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Found 7 results

  1. Gaz81

    Xtreme Racing League (xbox 1 )

    Spaces are still available for this weekends opener to xtreme_racing_league x3 tier on Xbox one. Race day is Sunday at 7pm. To sign up please use the discord link below. https://discord.gg/QSmcvHZ
  2. Gaz81

    Xtreme Racing League (xbox 1 )

    Xtreme Racing Leagues XBOX ONE Looking for clean Full-time and Reserve drivers for our New XTREME 3 RACING LEAGUE. We race every Sunday 7pm UK time at 1pm CST. Assists are allowed except for pit assist Race Format Full Qualy, 50% race distance, equal car performance, dynamic weather, strict corner cutting. All races are streamed live on twitch by our commentators https://discord.gg/QSmcvHZ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8qQCTvZgDE
  3. Gaz81

    Xtreme Racing League

  4. Hi xtreme_racing_league is looking for American drivers to join are international league. We are in the mild of are first season which has been very popular with drivers, commentators and are stream viewers. We looking for more American driver to take on the European drivers that are dominating the season. We have two races on a sunday one at 5pm and 8pm uk time. All assists are welcome and we happy to have any skill level. All we are looking for are clean drivers that love the game and sport. Please check out are fb page and website https://www.facebook.com/groups/xtremeone/ https://www.totdracing.com
  5. Gaz81

    Commentators needed (xbox 1)

    Xtreme racing ( xbox 1 ) is looking for commentators to join are exciting team in are ever growing league. We have two race on a Sunday at one at 5pm the other at 8pm. Are races are 100% qualifying and 50% race distance. Your stream to twitch and then your stream will be uploaded to are YouTube channel. Fancy being the next Murray Walker then give us a shout. https://www.facebook.com/groups/xtremeone/
  6. We are looking for clean drivers to join are league ( One ). We are currently looking for fulltime driver in are Xtreme two racing league.We run every Sunday at 8pm Uk. The race start with full qualifying than a 50% race, weather is set on dynamic and corner cutting is on strict. Feeling brave than take a William's seat and bring them back to the good old days at the top step of the podium. Offical f1 cars all set on equal performance, We stream live on Twitch than uploaded to are youtube channel. So you can watch your win over and over again. Any skill level is welcome and we happy to help new drivers out. All we ask for is respect each other and keep it clean Still intrested then comment below or check out are Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/xtremeone/ Even better check out are offical website for the league were all standing will be kept of every race. www.totdracing.com
  7. XTREME ONE RACING LEAGUE (XBOX 1 ) We are looking for clean drivers to join the start of Xtreme Two Racing League its are second league in the Xtreme One Racing Series all seats are available at time of post. Race lobby will open around 8pm UK time on a Sunday and Qualifying will start at 8.15 Uk sharp ( Unless of technical difficulties from xbox live). All assist are welcome and we welcome any skill levels. All new recruits to league will have a standard form to fill out and a Time trial with a member of the admin team, ( Track may very ). All races are the official cars from the f1 19. Race setup: Qualifying-100% Race distance -50% Cars - Equal Performance Weather - Dynamic Corners - Strict. All X2 driver will get the change of promotion into the top flight in X1, within the season or at the end dependent on performance. We do run or own penalty system within the league. All races are streamed live on twitch by are commentators, then uploaded to YouTube channel. https://m.twitch.tv/totdleague/profile https://m.twitch.tv/totdacademy/profile All results are added to are own website https://www.totdracing.com Still interested then contact us blow , pm or through at website. We hope to see you out on track