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Grid Autosport Online Balancing Issues


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first of all.. i love this game already :> played already ´bout 20 hours =D but i have a problem with the balancing in the online races and i ask u what u think about it.

My problem is about the concept of owning a car. I like this idea, because if u OWN the car u can create costum liveries and tuning and it make sense, that u cant do this to a car which u borrowed.. another good IDEA is paying the repaircosts of borrowed cars.. these are much less if u own the car. And additionally u gain car EP which will increase ur amount of future EP driven with this car and Money u gain from races.. so the advantages are worth it to buy a car. Now my problem: this works if the car isn´t too expensive. I like to drive Touring.. so i spent all my money i earned to buy a Cat B Touring car for 500.000. It makes really fun to drive those cars.. This car has a lvl of 20 now and if i win a race with 11 enemies i get about 13.500 / race and the car costs 14.000 to repair / race.. ?! even if i win i can´t get black numbers with this car and so it brakes me to get new car or upgrade this car.. i get punished to for buying an expensive car. why? if i drive the Golf R and win i make about 11.000 proft per race. shouldn´t it be that u get more money if u win with faster and harder to handle cars? Now i get PUNISHED if i want to get more cars and i want to drive an expensive one.. that´s kinda frustrating. Let my know what u think about it.

Ps: my english isn´t that good so don´t blame me =D but u can correct me =P
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