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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, been a while since I've been on here. I've played the game at my friend's place on PC, we have the same wheel and similar hardware so it's what I can expect if I decide to buy it on my own. The Good: The overall feel of the racing is great, I love it. Not too serious, but every title doesn't have to be. The cars feel responsive and arcady, but unforgiving if you're doing a bad job of it. The graphics aren't revolutionary, but they look good. The Bad: My biggest gripe with the game is the multiplayer. The way you queue up is lackluster, there aren't enough details to select what you're queuing for and racing with bots should not be the standard. Suggestions: If you're worried that people will be waiting too long to start playing, let them play a separate single player race while waiting, and when a lobby has been formed, notify the player so they can join in. Let the player set the minimum amount of players they want for their lobby. Let people choose in advance which classes they're interested in queuing up for. When the 3 races of a lobby has been completed, let people vote to race again with the same players, and possibly wait for more people to join. Let people do a single qualifying lap. Just give every player a flying simultaneous start at the beginning of the straight before the finish line. Have people be ghosted out to each other, TrackMania style. Currently I'd give the single player 9/10. It really is great fun. At the same time I'd only give the multiplayer 4/10 because of the issues mentioned, but I believe that score can be doubled to 8/10 if things are fixed. Whether ramming will be too much of an issue, we'll see. Players are a bit more sinister than bots when it comes to that.
  2. Hello all As alot of people I am extremely happy that GRID 2019 has become a reality and finally I can play an up to date GRID game! That being said and like all games it doesnt come without its issues, through my short game time I have come across a few bugs and a few Improvements/features that I feel the game needs or lacks following on from previous titles. Bugs: The first bug I have encountered came in a pro truck/stock car race. As the race set off I noticed that the side view mirror reflection was displayed out of the wing mirror. This isnt an issue because let's be honest most people focus on what's in front but more of a quality aspect to the game, as the race went on the wing mirror became damaged and overlapped the display with the side view still being displayed behind it. The second bug comes from online races. I have encountered this a good 10 or so times so far. Upon all players placing on the grid the game then notifys me that its synchronising and then counts down from 3. On most of these occasions players have started racing on the 2 second countdown (crashing into the still race ready primed grid) with some players starting on 3! That's a huge 3 second advantage if they can navigate the field before the green flag goes. Please note: this bug has been seen with a player count of 2-12 and is not isolated to any specific number of players The 3rd and final bug I have encountered is a damage one. I have my settings set to full damage and have yet to actually be damaged to a point where I have any car trouble. The only time this has actually worked is in the skirmish part before an online race. Is this just me? Or is there in fact a problem with damage being turned on. I really want to smash my car right up 😂 Suggestions/Improvments: I am aware this is a new long awaited game and there is a need on your behalf to keep the franchise fresh and different to its predecessors. However I feel like the game lacks a personal touch. By this I mean that in previous GRID games there has been a garage behind the menu where you get to see your 2 cars (player car and teammates) on and off a ramp with the decals applied as the camera revolves around it. This gives a sense of importance and I felt like I had a proper team and garage to look after... this is lacking in the 2019 version. It feels much less personal and if I'm honest boring. I miss this! All I have to stare at is what I would describe as a windows 10 tablet menu.... not interesting in the slightest and almost feels rushed and extremely linear without that personal GRID touch. Oh and theres no Le Mans... Along with all of the cool cars and races I saw when I loaded up the game I was upset to see the lack of drifting cars or maps. I'm sure a few people would agree that the drifting in other GRIDs felt amazing! A great way to really have fun with the car and score huge combos. The touge was also really good fun and this may be just me but I felt like that's what made GRID my favourite racing game!
  3. I had hoped that the 2019 edition would include the timing and the current lap in the replay. In the Time Trial it would be useful in order to review your driving. very similarly, when watching a race replay, why don't we see the position pylon and timing etc ? Any other racing game have this. It would be nice with options to turn off if someone desires. Thanks
  4. I have an idea how we could get rid of the problem with lapped cars taking out the leaders on purpose. Technically, it should be enough to just ghost a backmarker completely as long as the lapping car is within a radius of 50-100 meters. It's definitely possible, they have already implemented that technology in the invitational "Overtake Challenges", so I don't see why Codies wouldn't be able to do it. That way, the backmarker can't do a swipe across the track or a massive brakecheck on a car that's trying to lap him, and it would also prevent said backmarker from ramming the lapping car into the back like a massive *******. There should be some sort of an addition to the "ghosting" option in online lobbies: On = Ghosting as usual + backmarker ghosting No Backmarkers = Only ghosting as usual Backmarkers only = No ghosting except for backmarkers Off = No ghosting whatsoever I hope the people at Codies can take a look into that so something like this can happen in a later patch or at least in F1 2020...
  5. So in career, I think it would be awesome if you could @ your name on the halo like the drivers do for their twitter handles IRL (see pic below). Really quite a small idea I had, but nonetheless, would love the communities feedback. I wouldn't imagine it would be hard to implement, I love little details like this in career mode.
  6. Hey guys, I know F1 2019 isn't even out (and I can't wait for it), but the sooner the better (especially true when you speak about video games suggestions). So here are my suggestions for the next game(s). I really hope most of them will get implemented in the next years. The team did awesome job with F1 2019, especially regarding graphics and UI. In my opinion, the visual aspect is now so realist that maybe the team could focus on other features for the next games, allowing them to evolve in term of gameplay and not only of graphics. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [1] Important features From easy to hard to implement Manual Pit Stop Allow players to drive manually in the pitlane, brake and turn freely. *(see end of post) Outlap (Cool-off lap) Allow players to drive the outlap at the end of the race. Would allow us to cool-off, enjoy our result, immerse ourselves even more. The driver could have hand animations like stretching the index showing his joy, waving at the grandstands, clapping... And Jeff could congratulate or comfort us depending on the result. Visor Camera The rendering of rain drops on the screen is awesome. Wouldn't it be even more with a Visor Cam ? Simply plagiarize Project Cars if you want, but implement it: the community is asking for this feature for years. Useful and immersive Jeff In F1 2018/9, Jeff is ok but not very useful and immersive. He only gives basic infos, and you often need to ask him. The player relies a lot on the mini-map, an artificial and non-immersive way of displaying infos. It would be awesome if he became proactive. Infos ideas: "Vettel has lost his front wing/ has an engine failure" Even if you are 11th, it would be very immersive to get this type of info, and emphasize the fact that AIs live their life and do mistakes by their own even when you're not next to them "Yellow flag in sector 2" Instead of only relying on the map, Jeff could tell the player this kind of infos about what is going on on the whole track "Hamilton left the track in sector 2" "Slow car at next turn, be careful" ... Oil and debris on the track To make races more interesting, it would be cool that sometimes oil leaks on track, making track slippery at this place. Of course, the stripped flag should be added in game. (F1 Champ Edition used to have this feature back in... 2006). Oil leaks are pretty rare these days, so it would be more pertinent to make debris more dangerous and damaging: driving on big pieces could damage car/tyres, therefore forcing players to pay attention to yellow flags. Jeff could warn the player by saying "Debris on track after next turn" (see next point). Marshalls on track This feature would more difficult to implement, but it is asked for years by the commu. Instead of seeing cars, debris and engine smoke magically disappear, it would be simply awesome to see marshalls rushing on track like in reality, extinguishers in hands, or ready to jump out of their intervention vehicles. *(see end of post) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [2] Less important features From easy to hard to implement TV Branding during replays Would be cool to have the ranking of the 20 drivers on the left of the screen like on TV during replays, with the TV branding (UI team did an awesome job with F1 2019) Return of Red Flags No description needed I think Tires Flat Spots Since lock-up seems to occur more often in 2019 (great thing), it would be cool that the hardest of them punish the player even more by causing flat spots. Just an idea... And the tires look gorgeous and incredibly detailed this year, so flat spots would add even more beauty to them. Walking in FPS view before entering car Would be cool to walk through the grid full of journalists, cameramen and engineers in FPS view and getting in your car (always in FPS view), in visor cam to enhance immersion before the warm-up lap and the race. Driver Behaviors each F1 drivers has its habits: Vettel spins, Ricciardo dive-bombs, Grosjean does... well pretty much anything he shouldn't do, some take bad starts... The AI would gain a lot of deepness if each driver AI had the particularity of the IRL driver. But hard to implement, it's true. VR Same *: All humans present on track should be ghosted (not visually but physically I mean), so that cars drive through them. Really hope FOM won't refuse those features because they fear players will try to kill marshalls and pitmen. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So here are the suggestions I had in mind. The list is long, so we all know these won't get implemented in the next few years. But that would be awesome that the F1 Codies team listens to the community and codes some of them :D. Btw, just wanted to say the graphics and UI teams did an awesome job with F1 2019. And I really hope AIs will stay as agressive as they are in the WIP version, don't listen to people saying there are to risk-taking. Seeing them dive-bomb, cut corners and lock-up is awesome. Thx for reading!
  7. What's up everyone, Ghosty here! Codemasters have shown us in their live stream on YouTube how the customisation will look like in F1 2019, which will be released on the 28th of June (in two weeks). You can find the video down below as I will post timestamps with each feedback & suggestion that I give. I welcome everyone to post suggestions of their own here if they have any. I myself will focus mostly on the driver customization but there is something I would like to be added in both driver and multiplayer car (mpc) customisation. 1) Let's start with the driver profiles (14:20 in the video): One thing that I expected from the customisation options of F1 2019 was the ability to finally change the eye and hair colours of the individual profiles. There is only one profile that we have seen in the video, which appear to be all from the previous titles, that almost looks like me. Almost because the hair and eye colours do not match. A really frustrating thing even for casual players. We all want to identify ourselves in the profile that we customize. 2) Moving on to the Suits (15:33 in the video): When I was watching the video for the first time I was really happy to see that there are many different suit styles to choose from, however, my reaction changed to disbelief when I realized that it is not possible to change the colours of the individual patterns of the suits. They are all locked in colour! Why?! My disbelief turned into massive disappointment when I realized that the many "different" styles of suits were nothing but the same in a row with just different and locked colour combinations. Look at 15:39: The first two rows have the same styles. The only differences are the colours and the stripes on the side of the arms. Two of them are even supposed to be paid for with the "C" points! Ridiculous! It is just a cheap and lazy way to make you believe that there are many different suit styles while in reality there are not so many. Why is it not made possible for the player to change the colours of the patterns? 3) The exact same goes for the Gloves as well (16:14 in the video): Here the first three rows are all the same! You cannot change the colours either. Why? That is what "Customisation" stands for. To have the ability to change things like colours of the individual patterns of suits/gloves, just like in the helmet and mpc customisation. Why is it not made possible for us here as well? What is the point of custom liveries if the suit/glove style and colour combinations do not match? It just bewilders me how the game was advertised to be one of freedom of customisation after two years of development when you cannot even change simple things like hair, eye and glove colours yourself. 4) Moving on to my final suggestion, which is for the MPC customisation (17:35 in the video): I am super happy that we finally have the ability to edit the liveries of the cars to give us more of an identity on the tracks. It has the same system as the helmet customisation: You have the Hue, Saturation and Luminance, each with their own sliders. The thing that bothers me is that there is absolutely no accuracy in the customisation of this system in its current state. For example, it would be absolutely amazing if you could edit the levels of Red, Green and Blue (RGB) of a colour. It would allow the player to use the exact colour that he wants to have for the base of his car. Another thing that should be added are percentages to Saturation and Luminance so that the players can know exactly how much they have changed without having to use a ruler to measure the changes ^^. This and the RGB levels are important for friends or clans who would like to have an identical car livery like an IRL F1 team while playing online. These additions can also be used for helmet customisation as well as suits and gloves if they are ever to become customisable. For reference, I have created an edited version of a screenshot that I have taken from 16:14 in the video. There is also the default as it currently is in the game for comparison. I don't like to say these kind of things but I came up with these ideas within 10 mins after watching the video while it apparently took Codemasters two development years to come up with basically nothing as an addition to this editing system. DEFAULT MY VERSION EDITING Conclusion: It is awesome that Codemasters finally go further into customisation but if you are going to do it then you have to go all-in. As the colour customisation currently is there is still a lot of room for improvement. I hope that the community managers pass this information to the development team as well as to the director of the game, Lee Mather. I pray that it also really reaches them and that they take the time to look at it carefully because small changes like these can change the gameplay dramatically and definitely positively for all kinds of players. As for the gloves and suits, I hope that, if they do not become customisable through colour changes done by the player, CM adds more styles with patches down the line. We have see nothing from the premium ones so far so I hope that they are great at least and that they are not too expensive. For all of you who have read through the entire post I thank you for the time and again welcome you to add your suggestion down below. Thank you!
  8. Hello Codemaster! I have an awesome idea about a co-driver feature. Idea Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have your friend as co-driver that calls out all the the corners like the ai in the game does. so you and your friend can cooperate together, this would be a more realistic and tense situation where skill is demanded by both. How it would work It would be nice if you could add a lobby feature where one has the role as a driver and one as a co driver. So the co-driver sits in the passenger seat and can see all the corners and bumps on the screen and his job is to inform the driver about all the turns because the driver no longer can see it on his/her screen. It would also be cool if you could add so you can search for other players if you don’t have a friend to play with, this would require a mic push to talk feature. This would make the game more living and exciting to play Tournaments It would also be cool if you could host tournaments where the driver and co-driver compete against other people from around the world. Making this an esport wouldn’t be wrong either
  9. brambol

    F1 Mobile

    Hello, what I would like to suggest for a next update: - duel: choose what type of duel you want to play (qualify, grid start, race) - racing: add value to gain (F1 credits, ...), instead of only winning credits at playing duels. Thanks, great game !