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If only GTA had cross platform play :( Doing heists with people you know is so much fun, although Dave and I have a 3rd member in our crew now (or will do once his mate stops being silly and buys the game after spending loads on a powerful PC only to not buy any games)  :joy: 
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fIsince08 said:
MBKF1 said:
Yeah although I only have about 5 games for the PS4, all of them are bloody good, so much fun, I haven't been on my PS3 in months.
Isn't that because your internet died on the PS3?
Yes that's true, but to be honest I haven't played online PS4 in weeks anyway, I still play offline.
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I sought of stopped playing a good 4 or so months ago, so I didn't even know that lowriders were in the game. My brother broke my PS4 remote, and I just really didn't get around to buying a new one until 2 or so weeks ago, 
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I got "DMC Devil May Cry" on a Steam sale for $10.19 (US) a couple months ago & finally got around to start playing it a few days ago. I'm enjoying it so far.

I've never followed the Devil May Cry series, so I don't know how "true to its roots" this latest installment is, but on its own as an independent/stand-alone game, it's a fun 3rd-person hack-&-slash combo brawler, and 
it seems accessible for newcomers.

Visuals & performance on PC are smooth & solid. I use a wired/USB Xbox 360 controller & the responsiveness is crisp & fluid.

I also just bought "Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package" (includes all DLC) for PC on the GOG.com "Big Fall Sale" for $3.79 (US). Should be fun. I recently completed SR4 & loved every minute, so it'll be interesting to play SR3 without the super powers from SR4.

I'm waiting for "Saints Row: Gat out of Hell" to go on sale (again). It looks fun, but I know it's not a "full/true" Saints Row game, so I'd rather get it when it's heavily discounted.

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