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Found 21 results

  1. Hi, Firstable, sorry for my english, this isn't my first language My favorite game mode on F1 2019 is Weekly Event, but only every two weeks. The week with the scenarios, like atm Russell at the Hungaroring from 14th place to 10th. So I would love to have a definitive mode, with many challenges like them. I asked to some of my friends, and they all agree with me. Hope my message doesn't fall on deaf ears Thanks for reading me !
  2. We are currently doing a complete F2 MP season (Q, R1 and R2) and we saw some problems which should be fixed or clarifying from @BarryBL: 1.- In free practice, you cant change fuel load or tyre compound. why? 2.- You cant do a short qualifying like in F1s races, you just only can adjust to a 30 minutes of qualifying or a 1 lap qualifying and for us is son long or so short. We finally decide to do a 1 lap qualifying but is not what we wanted to do. 3.- If you create a lobby with custom grid, in the second race, the grid is the same. Yep, I know that you had selected a custom grid, but the second race should have the option to decide if you continuous with the custom grid of with the results of the first race inverted position. In our last race, a driver suddently end up hearing the sound of the game between qualifying and race 1, so we must to restart the race from race 1. 4.- If you want to do a second race (because there was some problems and you must to restart the season) you cant not avoid race 1, the minimum length is 3 lap race, for that reason (and for the point 3 one), we do the 3 laps in the position we had finally the first race before we restart with the normal grid. In the videos below you can see all that issues
  3. TheEmpireWasRight

    No Assists vs. Assists [F1 2019]

    Even if, according to JD aka. "Tiarl Limiss", assists are a bit slower on one lap pace for most average players, the results were still way too close. CM should take a look at Assetto Corsa, Project Cars series or Forza series etc., those games handle assists the right way, in those games you have to go for no assists to actually be competitive. Whereas in CM's F1 series assists always were way too close or even faster laptimewise to no assists which basically destroys any incentive to actually learn and drive no assists racing (with the exception of F1 2013). Imo, the difference between no assists and assists should be that asissts are at least 4 seconds slower, if full assists are being used. Here's a example of how that could be achieved: Full ABS, should make one start braking at least (20 - 40 meters) earlier than no assists. Medium ABS, which currently doesn't exist for whatever reason, should make one start braking at least (15 - 30 meters) earlier than no assists. Low ABS, which currently doesn't exist for whatever reason, should make one start braking at least (10 - 20 meters) earlier than no assists. Full TC, should make acceleration at least (30 - 60 kmh) slower out of corners. Medium TC, should make acceleration at least (20 - 40 kmh) slower out of corners. Low TC, which currently doesn't exist for whatever reason, should make acceleration at least (10 - 20kmh) slower. Auto Gears, should always shift up at 11500 rpm. If all this, or a similar approach to no assists vs. assists balancing, is considered and done, the game will be more "E-Sports" friendly. Also if some bonus extra XP or ingame cash for not running assists was granted to no assists driving, it would give even more incentive to the players to finally make the switch and eventually forces us all to be better drivers.
  4. Here's a brilliant short clip of how the real life Red Backlight (Rainlight) blinking rate is in wet weather conditions. During corners the blinking rate slows down and on straights and or at faster speeds the blinking rate increases dramatically. In F1 2019 the game however this is not represented correctly, as ingame the blinking rate is at a slower rate throughout the whole lap and stays that way in all situations. Especially in heavy rain conditions we need a more realistic blinking rate for the Red Backlight (Rainlight) at the rear of the cars to improve spacial awareness and visibility to the opponents cars in front. Please fix this. @RedDevilKT @Hoo @BarryBL
  5. Jokes aside, the cars have too much understeer, even after the 1.05 patch got released the cars are still too slow compared to real life performances. 2019 cars are way faster than 2018, but unfortunately this is not the case in the game. Imo, the ingame cars of F1 2019 have... ...too much drag. We need to crank the aero up pretty high, which is a necessity to get close to the real life highspeed cornering speeds, but in contrary the cars do not get to topspeed as fast as irl which makes all the time gained in the corners getting lost on the straights. To specify, take France as an example, right before the start finish line Hamilton reached 8th gear at a speed of around 300kmh, whilst taking the long right hander corner of Turn 11 i believe at Sector 3 at around 205 kmh, if i try to get close to that ridiculous cornering speed by adjusting wings to a higher configuration (i use 11 / 9 wing at France to get close to the crazy real life cornering speeds) i only reach 8th gear and 300kmh on the start finish straight at the green Rolex clock which is located at the end of the pitlane. Unrealistic. ...too much understeer. At tracks that are supposed to have medium to low aero settings, the cars tend to have too much understeer to turn in and are also too prone to midcorner understeer in low speeds as well, whereas irl the cars are driving on rails during these type of corners. This unfortunately forces us to either use unrealistic suspension and roll bar settings or maximizing aero to get some better grip. Unrealistic. ...not enough highspeed grip. This is connected to all above. How can we fix this? Basically the cars themselves need to get at least another 1 - 1,5 seconds faster to what they are capable of doing right now, by... ...increasing high and medium cornering speed grip, for medium and higher aero settings and therefore reducing understeer. ...reducing drag for higher aero settings and thus making acceleration become faster. ...making the current aero grip levels of 11 / 11 wings available for 6 / 6 wings or 7 / 7 wings instead, so that the cornering speeds we currently are able to take at 11 / 11 wings should become valid at medium wing setups, increasing overall grip and cornering speeds. Also, please for Gods sake, fix the car setups already. At the moment people use completely unrealistic setups, using low aero configurations most of the time to maximize topspeed and acceleration as going for high aero makes little sense right now due to the insane amount of drag, these people also use some pretty shady suspension / anti roll bar settings that in reality would destroy the tyres pretty fast. Meanwhile in real life, topspeeds are slow, drag is minimal, acceleration is ultra fast, and cornering speeds are crazy high. Car setups could be fixed by... ...making too soft suspensions increase understeer, whereas a stiffer setup should do the opposite. ...making too stiff anti roll bars increase understeer, whereas a softer setup should do the opposite. ...making positive camber increase understeer, whereas a negative configuration should do the opposite. ...making Toe in increase understeer and help stability on the straights at the expense of cornering, whereas as Toe out configuration should do the opposite. ...making medium to higher aero settings more viable to use instead of going for low setups. All in all Codemasters have lots to do to fix this game, the cars performances and car setups are important and need to be fixed ASAP, currently the game is nowhere near to a perfect "official" representation of the sports. Seriously, do something. Hope it will get fixed before the end of this season.
  6. DarkMarkXD

    Custom Grid?

    Just wondering - is there anything in the development road map to add a custom grid option or at least an option to choose where the player starts on the grid? I like doing 'start from the back' challenges and trying to recreate a recent race I watched IRL, but it's fiddly trying to do it without these options. I'd love it if these could be considered.
  7. As the title says, we need more info on the steering wheel screen, especially for people who drive in cockpit mode. At the moment vital info is missing, such as fuel mix, breakballast, delta to car in front or back etc. Here is a picture of the App "SimHub" that shows what the bare minimum could be like: Also, having access to full access to customization would be really cool, eg.: color, size, location, type of info etc.
  8. Both Chase Cam options lack a sense of speed compared to all other viewing perspectives. Anyone else notice this? Please implement a motion blur or something to improve the feeling of travelling at speed. P.s I know most don't use those camera modes, neither do I... But I like to switch between them when I'm in the lead, for fun.
  9. MaxHelldorado

    Bad things in F1 2019

    Hello everyone, I don't want to start a massive rant to Codemasters, but there are clearly a lot of problems in this 2019 game, these following are the ones I find unbearable. Before writing down my list, some additional info: I play on Ps4 pro, with a T300 wheel, Ai to 90%, no assists. I bought the Legends Edition. 1. Career -It suffers of the same issues of the last year version. Maybe more. The progression system should be changed in the next game. All the part of R&D is completely broken, too fast and when the car reaches the maximum level your team mate becomes an unbeatable god. -Why I can't choose to disable driver transfers? It's weird to see Hamilton in a Racing Point when he's leading the championship (??) At least try to fix it in a more realistic way. -Interviews were lame, still are -The reputation system is too rigid, why the team should blame me for not reaching the position on my contract when (for example) I've started from the bottom of the grid with a penalty? Or I score some good points? -Contract system is also kinda illogic. Why the team should not deliver good pit stops or slow the R&D progress? To teach me a lesson? -It rains too much. I've reached the point of no return with a six races straight in wet conditions. And one of it was Singapore! -Free practice programs need a change, a strong one. In the next year of course... 2.Gameplay -Ai driver follow their lines, whatever it happens. When I overtake them they always close the gap aiming for the apex of the turn, no matter if I'm there. And I'm not talking about insane divebombs, it happens in every occasion, they simply don't care, ruining my wings on every race. It's hard to not to be hitten. -The AI seems to not suffer of tyre degradation or ERS with low charge. They always keep their pace 'til the end. This is very, very bad. -ERS managing is insane, I liked the idea but it seems to be too demanding and unrealistic. -The question of rear mirror for the cockpit players like me, but this is a classic forum material. 4.Other stuff -T300 fails to have force feedback in every race, it works amazing with other games like Project Cars 2 or Dirt 2.0. In F1 2019 simply vanishes after few laps. -Highlights are bad, and the music is annoying. Why I can't turn it off? -Speaking of highlights, the player should be able to select lap or timing to navigate the replays and not fast forwarding all the race. I play 50% race and this is very uncomfortable. -This is a suggestion more than an issue: I would like to create my championship, F1 or F2 or classic cars, whatever, with the chance of using my career pilot. Just to get rid of all the R&D and interviews. -It would be great to be able to organize our setups. Folders, filters, stuff like that would be appreciated. -Customization of our driver is simply ugly. To say the least. - I lost hopes for multiplayer. I can't accept to race with people with assists. I don't care if I win or lose, I want a fair race. That's it, I like the game and I enjoy it very much, but please do something about this and the other legitimate suggestions by other people here.
  10. As the title says, we need a more dense rain spray effect. Ingame the rain spray density is still too forgiving, as even Lando Norris stated in one of his livestreams that he can see too much compared to what the drivers see in real life during wet weather conditions. Also, from my own experiences of Karting, even at slow speeds of 60kmh - 100kmh in a small Kart visibility gets very hard to see through during wet weather conditions, meanwhile it is known that huge and massive F1 cars going over 360kmh create much more vortex and denser rain spray than tiny Karts especially due to the crazy chassis and aero components. Please increase the ingame rain spray density by at least another 30% - 50% to what the current value is to get closer to a more real life visual experience and help us get more immersion from the game.
  11. Hi. I'd like to see another two options por gear change. Automatic for upshifts only and for downshifts only. I make this request because the upshift gear paddle of my steering wheel is broken, and i like to play with a manual gearbox. Thanks for reading. And if you will tell me "buy another steering wheel", give me the money and i'll do it without any problem.
  12. ERS is unrealistic right now and a pain in the ass if you want to be competitive and automatic is completely useless ; using random ERS. This is how automatic ERS should work like in real life. You have pre determined point where you can choose between none to hotlap and Overtake is a separated button that you activate yourself like in real life. In this game you will have the map of the track in your setup where you can choose which ERS you want to use at different location on the track. During the race you only have to use Overtake when needed but you need to make sure your setup you made is able to charge enought ERS to be able use Overtake so you have a lot of customization possible.
  13. It would be really handy to see and edit the car setups in one big grid, rather than page between sections, and to be able to see current edits vs the existing or previous/saved setup, so you can review changes as you are making them during a session. It would also be easier to capture using screen shots for us console users
  14. LLOYD1985

    F1 2019 wishlist

    F1 2018 is the best F1 game Codemasters have made so far but it still has features missing I would really like to see added. 1: Would love for F1 2019 to have a full Simulation Mode along side an Arcade Mode for casual games, set it up like Dirt 4 with the option to choose Gamer or Simulator Handling 2: Flat tyres fall apart as we're heading to the pits for a tyre change 3: Would love to see real F1 onscreen graphics like we see on Television 4: GIF of Car Setups for each part, you have a description for what each option does but for someone like me it's hard to understand so if we could get a GIF or a little video which shows us what the setting will do to the car would make things so much easier. I have learning disabilities and taking information in through text is difficult for me but video makes it so much easier to understand 5: Give us full control of our car, don't just steal control away from us when entering Pit Lane or at the end of the Formation Lap, let us align our car up and if it's not lined up correctly then we get a penalty like in real life 6: Bring back localised weather, in 2018 when it rains the entire track is wet where as in 2016 it could be raining in one section of the track but dry on another section 7: VR Support, please give us support for Rift and HTC VIVE, it makes the game so much more immersive 8: When Jeff speaks have him sound like he's speaking over the radio 9: Give us an option track trial that helps to teach us where the braking points are or an option to disable the racing line but enable a post that flashes or something 10: Bring back your driver getting into the car in the garage, you've already got the video clip on your server from a previous F1 game 11: Give us all tyre options, just because no team used SuperHard tyres in F1 2018 season doesn't mean they shouldn't be in the game Am I missing anything? What else should be added to F1 2019?
  15. With the 1.05 patch the cars are faster, but, if compared to real life laptimes, especially around Spain, the cars need to be at least another 1,5 sec. - 2 sec. faster imo. Irl, Bottas did a 1:15:4 around Spain, in game the fastest time set in Time Trial as of now (PS4) is over a second slower at a 1:16:7, even though Time Trial has unrealistic perfect conditions and thus should be at least faster by a second to real life pole times. Hope CM will make the cars become faster by another notch or two to match the real life quali performance a bit better in some of the forthcoming updates. EDIT: @David Greco Will the cars performance be updated again at a later time to correctly represent the real life laptimes and cornering ability of the F1 2019 cars?
  16. @Faya Please add a option where we can have 3 different separate preset sliders to adjust the difficulty of practice sessions, qualifying sessions and race sessions respectively in a permanent manner. I always have to change difficulty multiple times during a Grand Prix Weekend to closely match real life laptimes, which is annoying to do over and over again. For example, in my case i would like to be able to assign the following 3 separate difficulty settings permanently via the option menu so that i won't have to manually adjust all the time; 105 for Free Practice, 110 for Qualifying, 95 for the Race. If this was made possible, it would make the whole experience more enjoyable and convenient in the long run. EDIT: Please also add two difficulty branches, AI Pace (overall speed of the AI) and AI Aggressiveness (overall aggressiveness of the AI).
  17. First of all loving the multiplayer cars, its a very welcomed addition to the game. However... Can we maybe do something about having random pitboxes in online races while using the multiplayer car? Suggestion: Add an option in league racing to make customs teams consisting of 2 players and a fixed pitbox. Something like this would promote league racing with the multiplayer over the real teams. Anyway the new game is a great step forward for both career and multiplayer racers, Keep up the good work Codies!
  18. ...in the audio option menu, so that we can create our own sound experience the way we want it to be. At the moment imo the opponent cars are too loud, tyre squeal is too loud, crowd is too loud, engineer and our own car is too silent. But this could be rectified, if we get additional sliders to adjust the volume of several different aspects of the overall sound mix individually, e.g. a slider with the value from 0 - 100 for audio aspects such as: -Master Volume -Music -Replay Music -Engine Sound -Opponent Engine Sound -Tyres -Wind & Weather -Kerbs -Crashing & Bumps -Underfloor Plank Scraping Sound -Race Engineer -Commentators -Cutscenes Also, you could, at the very least, possibly even add premade audio mixes, e.g.: -Engine Mix (where our own cars engine sound far overpowers all the other sounds of the audio) -Driver Mix (where we get a muffled engine sound, higher wind and weather volumes and a louder engineer sound to simulate what the drivers hear inside their helmets) -Tyre Mix (where we get a more pronounced Tyre audio mix, with turned down volume on Engine sound) -Default Mix (basically the CM Audio Teams sound mix how they want the game to be audible to the players) Many other racing games and simulators already offer this variety of options to the players so that we can get our indiviual experience. Hope you will do the same and give us freedom. @issueskid @davidjgurney @RedDevilKT @Faya EDIT: Please add the same option of killing high frequencies we had in F1 2016, into F1 2019 too.
  19. etgsciroccor

    Commentary in F1 2019

    Hi all. New to this forum so I hope I’ve done this all correctly 😂 Excited for F1 2019, the game looks great. One thing that I’ve been thinking about is commentary in F1 games. Now I know we have the cut scene voice overs from Crofty and Anthony Davidson, but Would anyone welcome the implementation of commentary as you race ? The commentary is a big part of watching the real life F1 races, as is the commentary in other sports such as football which highlights how boring say for instance FIFA games would be without the commentary during game. Now I’m not saying commentary should be added where the commentators are talking over the sound of the car etc for the whole race, but more of a commentary system similar to F1 Championship Edition. Even if Crofty updated us every five laps on the race standings ‘So we’re 5 laps into the Grand Prix , Hamilton leads....’ or Martin Brundle says who’s battling who out on track etc etc. Something so simple but would give the race some real atmosphere and each race would have its own unique story told
  20. TheEmpireWasRight

    Customization (Driver)

    This is what we get for Driver, Helmet and Car Customization in F1 2019: This is what i personally would prefer for Customization: Questions: 1. Will we get a fully fledged Editor Mode for the Customization of each individual item (Helmet, Visor, Gloves, Shoes, Kneepads, Car Livery etc.), as the one shown by Milestones MotoGP19? 2. Will there be the official teamsponsors shown on top of the Helmet (sponsor zones can be chosen on the Helmet, where the different respective sponsors will be shown whenever we change teams)? 3. Will we be able to choose from official Helmet, Glove and Shoe Brands (e.g. Arai, Schuberth, Alpine, Puma, OMP etc.)? 4. Will we get the option to choose driver height and weight, as well as hairstyle, beard, make up, cap styles (Flat or Curved), skin tone, eye color, voice, tattoos and piercings? 5. Will we get a full editor to customize the face of our avatar (as in FIFA or The Sims etc.)? 6. If not for F1 2019, is this something that will be added for later titles, and if not, why? More Customization has been added this year, a good step into the right direction, which CM deserve all the positive credits for, but, it could be much better if compared to all the competition in the gaming industry.
  21. HoovieDoovie

    Workshop Setups

    The First Dirt Rally had Setups available for anyone to post on the steam workshop page for the game, this would be an amazing feature to add to Dirt Rally 2.0 because perfecting your setup for you is very time consuming and clunky in its current state in game. The best thing is when you can have a good base setup from someone that you can tweak to your liking, rather than the stock setups that seem almost purposefully bad.