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Found 17 results

  1. The wheel rotation setting has now been messed with in this recent patch, anytime i start a session, restart a hot lap etc the wheel setting on the thrustmaster keeps resetting to default. I initially thought it was the wheel, I got it replaced to see if it was that that was causing the issue, Problem still persists even now. It can only be down to the came because it wasn't broken before the most recent patch.
  2. How can people get this Achievement while someone wins the race and i got booted or disconnected from the session but on the guys screen he said i finished 5th but i never saw the results screen my self, i did not even cross the finish line for it for pop so i have to do this again!!! Codemasters please fix this this is getting so annoying
  3. F1XL Roland

    F1XL Season 14 - Formula 1 Xbox Leagues

    www.f1xl.co.uk/apply Dates: 28-06-2019 Applications open 08-07-2019 Time trials start 24-07-2019 Live track draw on Twitch.tv/f1xl 28-07-2019 Applications close / Time trials end 31-07-2019 Live driver draft on Twitch.tv/f1xl F1XL is always looking for new drivers for the 14th season. Day: Sunday 9pm BST League Setup: F1 2019 cars Equal cars Short qualifying 50% races Preset setup Strict corner cutting Custom Calender All assists allowed apart from braking assist & pit assist F1XL is an unique league on Xbox One with at least 4 tiers. We have a team owner system, a press team for podium questions and a weekly review show on Twitch.tv/f1xl The highest tier has a guaranteed stream with commentary. Applications close on Sunday the 28th of July. Check out our website at www.f1xl.co.uk and while you're there, hit the apply button the get your F1XL application underway. www.f1xl.co.uk/apply
  4. IFR have been racing F1 games since the Xbox 360, and are renowned for our community-led, casual (yet competitive) spirit of racing. It's all about having fun at high speed. We are now recruiting additional drivers for our F1 2019 league, and welcome drivers of all abilities to join us for a trial. All we ask is you're clean and committed, and willing to help us develop the league into a competitive and fun environment with a solid, consistent turnout. Here's the details: Day: Tuesday 8pm BST, Every Week League Setup: F1 2019 Cars Equal Performance Short Qualifying 50% Races Full Setup Strict Corner-Cutting Full 2019 Calendar Assists Allowed (Except Braking Assist & Pit Assist) We maintain our own, independent league tables, and will be using the new F1 2019 League model. We want to get a solid community together for the 2019 game, before we begin looking towards future seasons with prizes and multi-tier levels based on competitiveness. Interested? We are looking to go racing on 30th July. If you'd like to be there for the opener in Melbourne, message myself, CuatroVelas, on Xbox Live or on this forum, or reply to this thread to arrange a short trial with a couple of admins. We'll also invite you to our Discord group, where we post all communications. Thanks guys, hope to see you online/hear from you soon ✌️
  5. We are searching for drivers and commentators for our Xbox One and Playstation 4 league! Leave a message if you're interested and we'll send you a discord invite!
  6. GrimStone35

    F1 2019

    Hi everyone I have a xbox one and I am playing f1 2019, is there a way that I can speak to Jeff on the game, do I have to use a kicnet or can I use a headset.
  7. BradEvans

    Looking For Mid-Week League's

    Hi, Looking to join mid week league's and maybe a sunday. Competetive clean racer 🙂
  8. The Xtreme One Racing League (Xbox One) F1 2018-2019 is looking for a commentator that can stream our races (sunday 11:00 GMT-5) Requirements: - Be professional in your performance - English speaker - Have a great internet connection - Have a lot of fun and be committed - Xbox One Platform To apply please contact us at www.facebook.com/groups/xtremeone or www.x1racingleague.com.mx Join us!
  9. I have been playing F1 2018 on XB1 for a while now but never able to complete a Team Objective. It's called Clean Lap - Drive the whole Lap without leaving the track. I've stayed on the track the whole lap heaps of times but still never completed. Any help would be great full on requirements needed and does hitting the ripple strips counted as leaving the track
  10. Hi welcome to Formula Apex Racing Season 1 we are starting a new f1 2018 league for a pre-championship for f1 2019 we are looking forward to search drivers who can race at 8pm on Saturdays for a clean race and hoping for a nice championship a lot of prizes will decided for the winner at the end of the season join in our discord server for more infos General rules Lobby options: Car Performance: Equal Qualifying: Short Race Distance: 50% Weather: Dynamic Race Settings Parc Ferme Rules: On Collisions: On Vehicle Damage: Full Ghosting: On Safety Car: On Rules and Flags: On Corner Cutting: Strict Formation Lap: On Race Starts: Manual Tyre Temperature: Surface and Carcass (Simulation) Assists Restrictions Braking Assists: Off Anti-Lock Brakes: Any Traction Control: Any Automatic Gearbox: Any Pit Assist: Off Pit Release Assist: Off Dynamic Racing Line: Corners Only ERS Mode: Manual Join in our discord server: https://discord.gg/KnzsEEE Hoping you can join us! current drivers: 15
  11. Xtreme 1 Racing League https://x1racingleague.com.mx I extend a cordial invitation to anyone who likes to join the X1 RACING LEAGUE. It is a league on Xbox One Platform 50% race distance, we race on Sundays at 13:00 GMT-5 (Mexico City Time). Drivers from all over the world are welcome as we are a bilingual league! The league will officially start on Sunday June 30, 2019 with the release of f1 2019 videogame, but we will have a preseason during the month of May and June, you can check the calendar on the facebook page of the league. We will have prizes for the first three places in the league (they will be announced on the facebook page). To sign up please fill this form https://forms.gle/y87PFtm3tU49gx9i6 and you'll be contacted by the administrators. ------------------------------------------------ Extiendo una cordial invitación a todo aquél que guste integrarse a la X1 RACING LEAGUE. Es una liga en plataforma XBOX ONE, las carreras tienen una distancia de 50%, en la cual se corren los días domingo a las 13:00 GMT-5 (Horario de la Ciudad de México). ¡corredores de todo el mundo son bienvenidos ya que somos una liga bilingüe! La liga oficialmente iniciará el domingo 30 de junio de 2019 con la salida del f1 2019, pero contaremos con una pretemporada durante todo el mes de mayo y junio, podrán consultar el calendario en la página de facebook de la liga. Contaremos con premios para los primeros tres lugares de la liga (serán anunciados en la página de facebook) Para inscribirse llenen la siguiente forma y serán contactados por los administradores. https://forms.gle/y87PFtm3tU49gx9i6 Saludos y los esperamos!
  12. TSRL (Top Speed Racing League) have officially announced that Season 8's sign ups are now open. The league will be ran with a shortened calendar on the F1 2018 game provided by Codemasters. Sign up Link: https://goo.gl/forms/cJlmUNiZhzigqftw2 League setup: Short Qualifying followed by a 50% race at a selected track. These races take place at 8;00pm UK Time - Upon sign up you can choose which day you wish to race on from those days listed. Prize Pool: Just like last season TSRL are introducing a Prize Pool to the top 3 in the championship at the end of the season, Last season saw a £20, £10 and £5 go to both tiers top 3 finishing drivers and again, it will be the same for Season 8! League assists: The league has no assist restrictions as it believes that more drivers need to be involved with the league racing community. The leagues slogan states that all new and experienced drivers are welcome within TSRL. Our Partners & Social Media: TSRL's are official Partners with 'Thrive eSports' who are an up and coming eSports Team upon nearly ever racing game across Xbox, PS4 and PC. TSRL has a range of social media, from Twitter (@TSRL_XB1) to twitch (twitch.tv/tsrl_xb1) to youtube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9NEzYlryChlHlh3KLcxIZQ) Our website: At the current moment TSRL are in process of creating a new website ready for Season 8, our current website as it stands is: https://topspeedrl.weebly.com/ - Rules can also be found on this website. Any questions? If you have any questions let me know, you can do either of the following: - Reply to this thread with your question - Message me on twitter, my twitter Handle is @tR_Clays - Message me on Xbox, my xbox gamertag is JackClays Thank you for taking time to read this thread 🙂
  13. sheldor172

    F1-Game-Liga startet in neue Saison!

    Liebe Rennsportfreunde, die Xbox-Liga von f1-game.de startet am kommenden Sonntag (24.03.2019) in die Saison 2018/2 und heißt Neulinge dazu jederzeit herzlich willkommen! Mit unserer Mischung aus neueren aufstrebenden Fahrern und langjährigen Ligaveteranen, bietet sich sowohl für Sonntagsfahrer als auch für die Ehrgeizigen unter euch die Möglichkeit, spannende und faire Rennen zu erleben. Auch wenn die Voraussetzungen und Ziele unter den Piloten verschieden sind, sind wir zusammen eine nette Truppe, die respektvoll miteinander umgeht und sich gegenseitig motiviert. Nach nun 15 kompletten Saisons, welche wir seit F1 2010 absolviert haben, können wir uns als Traditionsliga bezeichnen. Dementsprechend verfügen wir über viel Erfahrung im Umgang mit sämtlichen (Renn-)Situationen, wodurch ein flüssiger Ablauf gewährleistet wird. Erfolge, ob groß oder klein, werden in unserer Hall of Fame dokumentiert. Zum Ende einer Saison erhalten die Top 3 der Fahrerweltmeisterschaft und die Fahrer des Konstrukteursweltmeisters echte Pokale. Wir starten die Lobby jeweils Sonntags um 18:30 Uhr, auf ein kurzes Qualifying folgt eine 5-minütige Pause, danach wird ein 50%-Rennen gefahren. Einstellungen sind wie folgt: Traktionskontrolle: Erlaubt Abs: Aus Getriebe: Egal Boxenstopp-Assistent: Aus Ideallinie: Erlaubt Kurvenschneiden: Streng Wetter: Dynamisch Schaden: Komplett Neben der Liga bietet unser Forum außerdem jedes Jahr ein Tippspiel zur Formel 1. Auf der offiziellen F1-Seite haben wir zudem unsere eigene Fantasy League, der ihr auf Nachfrage gerne beitreten könnt. Noch Fragen? Ich beantworte sie gerne! Einfach eine PN an mich schicken, ob hier oder an der Xbox (Gamertag: sheldor172). Um euch einen Überblick zu verschaffen oder anzumelden, besucht einfach http://f1-game.de/forum/index.php?forums/xbox-one-liga-1.100/ Social Media Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/F1GameDE/?ref=br_rs Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/f1gamede/
  14. I bought the Deluxe Edition on a 1st gen Xbox one and the framerates, resolution, lighting bloom and overall performance is massively sub-optimal. it is extremely blurry at times and drops in frame rates constantly to the point that it is nearly unplayable at times. And the lighting, specifically in cockpit view at Argentina, New England, and Poland blooms up to the point that the interior is pitch black, while the outside is too bright to see where the road is. But then when you enter a forest, the brightness, frame rates and resolution drops soo low that you can barely see more than 20 feet in front of you. A combination of lack of quality, options, and gameplay elements that DR 1.0 and even DiRT 4 had at launch really is starting to make this title feel more like an early Beta than a finished game for the Xbone. And that really sucks, because the game is extremely fun when it works and looks infinitely better on every other platform. Hopefully you guys can fix these issues because DiRT 4, DiRT rally, and even as far back as the original Colin McRae DiRT on the 360 ran better than the standard Xbox one version of 2.0 does. And I honestly feel a bit betrayed on this one.😢
  15. Hey guys, fire up that car not unlocking for me. Took 19 place, top tier n not achievement. Upgraded achievement too, I have 6 cars fully research n apply upgrades. Last two achievements for complete.
  16. MICHU886

    Search a league

    Hello I search league in f1 2018 without assists on xbox one with group on facebook messenger. I can race only on weekend.
  17. Hello All! My xbox gamertag is S K E P I I ( The I I is two lowercase L's , I know.. Weird), Myself and 3 other Co-Owners of a league called BRL America's are looking for quick and clean drivers to race in an american based league on Formula 1 2018, And moving forward into the 2019 season!, We have roughly 5 open seats available, Plus a bunch of reserve seats too be filled for this season! The layout of the league is with Strict Corner cutting, Any assists available ( if you choose to use them) , And steward inquiries after every race, the league is running the full F1 2018 Calendar for our league race championship every friday night at 11:00 PM EST. The races are 50% length with a short qualifying session beforehand. Approximately 1 hour before every league race there is an open practice session for whomever would like too join. Moving forward into the second season which more than likely would be in F1 2019, The league will be getting an entire overhaul. Moving towards more E-Sports based league , Multi-Tier divisons with an sign up and time trial effort to make sure every tier will be as close and competitive as possible; The first tier will consist of the highest elite, With the most competitive times, NO assists at all, and a full time stream for the races themselves. The second tier will consist of a more conservative and friendly based side of things with assists being allowed and the competition being competitive but just not up too the elite pace ( Maybe they're just starting out racing! ) If this is something that interests you, Please let us know! We do also have a league for Dirt 4, But we will be moving it too Dirt Rally 2.0 once the game is fully released and approximately 2 weeks after the games release. But back to the Formula 1 side of things! ; If you're interested in joining this league Please send a XBOX one based message too BRL Maverick, MeanFern9676240 , EGC Alderfer Jr , or myself S K E P I I ( Remember! the I I is lowercase L) . Thank you for your time and reading this mile of a post, We hope too see a lot of you drivers coming around to race with other competitive people! Thank you from the team at BRL! Skepii !