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Join us at RFD Championship! 13 rallies per season / hardcore damage / 7 days per rally


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We are on the 7th season of our Dirt Rally 2 Championship and are hoping to find more drivers. We are a community of typically 25+ participants per rally. . In our club, we have drivers capable of setting world record times, casual drivers and everyone in-between - all are welcome. There's no need to worry about your skill levels here, as you definitely will have someone at your skill level to challenge!

For season 7 we are returning to the class of R5!

Link to our discord where you will find the club link, stats and to chat with the rest of us: https://discord.gg/fENSBY3JeB You are required to be in the discord to join the club. This is to verify users to make the statistics correct. Please use your steam nickname as your discord nickname, or your racenet nickname if you are playing on console 🙂

Here we also talk about WRC, other motorsports and anything that comes to mind

Additional info about the championship:

- Each rally last for 7 days / New rally starting and ending every Wednesday/Thursday (around midnight in central Europe time)
- All 13 rallies are included in every season with 10-12 stages per rally
- Hardcore damage is enabled
- Extensive stats such as leaderboard, overall stats for stage wins, rally wins, stage wins by country etc are published after every rally
- Power stage for the final stage of each rally giving 5 points for PS winner through to 1 point for 5th fastest
We hope to see you there! 😄

Examples of stats: here and here


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