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welcome back devs ! enjoy your break ? lets clear the tables .


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been taking screenshots all week some tracks have got like top ten guys all cheating. any news on how you getting a grip on it. it was nice you cleared sometimes last week but first track i tried after the wipe and top 5 on that track where cheats lol.

also the fact that some of the cheats which aren't new are still working. needs to be sorted.starting to zap my will to play this great game when you do a nice run and see top guy is 25 seconds ahead with his gravity turbo hacks.
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Word of WARNING:  please take a minute to read....

I was out last weekend with a friend works for a credit card company, who was telling me of a few of the latest Cyber-crime tactics doing the rounds and I immediately thought of some of you lot....

If you have obtained one of those excellent value £2/3Euro DiRT Rally trainer's that are available on a certain guy's site, you may have been naive enough to have paid a self-proclaimed Hacker to have your Registration details (& maybe security questions), Email address, Password AND Payment details when registering for his site - Oops!  
Yes, it is cool to say you hold the World Record for Pant Mawr, but explain that coolness to your bank manager when you are standing in his office with your pants round your ankles, looking at an empty account or huge Credit card bill that you are on your own with, due to not exercising due diligence with your details!?

Be vigilant, protect your details....
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kev majority of cheats do have backdoors and stuff in them.why you think many give away free. thing is many though now are paid private cheats. the people making some of them have income the same as the games makers . big business.thats why many games cant combat the cheats or put enough into the resources for stopping them the best they can.

imagine the scenario.

cheat place is selling for eg dirt rally cheat for £10 per month updates regular . goes down if game is updated.crashes if checked. guarentees free cdkey if caught.

they have more money resources and reason to make the cheat than the company making the game does. they are not going to put the same kind of effort money into stopping it as they have to use the profit they make. so often limited effort is put in.

i love this game to bits but the cheating as i feared has just become a joke. some tracks have top 10-20 cheats now. reported many times not removed. there are players some are top are cheating. its obvious.they have bans already on steam still play.

it does cause you to think do they really care ?

i was going to bump the thread last few days been sending in cheat times some times i set probably world records or top 2-3 many tracks. just takes away any will sometimes of even trying.

thats the sad part the best game about yet the end game is being spoiled by cheaters and modifiers.

as pointed out before doesnt matter if you f1 driver , world rally champion in games once many people have done a track and the times start to plateau and you see the times you see that most of the top drivers are within sometimes half a sec or less at best few secs out.

then you see some just 20 secs up plus. come on there is only a few reasons for that.

you are a tester with different grip settings.
you have a cheat.
you are cutting.

before any of those jump in. i dont declare to be the best.you dont need to be the best to see when something is legit or not.its common sense .

also something is bugged or being abused with car settings in dailys. as some people are getting times with default set up as fast as super clean set up cars.blatantly obvious.
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Hi! Sorry for raising this old thread - I just googled it.
Who is aware whether cleaning of tables was made or something?

I had my best 60's results on all stages in Greece. About a one year ago.
Now I made a few runs and discovered that there are no results to compare! Each my current run was a new personal record. And all my friends (except one) hasn't any results at these stages.

Next, I have looked for old screens and have found several losses. For example, result from 17 Dec 2015:

And now it gone:

But result for "River Severn Valley" is not gone.
And all (or maybe - almost all) Greece result fo 60's are gone.

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