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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, so i needed to use photo mode to grab some screenshots for my league for our upcoming season & everytime i take a photo with it, the end result is just a 1920x1080 black screen image. I have tried changing video mode settings, lowering effects and highering some too. I saw a post on reddit that said to disable things like "reshade" which i am not using at all so i am at a loss as to why i cannot use photo mode in F1 2021. This is on PC. I have tried restarting my game many times and tried on various tracks, cars & weather cycles to no success. This needs fixing soon!
  2. When racing at La Castellet in My Team, I am driving down the main straight and close enough to the car in front to be using DRS. DRS is open (per the replay). I then have to use a Flashback, and when I hit the square button to use the FB the flap closes automatically and I have to reopen it. XCSP-DCST-JXPJ-MVKV PS4 My Taem N/A N/A N/A No troubleshooting attempted, I just reopened it myself. No No video or screenshot available. Using a flashback while in the DRS zone.
  3. My F1 2020 (1.18) on PC has been crashing recently (over the past week). The problem only started when I arrived in Paul Ricard for Career Mode and has been crashing since I was in FP1. I tried verifying the integrity of the local files on Steam and I finally managed to complete an entire FP1 session, only to be met with another game crash during FP2. I also tried running the game with DirectX 11 and there wasn't any crash, but there was a lot of frame drops after playing the game for about 10mins or so. I'm using the Michael Schumacher avatar just FYI, and
  4. Steering level seems to be fixed at 38 in calibration settings, when I check the software for my steering wheel the axis seems to be fine, fixed at 0. No matter what I tried I couldn't get the center value to 0. The car drives itself to right in game. My wheel is Snopy USB-V5H. I have a play time of 10+ hours with it with no problem whatsoever. Problem arose today out of nowhere, Thanks.
  5. got my new Thrustmaster SF 1000 F1 rim and got to use it in F1 2020 and have come across 2 things 1 of which which could do with with being changed if not for F1 2020 then certainly need to be done for F1 2021. if you have this rim and have similar problems please post as the more info can help get the issues fixed. so 1st thing - on pc there is some lack of customisation with regards to key bindings with the new Thrustmaster SF1000 rim in particular when you are using multiple devices for example a wheelbase and separate pedals in my case Thrustmaster TX wheelbase with SF1000
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