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Found 2 results

  1. I was curious if anyone could provide an insight into how the ranked system works? I have been placed in Silver 3 and completed a total of 30-40 races qualifying P1 with over a 1s gap and winning the race with a 10s+ gap to P2. I am wondering is there a certain number of races to complete before I can go up?
  2. Hey folks, Some GRID 2019 players on PC have been continuing to report crashing issues related to DX12. Whilst the majority of these can be fixed quite easily, we wanted to put a topic together as a troubleshooting tool for those continuing to get these problems. If you are receiving errors similar to the one below, this topic should help. The majority of these crash errors can be resolved by doing the following: - Ensure GRID, your drivers, and Windows are drivers are up-to-date - To ensure Windows is up to date, navigate to the search bar and type 'Windows update settings'. Hit the 'check for update'. button If you are given a message saying 'You're up to date' then you're good to go, otherwise make sure you install the update, restart your machine and then repeat the process until you receive that 'You're up to date' message. Make sure your drivers are up to date. Many DX12 issues are caused by running out-of-date graphics card drivers. To ensure you have the latest drivers installed, PC Gamer has a handy guide in what you need to do - https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/how-to-update-drivers/ Update GRID 2019 and 'verify game files'. Make sure you are running the most up to date version of GRID by heading to Steam and updating (typically this should happen automatically the next time you load Steam after we have issued an update). If your game is up-to-date, right-click GRID 2019 in your Steam library and hit Properties. From there, go to 'Local Game Files' and press 'verify integrity of game files'. This might take a few minutes to do, but once done, restart your system. Hopefully, after completing each of these steps, GRID should be running smoothly. If not, there are some further steps below you can try. Delete the hardware config files. If you update your PC with new hardware, often this can cause discrepancies between what GRID thinks your system hardware is, and what you actually have. By deleting the hardware config files that are stored on your PC, this will force a new one to be created when you next load up the game. To find this file, navigate to: C:\Users\[USER NAME]\Documents\My Games\GRID (2019)\hardwaresettings and delete the 'hardware settings config' file. This will not impact your game save. Make sure your anti-virus/malware protection isn't blocking the game by adding 'Grid_dx12.exe' to your exceptions. To do this with Windows Firewall, open up Firewall in the Control Panel, go to 'Allow an app' or 'add an exception' and add the 'Grid_dx12.exe' that's located in your Steam folder to this list. To find where 'Grid_dx12.exe' is located, right-click GRID 2019 in your Steam library and hit Properties. From there, go to 'Local Game Files' and press 'view local game files'. Make sure you aren't running 'MSI Afterburner' as that has been known to cause issues with our games (including F1 2019). Disable the Steam overlay. By right-clicking GRID 2019 in your Steam library, selecting properties and then deselecting 'enable Steam overlay for while in-game' this will disable the overlay. Invites to lobbies and messages whilst in-game will appear in the background, rather than by bringing up the overlay. Achievement notifications will also not show but you will still receive them. Before attempting to reload GRID after trying any of these steps, please restart your PC. Hopefully following these steps will help reduce/stop these errors from popping up. If you have any tips on what's worked for you, please include them in the topic below. Thanks!
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