to feel motivated knowing viewers are watching and supporting us! If you're up for it, DM Lightcruiser on our Discord and he'll sort you out ;)! Discord Link: https://discord.gg/VBGFNSv
  6. RACE SPEC F1 ESPORTS F1 Global Series - Season 2 Season 2 of the F1 Global Series is here, and sign up is OPEN! Racing every Sunday 12 Round Calendar (Silverstone onwards) Equal performance cars Open Assists Drivers & Constructors Championships Short Qualifying 50% Race Live streams and commentary Launching on all platforms (XB1, PS4, Steam) on Sunday October 27. Check the banner below for the race time (bottom left). Cars will be allocated via driver preference submitted through the form, with drivers that sign up earliest getting priority. So get in quick! Hit the link below to get involved! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP