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Found 9 results

  1. LLOYD1985

    F1 2019 wishlist

    F1 2018 is the best F1 game Codemasters have made so far but it still has features missing I would really like to see added. 1: Would love for F1 2019 to have a full Simulation Mode along side an Arcade Mode for casual games, set it up like Dirt 4 with the option to choose Gamer or Simulator Handling 2: Flat tyres fall apart as we're heading to the pits for a tyre change 3: Would love to see real F1 onscreen graphics like we see on Television 4: GIF of Car Setups for each part, you have a description for what each option does but for someone like me it's hard to understand so if we could get a GIF or a little video which shows us what the setting will do to the car would make things so much easier. I have learning disabilities and taking information in through text is difficult for me but video makes it so much easier to understand 5: Give us full control of our car, don't just steal control away from us when entering Pit Lane or at the end of the Formation Lap, let us align our car up and if it's not lined up correctly then we get a penalty like in real life 6: Bring back localised weather, in 2018 when it rains the entire track is wet where as in 2016 it could be raining in one section of the track but dry on another section 7: VR Support, please give us support for Rift and HTC VIVE, it makes the game so much more immersive 8: When Jeff speaks have him sound like he's speaking over the radio 9: Give us an option track trial that helps to teach us where the braking points are or an option to disable the racing line but enable a post that flashes or something 10: Bring back your driver getting into the car in the garage, you've already got the video clip on your server from a previous F1 game 11: Give us all tyre options, just because no team used SuperHard tyres in F1 2018 season doesn't mean they shouldn't be in the game Am I missing anything? What else should be added to F1 2019?
  2. Do you ever think we will ever see this in F1 21xx? AC had a nice addon which worked well. You could ask questions to your engineer rather than scrolling through voice command menus at 350 kph. It also helps alot if your wheel/gpad has limited buttons etc..
  3. Coanda

    sub forums

    This forum & technical forum should be setup per F1 tittle ie. 2010, 2011, ........., 2017, 2018.
  4. We have have vertical, please consider horizontal mirror adjustment.
  5. It would be nice to have the option to adjust the sensitivity of this option. Using my xbox one elite controller head checks to the mirror are too sensitive particularly on the return. The return is more of an issue for me. Platform: PC-Steam Windows 10 1803-64bit Game Version: 1.15 Input: xbox one elite dx Version: 12 PC: i7 3930k, 1080ti
  6. please see here:- https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/34560-cockpit-cam-settings/
  7. gpad divers have no real chance competing with wheeled rigs.
  8. Great to see CM add these needed options. Please consider having the option to save these per car. as each car requires different mirror angles etc.. Its hard in MP to quickly change everything every time your allocated a different car. Platform: PC-Steam Windows 10 1803-64bit Game Version: 1.15 Input: xbox one elite dx Version: 12 PC: i7 3930k, 1080ti
  9. My CSW is broken however looking in the CSW xml file I also see this as an issue. I am using a x Box one elite gpad and lets just say deadzone = 0 is not 0. Furthermore there is no speed sensitivity option therefore going down the straight at higher speeds you can vigorously toggle the steering left & right & nothing happens at all. This makes it very difficult to correct a bad corner exit or navigate high speed direction changes such as COTA. I like driving with precise inputs for full control and feel and you just can not achieve this with the deadzone & particularly the no speed sensitivity option being the way it is. No other racing tittle I own does this. Please consider a patch for users that like full control and feel. If you test AC/ACC/PC1&2 they all have a Speed Sensitivity option.. Its a must! Platform: PC-Steam Windows 10 1803-64bit Game Version: 1.15 Input: xbox one elite dx Version: 12 PC: i7 3930k, 1080ti