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Steering Wheel






Found 4 results

  1. TheManugeo

    Purchasing a Wheel

    Hi there, I am considering purchasing a wheel to play the F1 game and was wondering if anyone had any advice on what to get, I don't have a lot to spend and am currently planning on getting the Hori Overdrive wheel for Xbox One (as that is the console I play on) and was wondering firstly as it is not officially supported if people know that this wheel works with the game or if anyone has any other wheel in the same price range of around £85 that are very good for playing the game
  2. Whats up guys! I just bought a Thrustmaster T300RS and I was looking how to set it up properly to play F1 2018 in my PS4. I realized that here we don't have a dedicated forum for the steering wheel setup, and I think it can be a great idea if codies guys create one in order to help people like me to enjoy the games with a steering wheel. We also could use it to help codies people fix bugs which appear in the differents codemasters games and to develop them in the different platforms. What do you think??
  3. If they really were going to release the fix they would have done it 2 weeks after the game released. this is a car game and FFB is the most important aspect and clear they didnt build it. so its never coming out at best it will be a DLC so get your shekels ready boyo. #gotYourMoney wait for dirt rally 3 🙂 codemasters is a corporation not a charity.be a good boyo and wait #CODEMASTERS ,he beLIEveD
  4. From what i have gathered so far, the lcd screen on the virtual steering wheel inside the cockpit has got... -tyre temperatures -lap time (delta / mini sector) -ers (harvest / deploy / total / mode) -fuel (delta) -indicator (speed / gear /lap / position) Here is my request: Could you please add 'fuel mix' and 'brake bias' to the steering wheel screen inside the cockpit? Those two entities of information are essential for immersion and functionality, as it is more convenient to be seeing the correct numbers on screen at all given times during racing, especially in cockpit mode.