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Found 16 results

  1. CatboykieLeague

    F1 2019 HSAL XBOX LEAGUE Season 1

    Are you looking for a league you can race in? Are you wanting some competitive and fun racing? Well you have come to the right league. Welcome to High Speed Apex League. Where we will be doing a whole F1 season with competive and fun racing, There is some requirements to this however. Join the Discord server. Send one of the head admin's the time you set around Silverstone. Follow the rules which will be on the #rules section of the discord. The race settings will be. Short qualifying 50% race Thursday at 7pm UK time Hope to see you all on track, Good luck 😄 https://discord.gg/6qUMCQ9
  2. Hi Codemasters, long time fan of your work. Unfortunately there has been a problem with unlocking some achievements on my xbox one DiRT Rally game. I should have unlocked the following: "The Only Way Is Up" from the recent daily events ending Monday night NZ time "Born To Run" for winning a Masters championship (I did it in Supercar class) "Business at the Front" for fully upgrading a FWD class vehicle (I did the Peugeot 306 Max F2 Kit Car). Have deleted the game and downloaded again, have deleted game save files and downloaded from the cloud. Obviously I'd rather not have to start all over again to get the achievements, so hopefully there is another solution out there. Any help is much appreciated.
  3. Guys anyone using a fanatec CSW 2.5 on my Xbox One before / after the season one update - mine was fine before and I was enjoying the game, not I have no feel at all, no return to centre, no ffb, no vibration or sensation of any sort. It rotates and controls the car but it's unplayable. Codemasters! Are you looking at this? I want to play the DLC I've paid for and can't; really frustrating!! HELP!!!
  4. Gaz81

    Xtreme Racing League (xbox 1 )

    XTREME RACING LEAGUE (XBOX 1 ) We are looking for commentators to join the Xtreme Racing League. Race lobby will open around 4.30pm for league one and 7.30pm for league two and Qualifying will start around 30 minutes later. All times are UK based ( Unless of technical difficulties from xbox live). All races are the official cars from the f1 19. Race setup: Race Day - Sunday Qualifying-100% Race distance -50% Cars - Equal Performance Weather - Dynamic Corners - Strict. All races will be streamed live on are twitch account, then uploaded to YouTube Channel https://www.facebook.com/groups/xtremeone/ Still interested then contact us blow , pm or throught are fb page We hope to hear you out on track
  5. Los autos tienen un problema de sonido, no se escucha el motor hasta levantar cierta velocidad, después de levantar la velocidad se escucha el motor pero se sueltad el acelerador y se corta el sonido del motor. Adios gracias
  6. Hi everyone, I'd like to know if I can use telemetry with my steering wheel. I use a Fanatec ClubSport wheel base v2.5 with a ClubSport steering wheel Formula V2 and I play with Xbox one. I use telemetry with a mobile phone and an app, but but I would like to use the LEDs of the my steering wheel!!! it's possible? how should I set the ip, the udp and the frequency? thanks
  7. No ffb at all on Grid when using a thrustmaster tx on Xbox one. Adjusting the sliders from 0 to 150 makes no difference. No vibration no centering force no ffb at all. Anyone else. Checked my wheel on other game so it's a grid issue. Been racing on a wheel for many years so I know it is not a set up issue. There is no ffb whatsoever coming through the wheel. Needs a fix asap UPDATES 9 October So after firing up fh4 to test my wheel then going back to grid my tx locked at 360° which although too twitchy owing to low dor - I suddenly found I had some feedback coming through the wheel. Anyway long story short I have done a firmware update on the tx and am now running at 900° and although still weak there is definitely more centering force and road feel. If that could be dialled up I think this will be a great game. Not sure if this helps anyone else just sharing my thoughts.
  8. GothicMatt

    Lost everything

    Thanks to a server issue or crash my f1 2019 xbox profile has reset and ive lost everything, my career progression, my liverys, setups everything including things ive bought in the game, how is this going to be fixed?
  9. GothicMatt

    Lost everything

    Thanks to a server issue or crash my f1 2019 xbox profile has reset and ive lost everything, my career progression, my liverys, setups everything including things ive bought in the game, how is this going to be fixed?
  10. If you are requiring a new driver or a reserve driver on Xbox one, racing preferably Sunday night around 8-9pm then send me a message on xbox. Also have another friend interested in joining up if two spaces are available. My gamertag is CJ Allan.
  11. The wheel rotation setting has now been messed with in this recent patch, anytime i start a session, restart a hot lap etc the wheel setting on the thrustmaster keeps resetting to default. I initially thought it was the wheel, I got it replaced to see if it was that that was causing the issue, Problem still persists even now. It can only be down to the came because it wasn't broken before the most recent patch.
  12. How can people get this Achievement while someone wins the race and i got booted or disconnected from the session but on the guys screen he said i finished 5th but i never saw the results screen my self, i did not even cross the finish line for it for pop so i have to do this again!!! Codemasters please fix this this is getting so annoying
  13. www.f1xl.co.uk/apply Dates: 28-06-2019 Applications open 08-07-2019 Time trials start 24-07-2019 Live track draw on Twitch.tv/f1xl 28-07-2019 Applications close / Time trials end 31-07-2019 Live driver draft on Twitch.tv/f1xl F1XL is always looking for new drivers for the 14th season. Day: Sunday 9pm BST League Setup: F1 2019 cars Equal cars Short qualifying 50% races Preset setup Strict corner cutting Custom Calender All assists allowed apart from braking assist & pit assist F1XL is an unique league on Xbox One with at least 4 tiers. We have a team owner system, a press team for podium questions and a weekly review show on Twitch.tv/f1xl The highest tier has a guaranteed stream with commentary. Applications close on Sunday the 28th of July. Check out our website at www.f1xl.co.uk and while you're there, hit the apply button the get your F1XL application underway. www.f1xl.co.uk/apply
  14. IFR have been racing F1 games since the Xbox 360, and are renowned for our community-led, casual (yet competitive) spirit of racing. It's all about having fun at high speed. We are now recruiting additional drivers for our F1 2019 league, and welcome drivers of all abilities to join us for a trial. All we ask is you're clean and committed, and willing to help us develop the league into a competitive and fun environment with a solid, consistent turnout. Here's the details: Day: Tuesday 8pm BST, Every Week League Setup: F1 2019 Cars Equal Performance Short Qualifying 50% Races Full Setup Strict Corner-Cutting Full 2019 Calendar Assists Allowed (Except Braking Assist & Pit Assist) We maintain our own, independent league tables, and will be using the new F1 2019 League model. We want to get a solid community together for the 2019 game, before we begin looking towards future seasons with prizes and multi-tier levels based on competitiveness. Interested? We are looking to go racing on 30th July. If you'd like to be there for the opener in Melbourne, message myself, CuatroVelas, on Xbox Live or on this forum, or reply to this thread to arrange a short trial with a couple of admins. We'll also invite you to our Discord group, where we post all communications. Thanks guys, hope to see you online/hear from you soon ✌️
  15. We are searching for drivers and commentators for our Xbox One and Playstation 4 league! Leave a message if you're interested and we'll send you a discord invite!
  16. GrimStone35

    F1 2019

    Hi everyone I have a xbox one and I am playing f1 2019, is there a way that I can speak to Jeff on the game, do I have to use a kicnet or can I use a headset.