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[BUG] - DiRT Rally - Wrong starting position after taking shakedown


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I am encountering this bug every once in awhile, mostly in online events. Looks like it is there from as long as I do play Dirt Rally - since ver. 0.3 something till today's 1.02
When I do take a shakedown and then go for race, animation which is bringing car to 'starting line' is not played therefore, I am few meters behind starting line.
For example http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=580919493
When it happens, it's always after shakedown, at first I tought, it occurs only when I do crash during shakedown, but today it happend even after clean one.
This can be very frustrating, when you do compete with someone with just a 1 sec. time difference...

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